There’s a Movie Party on Sunday at 6 pm — Can you attend? It’s an Inside Job


When’s the last time you saw a movie that made you put down the popcorn, leap from your couch, and do something? Maybe it was An Inconvenient Truth or Michael Moore’s Capitalism.

Warning: This film could make you and the entire 99% mad enough to do something about a system rigged for the 1%.

The Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job is that type of movie.  Narrated by Matt Damon, the film shows how Wall Street’s greed and Washington’s corruption led to a global economic meltdown.  And the 1% will do more of the same again — unless the 99% stop them.

The five largest banks are using their clout right now to avoid accountability for hundreds of thousands of illegal foreclosures.1 Wall Street’s influence must be curbed.

That’s why MoveOn members are throwing more than 800 movie parties this weekend to watch Inside Job so that we can be inspired to take action.

This is a people-powered movement, and we need to get everyone we know to understand what Wall Street did so that it doesn’t happen again.

There’s a movie party on Sunday at 6 p.m. Can you attend?

We know that Wall Street greed cost millions of Americans their jobs, homes, and retirement savings. But it’s not easy to explain the impact at lunch with co-workers or friends. Inside Job breaks down how the economic meltdown happened, who’s responsible, and where we go from here. Most importantly, it gives you the facts you need to sound the alarm in your social network.

This weekend’s Inside Job parties will spark more conversations and action on how to fix the economy for the 99%. There’s a party near you this weekend that you and your friends can attend.

Can you gather with local MoveOn members to watch Inside Job at 6 p.m. on Sunday?

According to The New York Times, “It is hard to imagine a movie more serious, and more urgent, than Inside Job.”2 Find out for yourself — watch the movie this weekend with people in your community who care about making this country better. 

There are more than 800 nationwide. Click here to search for a party in your community.


1. “America’s Biggest Banks: Poor, Poor Pitiful Us,” Daily Kos, February 8, 2012

2. “Who Maimed the Economy, and How,” The New York Times, October 7, 2010

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