There is a State of Emergency in America…but Most Americans don’t have a Clue


The American Revolutionary War was the result of a political revolution. Colonists galvanized around the position that the Stamp Act of 1765, imposed by Parliament of Great Britain, was unconstitutional.  The British Parliament insisted it had the right to tax colonists.  The colonists claimed that taxation without representation was illegal. This led to the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War.  

The issues that motivated the colonists in America to revolt were NOTHING compared to the issues that all Americans face today.  The problem is that few Americans realize what has happened.  There is a tremendous need to educate our friends, neighbors, and enemies.


I do not in any way propose or support a “revolution” or any form of armed conflict. It would be illegal and, I believe it would be a disaster.  What I propose is that those who are aware of the loss of our Constitutional rights and the dishonesty that permeate government join forces to educate the masses. 

I have learned from my own experience that our elected and appointed government officials are dishonest, and many are out-and-out corrupt. I can say this because I have contacted local, county, state, and federal officials (of all parties) with undeniable proof of significant corruption, and no one has done a thing. Instead, many of these officials have worked together to thwart my every effort to expose the corruption.  My money has been stolen; my life has allegedly been threatened; and I have been denied every form of Constitutional right.

One of the most egregious acts was when I was forcibly removed from the public elevator lobby of the Fulton County Courthouse when I returned at the request of the Fulton County Grand Jury to present evidence of corruption by Fulton County officials and federal judges.  I was given a Criminal Trespass Warning, and I was told that I would be arrested if I ever again stepped foot in the elevator lobbies of the third, sixth, or seventh floor of the Fulton County Courthouse.

I could write for days recounting the massive corruption that I personally have experienced. Because three cases that I took to the U.S. Supreme Court received some significant Internet publicity, I have been contacted by over 10,000 people, many of whom have told me their horror stories.  Surprisingly, most of us felt we were probably an isolated case of corruption.  We weren’t.  The corruption is everywhere. Most victims don’t even realize they were victims of corruption.

Our Constitutional rights are a mirage.  There is no one in government who will stand up against the evil-doers. Judges do whatever they want. Some like to speak of the need to combat “judicial activisim,” but that’s not the real problem.  Sure, judges commit activism when they “change the laws” when issuing orders that conflict with the law and precedents.  But the real problem is that judges do whatever they want; they could care less about the facts and the law when they so choose. Some like to speak of the need for “judicial accountability,” but the issue is greater than that.  Judges all across America regularly commit criminal acts and damage people because they have the power to do it. Judges answer to no one. 

Our elected officials ignore the wrongdoing and corruption because they are all part of “the system.”  Most are attorneys, and they all belong to the same “fraternity” of attorneys.  They protect one another.  In my case, I contacted every member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, the President, every federal appellate court judge in America, every federal judge in Georgia, every Fulton County judge, the Fulton County District Attorney, the U.S, Attorney, and many others.  No honest government official could review the letter and information that I sent and do nothing.  No one did a thing. 

The so-called “mainstream” media (newspapers, TV, radio) will not cover it. I have been told they are afraid of the judges and other power brokers.  This will be the biggest scandal in the history of America if the story is exposed.  Instead, they cover it up.

So, here we are.  Judges can and will do anything to any of us without concern for the facts or the law.  They will commit crimes to damage us.  They will protect and rule for the benefit of their attorney friends and those with money and connections.

We do not have the rights to due process.  We do not have the right to a fair trial. We do not have the right to an impartial judge. We do not have the right to have the laws properly enforced. We may be denied the ability to file a lawsuit, call witnesses, examine or cross-examine witnesses, and the list goes on.

The legal system is a giant money machine for the bad guys.  The system has been bastardized over the years to generate more and more money for attorneys.  The system has been completely warped to favor big, rich corporations, campaign donors, bribers, other government officials, and anyone else whom is favored for the wrong reasons.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few ideas.  And I have unique business experience over the last 40+ years that makes me extremely well-suited to evaluate this crisis and generate ideas for battling the corruption.  I have spent the last year doing this.

The Fundamental Problem

The fundamental problem is dishonesty. The core problem behind everything is dishonesty.

I don’t know how we can make people be honest. Dishonesty seems to be a disease in America.  What I do know is that I want to see all of the corrupt and seriously dishonest people removed from our government.  To ever accomplish anything, we need to educate a significant number of people about our plight. We need our fellow Americans to recognize that the position we are in today is dramatically worse than what the colonists faced from 1765 to 1776.

So, this brings us to SOCK – Save Our Constitution Konvention. Sunday, January 15, 2012 from 5-7 pm Eastern Time. Americans anywhere can participate by watching at www.Livestream.com/LawlessAmerica, by hearing the simultaneous telephone conference at www.TalkShoe.com (Call ID: 115884), or by participating with comment by telephone at www.TalkShoe.com. All may participate by chat at www.Livestream.com/LawlessAmerica – just enter your thoughts and questions, and all of the viewers will see what you have written and will be able to respond.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE plan to watch, listen, and/or participate on Sunday.  And get your friends, neighbors, and enemies to watch or listen as well.

I will publish another article by Friday that will list agenda topics and some of the thoughts that have been submitted.

What is our Mission Statement?

To get leaders in the battle against government corruption to agree combine efforts so we can educate others and build strength in numbers to generate meaningful results in the battle against government and judicial dishonesty and corruption.

William M. Windsor: My idea behind this meeting is that unless we get many people together who are passionate about causes that share the underlying problem of dishonesty and corruption in government, few of us will ever accomplish much of anything.   I believe there is a way we can become a force, but it will take some simple, non-time-consuming ways for us to work together while pursuing our individual causes.

William M. Windsor: My primary goal for this January 15 meeting is that key people commit to a second meeting with all contributing man-and-woman-power to making personal contact with the thousands of key people who we need to pull together.  I believe we can build strength with numbers, but it will take a personal effort to make that happen. Perhaps the second SOCK meeting should be one where all of the special interest groups conduct simultaneous Talkshoe telephone/radio conferences. 

Please share your ideas and send questions to me by email — Bill@LawlessAmerica.com  

Article listing some of the participants.

Article discussing the Agenda

More Agenda Ideas

Article with Details of TalkShoe Talk Radio Broadcast

Article with Call for Papers

William M. Windsor

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