Texas Federal Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr. charged with Corruption in Looting Over $4 Million


In Texas, federal Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr. has been charged with corruption. 

The case involves an individual named Jeff Baron and a company that he owned, named Ondova Limited Company[1].

Ondova Limited Company was a successful Internet company, accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), that pioneered innovative software in the early days of the Internet….

Jeff  Baron was a successful, high-tech entrepreneur that created and pioneered innovative software during the early days of the Internet.  Until about four months ago, Jeff owned a successful multi-million dollar business and a multi-million dollar trust that he established to fund research for a cure to insulin dependent diabetes, an illness that has afflicted Jeff since very early childhood.

In July 2010, Jeff settled a lawsuit that had forced one of his companies into bankruptcy (Jeff, himself, has never been in bankruptcy).  Upon settlement, the bankruptcy was funded with almost two million dollars so that all the creditors would be paid in full and his company would be returned to him.

After the settlement, one of the lawyers filed a request to be paid over $300,000.00 in addition to the over $600,000.00 that he had already been paid.  Jeff Baron filed an objection to the additional fee, which triggered unimaginable acts of retribution.

Three business days later, without any notice or hearing, Jeff Baron was involuntarily placed in ‘receivership and forced to be a servant to a lawyer/judge in the case, who was now adverse to Jeff .  The receivership stripped Jeff Baron of 100% of his property and possessions (everything from his checking account to his car keys and his telephone)  and suspended most of his constitutional rights (the lawyer whose fees Jeff objected to is the lawyer that filed the request for the ‘receivership’ ).

Jeff Baron is a U.S. citizen, never been convicted of any crime, never lost at any trial, and never had any judgments against him.  ALL of his property rights and most of his civil rights have been stripped from him (without any hearing).  He is prohibited from managing his own affairs, from owning anything, from traveling outside of his local area, from engaging in any transaction, from owning ANY possessions, etc… His personal life savings has all been taken from him and ‘redistributed’ to two law firms that are on good terms with U.S. District Court Judge W. Royal Furgeson who entered the receivership order.

Now these lawyers are attempting to strip the assets from the trust Jeff Baron set up to fund diabetes research.  To do so, these lawyers are attempting a fire sale liquidation to sell the assets in the trust in private, secret sales in order to pay themselves more.  Importantly, there is no judgment or lawsuit against the trust.

It is hard to imagine that this is occurring in America.  If this can happen to Jeff Baron, it can happen to any American.

 This all started when a dispute arose from the actions of an individual named Munish Krishan and his company named Netsphere, Inc.  In the early 2000’s, Munish Krishan approached Onodva and misrepresented that he was developing search engine technology that was on the verge of surpassing Google and convinced Jeff Baron and Ondova that he could transform Ondova’s software and technology to rival that of Google.

Unknown to Jeff Baron and Ondova, Munish Krishan was a felon of theft and forgery, and his company Netsphere was essentially a pornography business.  Agreements were signed and soon Munish Krishan, with the assistance of his lawyer John MacPet[2], began embezzling money and filing lawsuits against Ondova and Jeff Baron claiming that Ondova and Jeff’s software was his own.  Apparently trying to bankrupt Jeff3] and Ondova, Munish Krishan filed lawsuit after lawsuit, which Jeff and Ondova successfully defended in every instance, including an appeal that Munish Krishan lost in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

After approximately seven unsuccessful legal proceedings 4], Krishan filed another suit in 2009, which wound up in Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s court in the United States District Ciourt for the Northern District of Georgia.  As soon as the case was assigned to Judge W. Royal Furgeson, corruption became apparent.

Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s enters the Case, and Corruption is Immediately Apparent

Within a few days of Judge W. Royal Furgeson being assigned the case, his first action was holding a “status conference”, where he began issuing unlawful orders that, without any justification, were clearly designed to harm Onodva and Jeff Baron.  At the “status conference,” Judge W. Royal Furgeson made the following threatening statements:

THE COURT: You realize that order is an order of the Court. So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable by lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death . (6/19/09 p44)

MR BELL: And death [5] (6/19/09 p44) 

THE COURT: So I’ll tell you what…. You want to challenge the court order, I have the marshals behind me. I can come to your house, pick you up, put you in jail. I can seize your property, do anything I need to do to enforce my orders. I’m telling you don’t screw with me. You are a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool to screw with a federal judge, and if you don’t understand that, I can make you understand it.  I have the force of the Navy, Army, Marines and Navy behind me. (6/19/09 p49) 

Intimidated by and fearful of Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s behavior, Jeff Baron’s lawyers all promptly filed emergency motions to withdraw, which Judge W. Royal Furgeson immediately granted.[6] After Jeff’s attorneys withdrew, Judge W. Royal Furgeson also ordered that Jeff Baron and Ondvoa produce vast tombs of discovery, which would take months to produce, be produced within a few hours of Judge W. Royal Furgeson issuing the order[7]. Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s order was an patently impossible task to comply with and appeared that Judge W. Royal Furgeson was setting Jeff Baron and Ondova up for a contempt and harsh, dishonest actions.

With Jeff Baron’s deposition and burdensome discovery orders due within hours of these lawyers’ emergency withdrawal[8], Jeff Baron was forced to literally hire whatever lawyer would agree to step into Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s snake pit on a few hours notice.  Since Judge W. Royal Furgeson refused to allow Jeff Baron any extension of any deadline whatsoever, Jeff Baron was forced to pay $75,000 retainer to the only lawyer that agreed to step in.

By placing Jeff Baron and Ondova in this extremely precarious and week position, Judge W. Royal Furgeson placed the Plaintiffs in a position of power and command — a position that they exploited.  Buttressed by their powerful position, the Plaintiffs coerced Jeff Baron and Ondova into capitulating to a burdensome, overreaching agreed temporary injunction, in order to avoid the pummeling that Judge W. Royal Furgeson had inexplicably set Jeff up for.  At least Jeff Baron thought his capitulation had satisfied Judge W. Royal Furgeson.  Bafflingly, Judge Royal Furgeson immediately signed the burdensome agreed order but proceeded to hold the temporary injunction hearing (renamed a “status conference” by Judge W. Royal Furgeson) that Jeff Baron and Onodva had just paid a heavy price to avoid.

Judge W. Royal Furgeson Unlawfully Diverts 100% of Ondova’s income to a Lawyer in the Case

At the seemingly moot “status conference”, held on July 1 2009, just a few days after new counsel appeared for Jeff Baron[9], Judge W. Royal Furgeson ordered that:

  • Without evidence or justification, ordered that a massive forensic imaging, examination and investigation be conducted, at Ondova’s expense, for dozens of computers and devices in numerous states.  This enormously burdensome order effectively shut down the operations of Ondova.
  • Without evidence or hearing on the issue, ordered that 100% of the revenue and income from Ondova be indefinitely diverted to the newly hired lawyer[10].

With 100% of Ondova’s revenue diverted by Judge Royal Furgeson, Ondova had no choice but to promptly file bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy was assigned to judge Stacey G.C. Jernigan.   In a truly sadistic manner, Judge W. Royal Furgeson makes findings that the bankruptcy filing that Judge W. Royal Furgeson caused was a “vexatious” tactic used by Jeff Baron.

Judge Royal Furgeson Appoints Jeff Baron’s arch nemesis, Peter Vogel, as Special Master


Peter Vogel

On June 15, 2009, Judge W. Royal Furgeson was assigned to the case and soon appointed his close colleague, Peter Vogel, as “Special Master” and ordered Jeff Baron pay his fees for over a year.[11], Peter Vogel and his law firm have had a very long history of involvement with Jeff Baron dating to 2001, when Jeff Baron disclosed attorney-client confidential information to Peter Vogel in anticipating hiring Peter Vogel to defend him and Ondova.  Jeff Baron disclosed material that was expressly confidential and revealed secrets concerning the business of Ondova.  Then, Peter Vogel’s firm sued Jeff Baron based on the exact same type of claim that he disclosed to Peter Vogel in confidence.   Then, Peter Vogels firm sued Jeff Baron again several years later.  And, then Peter Vogel’s firm sued Jeff Baron a third time in 2006.  Peter Vogel’s firm had become experts in suing Jeff Baron and Judge Royal Furgeson should not have appointed him as Special Master in his case.[12] [13]

On at least three occasions, Judge W. Royal Furgeson also expressed his desire to appoint Peter Vogel as receiver, in addition to Special Master, each time using a different justification and rationale (See Exhibit D, page 8)

Judge Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey G.C. Jernigan and their Cronies Collude

Immediately after the bankruptcy filing, Judge Royal Furgeson had private meeting with Judge Stacey G.C. Jernigan (evidence of this is on the record from statements made by both judges), and from that point on, the two judges and officers of their courts engaged in a coordinated effort to take all of Jeff Baron and Ondova’s considerable assets and converted these asset to themselves and their cronies.  The judges did this, as explained further in this letter, through numerous ex parte meetings, ignoring the law, fabricating events, concealing evidence from the public, ignoring due process, predetermining outcomes, and perjuring statements.

Right after Onodova’s bankrtupcy filing, Judge W. Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan had numerous ex parte, private meetings (many are disclosed on the record by both judges)[14], and Judge Stacey Jernigan then appointed a chapter 11 trustee, which was filled by her colleague, Daniel “Corky” Sherman.  Sherman has been chapter 11 trustee for Ondova since September 2009.  One of the justifications used by Judge Stacey Jernigan to appoint Mr. Sherman, after ex parte meetings with Judge Royal Furgeson, was that Jeff Baron’s bankruptcy filing was a wrongful “litigation tactic.” Judge Royal Furgeson also deemed the bankruptcy filing a litigation tactic, despite the fact that both judges were aware that Judge W. Royal Furgeson directly caused the necessity of the bankruptcy by his diversion of 100% of its income and draconian orders.  The judges ignored this reality and falsely averred that Jeff Baron was trying to avoid a contempt motion hearing in Judge Royal Furgeson’s court (although the hearing for the motion had been removed from the hearing docket and there was no indication that it would be scheduled and neither judge had any evidence that the bankruptcy filing was a “litigation tactic”).

From this point forward, the judges appeared to have closely coordinated their illegal scheme against Jeff Baron and Ondova, intentionally looting both of over $4 million. [15]

Judge W. Royal Furgeson orders Jeff Baron to hire Unnecessary Lawyer and then blames him for Obeying his Instructions

In September 2009, in another apparent attempt to divert Jeff Baron’s money to lawyer cronies, Judge Royal Furgeson ordered Jeff Baron to hire a criminal defense lawyer for an unspecified purpose, despite no criminal accusations being made against Jeff Baron.  Judge W. Royal Furgeson ordered that the criminal defense lawyer also represent Jeff Baron in Judge Stacey Jernigan’s court.  Abiding by Judge Royal Furgeson’s order, Jeff Baron was forced to hire this new lawyer, Stephen Jones.  After a few months and after Jones had been paid tens of thousands of dollars of Jeff Baron’s money, Stephen Jones told Judge Stacey Jernigan that he was withdrawing from representing Jeff Baron because after thoroughly examining the case, he could not find any criminal activity, and since no criminal allegations were made, there was no need for his services.  In a similarly sadistic manner, Judge Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan complained, as described later, that this event is “another example” of Jeff’s “vexatious” behavior of “hiring and firing” lawyers and defrauding them.  Judge Royal Furgeson also uses this “finding” to justify his order placing Jeff Baron in receivership.  The findings are absurd.[16]

Judge Stacey Jernigan and Daniel “Corky” Sherman Collude to Avoid Terminating Bankruptcy to Loot $2 million


Judge Stacey Jernigan

Since Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s appointment, Judge Stacey Jernigan has facilitated and approved the payment of over $2 million from Ondova (and as explained below, unlawfully from Jeff Baron) to Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman and his lawyers.[17] Simultaneously, in the district court “down the hall”, Judge Royal Furgeson has approved approximately $2 million dollars paid to Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s counterpart, Mr. Peter Vogel, and his firm in little over six months time.[18]

Soon after Ondova filed bankruptcy, the money that Judge Royal Furgeson diverted was restored and a full settlement9] of the case in Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s court, in July 2010, brought over $ 2 million dollars to the Ondova bankruptcy estate, being administered by Sherman, which made the Ondova estate solvent[20].  In fact, all of the company’s creditor’s combined were approximately only $900,000 in legitimate claims[21] and Daniel “Corky” Sherman held over $2 million in cash to pay these claims. (See Exhibit L-page 10 and Exhibit K ). Having no justification to continue the bankruptcy, Sherman and Judge Stacey Jernigan had the duty to end the bankruptcy, since the estate had approximately three times the amount of cash require to pay legitimate creditors 100% of their claims.

Jeff Baron only agreed to allow Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s Ondova estate because Sherman promised Jeff Baron that:

“[I]f I were going to be entering into this settlement agreement, that once the creditors were paid, that there would be a significant amount of money that was left over, that would come back, that would stay, you know, in a company that I would have at the end of the day. I was told that obviously if you look at the settlement agreement, I individually am not getting any, a penny from it myself.  The settlement agreement was that Ondova was going to be able to walk away out of the bankruptcy, after it paid its creditors, with a large amount of cash, and we were thinking maybe even a million dollars.” See exhibit AA, p 17(Jeff Baron’s testimony before the Bankruptcy Court on 9/15/2010).

As Gary N. Schepps, a volunteer appellate lawyer representing Jeff Baron, told WorldNetDaily, “Sherman should have immediately closed the Ondova bankruptcy in September 2010 when there was the million dollars cash surplus. [22]

Sherman’s promise to close down the bankruptcy was used to induce Jeff Baron to agree to allow all of the settlement proceeds into Sherman’s hands.  However, Daniel “Corky” Sherman never intended to use the settlement proceeds to pay creditors and then release the company from bankruptcy.  In fact, Sherman’s counsel admitted in bankruptcy court hearing “The negotiation was to pay the debts and give the keys back to Mr. Baron. But that didn’t happen.” Id.

Mr. Gary N. Schepps states: “Instead, Sherman kept the bankruptcy open and ran up over $300,000 in additional attorney fees.” [23], [24]. Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman, under Judge Stacey Jernigan’s auspices, looted and plundered Ondova and its creditors, and this was only the beginning to Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s approximately $2.5 million in looting.

Judge Stacey Jernigan and Daniel “Corky” Sherman Manufacture Controversies


Daniel “Corky” Sherman

To concoct a justification for his efforts at prolonging the bankruptcy, Daniel “Corky” Sherman began manufacturing controversies, supported by Judge Stacey Jernigan, to “justify” continuing the bankruptcy and continuing to loot the company’s assets, pocketing them through unrestrained and unjustified billing.[25] Notably, Judge Stacey Furgeson was also involved, at minimum through Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s continuous coordination with Peter Vogel, who saw his income quickly fading since the case was settled.

One of the fabricated controversies that Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Judge Stacey Jernigan created involved contacting Jeff Baron’s former personal attorneys[26] and soliciting them to make claims against both Jeff Baron and against the Ondova estate for alleged “substantial contributions” these lawyers supposedly made to the bankruptcy.  Daniel “Corky” Sherman falsely claimed that Jeff Baron was firing these lawyers and creating dramatic risk to the bankruptcy (see exhibit AA p. 19-20).  Eventually, around September 2010, Daniel “Corky” Sherman was able to convince two lawyers to make claims for “substantial contribution” in the bankruptcy.  After a series of staged proceedings in Judge Stacey Jernigan’s court, Sherman and Judge Stacey Jernigan wrongfully blamed these “claims” on Jeff Baron for allegedly not paying his personal lawyers.

The fact that the lawyers were paid 100% according to the terms of their contract was ignored by both Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Judge Stacey Jernigan, who encouraged the lawyers to make their claims.  This fabricated controversy and numerous others that Daniel “Corky” Sherman fabricated, created more “work” for himself, who began draining the cash from the company to pay himself and his lawyer. [27] In the proceeding, it appears that Judge Stacey Jernigan and Daniel “Corky” Sherman were in close coordination, communicating ex parte, and pre-arranging outcomes.

Judge Stacey Jernigan issues a Sham “Report and Recommendation” to Judge W. Royal Furgeson to employ Peter Vogel again

Eventually, without a hearing or any supporting evidence, Judge Stacey Jernigan made a Report and Recommendation to Judge Royal Furgeson (the “Report”) that he employ Peter Vogel to mediate the alleged “disputes” that she and Daniel “Corky” Sherman had solicited (See Exhibit X).  The lengthy Report essentially accuses Jeff Baron of “defrauding lawyers” (despite lawyers being paid approximately $5 million and Jeff Baron having paid all of his individual lawyers), dishonoring his obligations of the settlement agreement (despite Jeff Baron unquestionably having honored all of his obligations).[28] In addition, Judge Stacey Jernigan recommended that a receiver be appointed over Jeff Baron if he does not comply with the settlement agreement AND if he decides to be pro se (Despite the fact that Jeff Baron had already complied with 100% of his obligations under the settlement agreement).   Among Judge Stacey Jernigan’s absurd accusations and perjuries statements is that Jeff Baron has had “dozens of sets of lawyers,” a “cavalcade of attorneys,” and hiring and firing lawyers for other companies.  In fact, Jeff Baron has had a total of three lawyers in her court, has not fired a single lawyer, and has not hired or fired any lawyer for any other company in her court. [29]

In the Report, Judge Stacey Jernigan essentially accuses Jeff Baron of theft of lawyer services.  In reality, Jeff Baron’s lawyers in her court had been paid in full, over $100,000, in accordance with their agreements, and lawyers in the overall suit had been paid over $5 million.

Judge Stacey Jernigan repeatedly speculated, in her Report, that Jeff Baron will not comply with the Global Settlement Agreement (“GSA”).  The fact is that Judge Stacey Jernigan held over six proceedings in which she heard extensive testimony of the details of the settlement agreement and the obligations that Jeff Baron had, and was keenly aware that Jeff Baron’s sole obligation was to submit a 1099, which he had long since completed.

Judge Stacey Jernigan’s Report is a sham.  In creating and submitting it, she denied Jeff Baron all due process, as required by law.  She did not have a hearing on the matter and did not allow Jeff Baron to object or provide evidence.  Since there was no legitimate purpose to keep the bankruptcy open, it appears that Judge Stacey Jernigan’s kangaroo court proceedings were part of a scheme to perpetuate a bankruptcy that was ripe to be closed and to “justify” giving Mr. Peter Vogel and Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman more money, at the expense of Jeff Baron, Ondova and Ondova’s creditors, in a case that was fully and finally settled [30].

Judge Stacey Jernigan Holds “Show Cause” Proceedings to Attempt to Hold Jeff Baron in Contempt of Allegedly Not Complying with the GSA, Despite Judge Stacey Jernigan’s Full Awareness that Jeff Baron had Complied

Incredibly, Judge Stacey Jernigan then ordered a “show cause” hearing on whether Jeff Baron should be held in contempt of allegedly not completing his obligations under the GSA[31].  In doing so, she held at least three additional kangaroo court hearings, where she berated Jeff Baron, extorted testimony, encouraged numerous adverse lawyers to examine Jeff Baron, under oath, about everything conceivable (unrelated to the settlement agreement) for days.  In these kangaroo court proceedings, Judge Stacey Jernigan, along with Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman, acted much more like prosecutors than judge and trustee.  Even after hours and hours of more staged proceedings, Judge Stacey Jernigan, despite her relentless determination to find Jeff Baron  “guilty” of “something,” could not find anything to hold Jeff Baron in contempt for.  Again, tens of thousands of dollars (perhaps over one hundred thousand) were looted in payments to Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Peter Vogel for frivolous proceedings.

Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Judge Stacey Jernigan Obstruct Dismissal of Jeff Baron’s Case

Although the case in Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s court had fully settled in July 2010 and agreed dismissal documents were signed by all parties (See Exhibit N), Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman, who held the documents in trust, refused to file it (apparently in coordination with Peter Vogel) and obstructed dismissing the case[32]. Judge Stacey Jernigan supported Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s decision to avoid filing the dismissal papers, alleging that Sherman’s fabricated controversies (Jeff Baron’s alleged non-payment of lawyers and alleged non-compliance with settlement terms) were justification to avoid dismissing the case.  Instead of closing the bankruptcy case, Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman and his lawyer accelerated their billing frenzy and filed a request to be paid an additional $300,000 in fees, in addition to the approximately $600,000 that they had been paid [33].

Daniel “Corky” Sherman, Judge Stacey Jernigan, Peter Vogel, and Judhe W. Royal Furgeson Collude to Strip Jeff Baron of His Civil Rights and All of his Property

Realizing that Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman was evading and avoiding ending Ondova’s bankruptcy as he promised4], Jeff Baron filed an objection to the unjustifiable fees, and almost immediately thereafter, an unimaginable round of retribution followed.  Within three business days of Jeff Baron’s objection, On November 24, 2010, Sherman met with Vogel (who was still Special Master and Mediator to Judge Furgeson) and Judge Royal Furgeson in secret.  Immediately, Judge W. Royal Furgeson ordered that Jeff be put into a “receivership”[35] and appointed his colleague Mr. Peter Vogel as his receiver, stripping 100% of Jeff Baron’s possessions and most of his constitutional rights.[36] (See Exhibit S: Order Appointing Receiver – “Receivership Order”).  Jeff Baron was given no notice, hearing, etc.., his lawyer was immediately fired and Jeff Baron was expressly prohibited from hiring a lawyer.[37] Jeff Baron was expressly told that if he tried to hire a lawyer to defend himself, he would be held in contempt (See Exhibit A).  To provide cover for the unlawful acts against Jeff Baron, Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman created an array of fraudulent allegations as “justifications” (see exhibit AB p. 40, 41).

By Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s order, Peter Vogel became the owner of everything Jeff Baron owned—everything from his house, exempt IRA, car keys, medial research trust and attorney-privileged documents.  Jeff Baron’s civil rights to work and earn money, enter into business transactions, travel freely, and more were also taken away (and remain taken away).  Suspiciously, the order was entered without any motion on file, but after the order was granted, Daniel “Corky” Sherman filed a motion purportedly requesting that the order that had already been granted, be granted (See Exhibit L, pages 10-11; and Exhibit D).  The sole purpose stated in the motion requesting appointment of a the receiver (Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman named Peter Vogel, personally, as the designated receiver, which Peter Vogel, himself helped prepare) was allegedly “to remove Jeff Baron from control of his assets and end his ability to further hire and fire a growing army of attorneys”. (See Exhibit P, page 4).   In addition to Mr. Peter Vogel’s conflict from his eight year entanglement with Jeff Baron and Ondova in prior relationships, Judge Royal Furgeson appointed Mr. Peter Vogel in violation of 28 U.S.C 958 which mandates that a person employed by any judge of the United States not at the same time be appointed receiver.

Apparently, Judge Royal Furgeson believes he has the imperial power of a king, as volunteer lawyer, Gary N. Schepps[38] explained to WorldNetDaily:

“What is frightening legally is the U.S. federal judge’s reasoning.  The judge reasons that he has power to – without any notice or hearing – appoint a receiver over an American citizen, and his receiver, who takes orders from the judge, can then waive the person’s constitutional right”

And to the 5th Circuit COA, Mr. Gary N. Schepps explained,

“The suspension of Mr. Baron’s constitutional rights and seizure of his assets has absolutely no basis in law and is a gross violation of the US Constitution. . . .The District Court’s order appointing receiver was issued without due process for a clearly improper and unconstitutional purpose. The damages being inflicted upon Mr. Baron by virtue of the order are very real, harsh, irreparable and immediate”.

“It is frightening to think that if an individual refuses to pay the excessive demands of an attorney or desires to object to grossly excessive fees sought by an attorney in a bankruptcy case, that instead of a right to trial by jury or impartial hearing before a judge, he can have all his assets and private documents immediately stripped from him, and become a ward of the court– incarcerated in ‘house arrest’ in one city, and prohibited from hiring legal counsel to protect his rights. The actions taken against Mr. Baron shock the conscious.” (See Exhibit D, Exhibit F, Exhibit G, Exhibit I, Exhibit J, Exhibit O, Exhibit T)

And in a Motion to Judge Royal Furgeson, Mr. Gary N. Schepps stated “This Court seems intent on moving forward with setting up a kangaroo court with Mr. Vogel acting on behalf of this Court as prosecutor and judge. Accordingly, Mr. Baron needs access to his money to hire experienced trial counsel to defend each of the ‘claims’ solicited by the prosecutor/judge/receiver (Mr. Vogel)“ (See Emergency Motion to Clarify or Modify January 7, 2011 Order-Docket #264, case 3:09-cv-00988-F).

Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Peter Vogel solicit and Enlist Many Other Lawyers to Collude with Them and File Groundless or Fraudulent Claims

To perfect their scheme, Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Peter Vogel needed to continue soliciting as many of their lawyer colleagues as possible to bolster their fabricated justification and continued purpose for the receivership and to continue the illegal flow of millions of dollars into their pockets.

After several months of solicitation, they were successful in soliciting over 20 lawyers[39] to collude with them and make “claims” (these Lawyers are listed as “Other Interested non-parties” in the briefs filed with the Court of Appeals)[40]. Vogel and Sherman derived an additional benefit from their devious tactic–By promising money to these lawyers and supporting bogus claims, they bought the lawyers’ support for their receivership and assistance in the stealing Jeff Baron’s property–This is disguised bribery. The pot of assets that Vogel and Sherman stole from Jeff Baron was big enough to share with some of their cronies and the cronies were eager to participate.  In fact, Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman solicited more than $800,000 in claims from over 20 lawyers, all of which have proven, on their face, to be either groundless or fraudulent.  As Mr. Schepps told WorldNetDaily,

“Sometimes there are fee disputes between clients and attorneys. It happens. That is not what happened here. The claims, and we’ve document this clearly, are 100 percent fabricated garbage”

Mr. Peter Vogel and Judge W. Royal Furgeson admitted that they have not reviewed the “claims” for sufficiency, but presented them to the District Court in a one-sided “report” that intentionally excluded all of the exculpatory evidence (See Exhibit O: Interlocutory Appeal of Orders in Receivership on Appeal, pages 28-29).   When Mr. Schepps asked Judge Royal Furgeson for the opportunity to retain an experienced trial lawyer to defend the “claims,” the opportunity to conduct discovery, and the opportunity to retain an expert witness and jury trial, Judge W. Royal Furgeson denied each and every request, and sealed/concealed Jeff Baron’s motion, objections and responses to his receiver’s report (See Exhibit Y).   Then, when Jeff filed evidence contradicting the “claims” and showing that they were fraudulent or groundless, Judge W. Royal Furgeson refused to even consider the evidence.   Judge Furgeson did not question any of the “claims” submitted by Vogel on behalf of the attorneys and approved them carte blanche[41].

When Mr. Schepps explained the lawyer claim fraud that was occurring to Judge Furgeson, Judge Furgeson denied the submission and concealed it from the public because it contained discrediting statements about the fraudulent lawyer claims. When Mr. Schepps then filed motions to recuse Judge W. Royal Furgeson because of his clear bias, Judge Royal Furgeson refused to rule on the motions and instead sealed the submitted evidence from the public.  Why is Judge W. Royal Furgeson hiding all of this?

Prohibited from Hiring a Lawyer, Jeff Baron is Subjected to Judge Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan’s Series of Kangaroo Court Proceedings

Without a hired lawyer to represent Jeff Baron; Daniel “Corky” Sherman, Peter Vogel, Judge Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan held countless kangaroo court hearings, acting as prosecutor, judge, and jury.  Jeff Baron’s repeated pleas for paid counsel, due process, a jury, and more have all been denied by Judge Royal Furgeson, and Judge Stacey Jernigan by cooperation. (see Exhibit B and Exhibit C).

Judge W. Royal Furgeson Holds a “Show Trial” and Issues an Order that is replete with Fabrications and Perjury

In January 2011, approximately 1 1/2 months after Judge Royal Furgeson unlawfully entered the receivership order and forbid Jeff Baron from hiring counsel, Judge W. Royal Furgeson held a hearing on Mr. Schepps’ motion to stay the receivership order pending appeal. Despite Mr. Schepps being very clear in his motion that the stated purpose of the motion was solely for the purpose of a stay, Judge Royal Furgeson held a staged hearing on the motion and made a post-hearing ruling, titled Order Denying Emergency Motion to Vacate Order Appointing Receiver and in the Alternative, Motion for Stay Pending Appeal (“Appeal Order”) (See Exhibit W), falsely proclaiming that the hearing was really for the purpose of providing Jeff Baron due process for the receivership order he had entered a month and a half prior.  Obviously, without a hired lawyer and without prior notice of the true subject of the hearing, Jeff Baron could not have been afforded any semblance of due process.  This was a cover-up by Judge Royal Furgeson.

As explained below, The Order is replete with Judge Royal Furgeson’s perjury and deliberate false statements, attempting to justify the wrongful seizing of Jeff Baron and his property and to cover-up his wrongdoing.  In The Order, Judge Furgeson “finds” Jeff “guilty” of a sundry of supposed bad acts such as being a “vexatious litigant” (despite the fact that he had never been pro se, was not a plaintiff, and had never been found to have filed any frivolous pleadings, lawsuits, etc.. ) (see exhibit AB, p. 34-36), a lawyer defrauder (although over $5 million had been paid to lawyers and Jeff Baron had paid each according to their agreements), and a serial violator of court orders (despite the fact that Jeff Baron never violated a single order and never held to be in contempt of any order, etc..).

a) Judge W. Royal Furgeson Falsely States that Jeff Baron has been Vexatious in Series of Lawsuits

In the Appeal Order, Judge Royal Furgeson begins with a summary, stating the Jeff Baron has been a vexatious litigant in a series of lawsuits and utilizes Judge Stacey Jernigan’s statements to support his false findings.  These statements are lies.  As both judges are aware, Jeff Baron has never been found vexatious (except in The Order itself), and as mentioned above, has never engaged in behavior that any rational fact finder could consider vexatious.[42] (see also exhibit AB p. 34-36)

b) Judge W. Royal Furgeson Falsely States that Jeff Baron Violated Orders That Do Not Exist

Judge Royal Furgeson goes on to falsely state that Jeff Baron repeatedly violated orders.  This is also fabricated fiction.  Jeff Baron has never violated an order, never been found in contempt, never been found to have violated, etc… Judge W. Royal Furgeson continues, perjuriously, that he ordered Jeff Baron not to hire any lawyer without leave of his court.  This is another “made up” fact.  No such order exists. (See Exhibit T: Appendix A to Motion to Stay Ex Parte Order Appointing Receiver over Jeffrey Baron, Page 11) .

c) Judge W. Royal Furgeson Falsely States that Jeff Baron Hired and Fired “Inexhaustible” multitude of Lawyers

In the Appeal Order, Judge Royal Furgeson continues falsely that Jeff Baron has “hired and fired” an “inexhaustible” multitude of lawyers in “bad faith” “vexatious” manner, defrauding them without intending to pay them (This perjury of “hiring and firing” “dozens of lawyers” is also a common theme of Judge Jernigan). These findings are perjury and could not be further from the truth. The record shows that Jeff Baron only changed attorneys twice in Judge Royal Furgeson’s court and twice in Judge Stacey Jernigan’s court and did not fire anyone in either of their courts.[43] Yes, there were multiple attorneys working on Jeff Baron’s cases because the matters were extremely complex and Jeff Baron’s adversaries vexatiously filed dozens of motions, requests for relief and other filings that required lawyers to defend against.  As mentioned above, Judge W. Royal Furgeson ordered Jeff Baron to hire attorney Jones, and Judge Stacey Jernigan directly caused Jeff Baron to hire Steven Shaver for her ridiculous contempt hearings.  Had these judges (and Sherman/Vogel[44]) not interfered with Jeff Baron’s relationship with his lawyers, such as Judge Royal Furgeson’s diversion of 100% of Ondova’s income to Friedman, Jeff Baron likely would have only had one lawyer in each court.

d) Judge Royal Furgeson Falsely States that Jeff Baron Did Not Comply With GSA

Judge Royal Furgeson goes on in the Appeal Order with perjury that Jeff was not complying with the settlement agreement[45] (another fabricated theme also promulgated by Sherman, Vogel and Jernigan).  This is equally absurd.  Jeff Baron’s sole obligation in the settlement agreement was to provide a 1099 to the opposing party, which Jeff Baron promptly complied with.

e) Judge Royal Furgeson Falsely States that Jeff Baron Was Engaged in Fraudulent Asset Transfers

Additionally, as further fabricated justification, Judge Royal Furgeson (promulgated by Mr. Sherman, Judge Stacey Jernigan, and Gerrit Prsonke[46])state that Jeff Baron was engaged in fraudulent transfer of assets offshore by engaging a new trustee for an international trust.  The fact is that a global settlement agreement approved by Judge Stacey Jernigan explicitly prescribed for the transfer that the judges later proclaim as fraudulent.  This transfer, encouraged and demanded by Judge Stacey Jernigan, merely involved Jeff Baron identifying a new trustee who would assume ownership of several companies.  Not only was Judge Stacey Jernigan aware of this transfer, but at a hearing on July 12 2010, Judge Stacey Jernigan also repeatedly chastised Jeff Baron for not facilitating the transfer fast enough (as did Mr. Sherman) and instructed him to do so.  To say that the judges and Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman were aware of this transfer is an understatement.   After Jeff cBaron omplied precisely with that demand, the judges held that by doing so, Jeff Baron was engaged in fraudulent transfer of assets.  Judge Royal Furgeson, Judge Stacey Jernigan, Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Pronske appear to have deliberately set up Jeff Baron.

f) Judge Royal Furgeson Falsely States that Jeff Baron Did Not Pay Martin Thomas, Filed A Grievance against Him, and Failed to Show up at a Hearing that Thomas Told Him to Appear

Judge Royal Furgeson also falsely states, in the Appeal Order, that Jeff Baron did not pay bankruptcy lawyer, Martin Thomas, filed a grievance against him and refused to attend a bankruptcy hearing.  All of these statements are completely false.  Thomas had been paid; Jeff Baron never filed or even threatened to file a grievance against him; and Thomas did not tell Jeff, in advance of the November 17, 2010 hearing that he had to attend.[47]

g) Jeff Baron Did Not Invoke the Fifth Amendment at the Hearing

Moreover, Jeff Baron did not invoke the Fifth Amendment at the hearing as Judge Royal Furgeson states in the Appeal Order. As Mr Schepps explained to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Jeff Baron did not refuse to testify “in response to probative evidence offered against him” (See Exhibit L – page 11 and Exhibit T) . Instead, after Judge Royal Furgeson explained to Jeff Baron that he had already decided he would not believe his testimony if he testified, Jeff Baron was advised not to testify.  Judge W. Royal Furgeson instructed Jeff Baron, at the hearing, that he answer each question by stating the he “refuse to testify upon his Fifth Amendment Privilege” to set up Jeff Baron for negative inference findings — There was no other purpose to have Jeff Baron testify since Judge Royal Furgeson had already said he wouldn’t believe anything Jeff said.   Jeff Baron refused to participate and did not invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege.   As mentioned, Jeff Baron did not have paid or experienced civil trial counsel at this hearing and was only represented by Mr. Schepps (who was assisted by an associate), neither of whom was paid nor experienced at civil federal trial courts.

h) The Lawyers’ Testimony that Judge Royal Furgeson Cites Is Not Credible

The lawyers, whose testimony that Judge Royal Furgeson cites are all claimants in the receivership.  Together these lawyers have claimed approximately $400,000 from the Judge Royal Furgeson/Peter Vogel receivership.  Each of these claims has been solicited by Peter Vogel and/or Daniel “Corky” Sherman and has shown to be groundless or fraudulent (See Exhibit O and Exhibit K). One Lawyer, Gary Lyon has been hired by Judge Royal Furgeson’s order, to uncover supposed “hidden” assets belonging to Jeff Baron and be paid at a rate of over 500% of his normal billing rate to generally be adverse to Jeff.  Gerritt Pronske and Dean Furgeson, longtime colleagues of Sherman have been conspiring with Vogel and Sherman, in attempts to be paid over $300,000 based on patently groundless claims, which Vogel and Sherman openly support in quid pro quo manner. (See Exhibit O: Interlocutory Appeal of Orders in Receivership on Appeal, pages 29-37).  Likewise, Judge W. Royal Furgeson has approved and ordered that their groundless claims be paid using Jeff’s money.  Their testimonies were tailored to harm Jeff Baron and assist the Vogel/Sherman/Furgeson agenda, during a hearing that Jeff Baron was denied paid, experienced civil trial counsel to object or cross examine.

I) Judge W. Royal Furgeson Falsely states that the Court has been responsive to all of Jeff Baron’s Financial needs, implying that Jeff is being taken care of

Jeff Baron suffers from numerous serious health problems including autoimmune diabetes, seizures, and heart problems[48]. He has been without heating/air conditioning, without an operable vehicle for over a year. The stress that Judge W. Royal Furgeson has imposed on Jeff has been severe, harsh, life threatening and irreparable

Judge Stacey Jernigan, Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Peter Vogel, and Daniel “Corky” Sherman Set Up Jeff Baron as Part of Their Scheme

In its simple terms, the judges’ scheme was to first victimize Jeff Baron, force him to defend himself by hiring lawyers and then, in a truly sadistic fashion, rule that his hiring of these lawyers was part of a scam, which the judges then used as “ justification” for stealing the rest of Jeff Baron’s money and giving it involuntarily to more lawyers, mostly to friends of Judge W. Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan.

Judge Royal Furgeson made his intentions to loot Jeff Baron very clear:

JUDGE W. ROYAL FURGESON: This is going on and on and on until Mr. Baron has nothing. I mean actually everything is depleted. I gather that Mr. Baron is worth lots of money. But it may be that we sell  all the domain names. We may sell all of his stock. We may cash in all of his CD’s, and we may seize all of his bank accounts (2-10-2011, Record on Appeal Doc 394, p 45)

Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Judge Stacey Jernigan, and their Cronies Coordinate Looting Jeff Baron and his Interests

Immediately after Jeff Baron was stripped of his property, civil rights and counsel, Judge Stacey Jernigan and Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s coordinated kangaroo courts went into full bloom.  Judge Stacey Jernigan immediately ruled that Jeff Baron no longer had any standing to object to her colleague Mr. Sherman’s (or his lawyer) fee requests or asset sales.  As such, Judge Stacey Jernigan averred that since Peter Vogel now held Jeff baron’s civil rights, she was pleased to honor Mr. Peter Vogel’s withdrawal of Jeff Baron’s objection to Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s lawyer fees.  In doing so, Judge Stacey Jernigan is enabling the Vogel/Sherman scam to perpetuate[49]. Judge Stacey Jernigan has awarded more than a million more unjustifiable dollars to Daniel “Corky” Sherman and his lawyers, since the receivership was granted, while their counterpart in Judge Royal Furgeson’s court, Peter Vogel, appears in Judge Stacey Jernigan’s court, feigning to represent Jeff’s “rights”, enabling Daniel “Corky” Sherman and his lawyer to loot Ondova and its estate unfettered by intentionally failing to object on Jeff Baron’s behalf[50] This is all a charade with two federal judges in charge and two officers of the court (Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman) stealing millions of dollars from Jeff Baron.

While Judge Stacey Jernigan and Daniel “Corky” Sherman were looting Jeff Baron’s company in her kangaroo court proceedings, Judge Royal Furgeson and Peter Vogel were similarly looting Jeff individually (greatly assisted by Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman in quid pro quo) as Judge Royal Furgeson awarded Peter Vogel and his firm around $2 million dollars for essentially administering some of Jeff Baron’s bank accounts. As part of the scam, Judge Furgeson granted approximately 80 of Vogel and Sherman’s requests for relief against Jeff Baron without allowing Jeff even an opportunity to respond (many of these orders against Jeff Baron’s interests were issued on the same day of the motions being filed or within a few days thereafter).   These Furgeson orders run the gamut from awarding Vogel, his firm and other lawyers millions of dollars of Jeff’s money, ordering Jeff’s former attorneys to disclose a wide range of privileged communications to Mr. Peter Vogel to ordering psychologists to begin “treating” Jeff and for said psychologist to provide reports of such treatment to the court[51]. Mr. Vogel also requested an order for Jeff to submit to an involuntary medical examination by the court’s chosen physician.  The conspirers are clearly trying to control all aspects of Jeff Baron’s life while they loot everything he owns.

As Mr. Schepps explained to the 5th Circuit COA:

“Other than brutally punishing Baron – limiting his access to medical care, keeping him from owning an operating vehicle, traveling outside of Dallas, having heat or air-conditioning, being allowed to earn any money or engage in any business transactions, burning up his COBRA coverage, etc…(the receivership has not achieved anything)” (See Exhibit L, page 10).

Judge W. Royal Furgeson places More Entities into Receivership to enable More Looting

In February 2011, to pro additional companies into the receivership without any hearing, notice, or due process, and ordered that Mr. Vogel liquidate them for payment of more money to Mr. Vogel and lawyers. After Mr. Schepps filed the appeal, Mr. Peter Vogel filed and Judge W. Royal Furgeson granted orders adding approximately a dozen additional entities into the receivership, again without any notice, hearing or due process (See Exhibit R ).  While Jeff Baron had an indirect interest in some of the entities, there have never been any evidence or findings that any were an alter ego, sham, or otherwise improper.

Volunteer Appellate Lawyer Files Appeal and Is Subject to Repeated Intimidated for Doing So

Appellate lawyer Gary N. Schepps volunteered to file an appeal for Jeff Baron, but did not agree to represent him in any other capacity52].  To that end, Mr. Gary N. Schepps explained to Judge Royal Furgeson that he only represented Jeff Baron on the appeal.  Mr. Gary N. Schepps filed a motion requesting Judge W. Royal Furgeson to stay the receivership pending appeal.  Judge Royal Furgeson denied the motion. In apparent punishment for Mr. Gary N. Schepps appeal, JudgeRoyal Furgeson ordered that Mr. Schepps represent Jeff in his district court proceedings, over Mr. Gary N. Schepps protest.  Since that time, Mr. Gary N. Schepps has been forced to represent Jeff Baron without pay for a year and has been subject to constant harassment by both Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Judge Stacey Jernigan, and their appointees Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman, all who are attempting to intimidate Mr. Gary N. Schepps into resigning.  To that end, Mr. Gary N. Schepps is currently defending two meritless contempt charges where Judge Stacey Jernigan has been threatened to fine him $50,000 each for daring to file an appeal in her court.  Judge W. Royal Furgeson berates Mr. Gary N. Schepps.

In another staged proceeding on December 5, 2011, Judge Stacey Jernigan ruled from the bench that Mr. Gary N. Schepps is prohibited and enjoined from filing any papers in her court, including appeals on behalf of Jeff Baron or any other party in the case[53].  Her purported rationale is that Mr. Gary N. Schepps’ representation of Jeff Baron and other parties is “interfering” with the “orderly administration” of the bankruptcy court, re-asserting her fabricated statements that Jeff Baron has “hired and fired” “dozens” of lawyers and that Jeff Baron is supposedly “vexatious” and causing havoc.  It takes a twisted mind to make the argument that Jeff Baron fires lawyers too often and then ban Jeff Baron’s lawyers from the proceedings.

In reality, Mr. Gary N. Schepps’ appeals are the only faint possibility of preventing additional Vogel and Sherman wholesale looting of Jeff and Ondova’s assets, under Jernigan and Furgeson’s auspices. Knowing that Mr. Schepps is the only watchdog remaining over their illegal activity, Jernigan and her cronies have now succeeded in eliminating him too. Now, Jeff Baron is left with no representation from even a pro bono lawyer and is even prohibited from appealing the illegal orders.

As part of the intimidation campaign against Mr. Gary N. Schepps, Judge W. Royal Furgeson made the following statements:

Judge Furgeson: “You look to me like you haven’t gone to law school” (2/10/2011 to Mr. Gary N. Schepps)


Judge Furgeson: “Being a wise ass is not productive” (2/10/11, p.20-21 to Mr. Gary N. Schepps)

Judge Stacey Jernigan, Peter Vogel, and Daniel “Corky” Sherman extract Retribution on Mr. Gary N. Schepps for Representing Jeff Baron

In dividing up the spoils of Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s looting, Peter Vogel apparently agreed to allow Daniel “Corky” Sherman to liquidate receivership party assets through the bankruptcy court, even though the assets are not owned by the bankruptcy estate.

As mentioned, Judge Stacey Jernigan, as part of the scheme, now refuses to recognize anyone other than Peter Vogel to represent the interest of Jeff Baron or any receivership party in her Court.  As such, Judge Stacey Jernigan has positioned Peter Vogel as the only person who can object to Daniel “Corky” Sherman.  And, as explained above, Vogel, in collusion with Sherman, obviously does not make any bona fide objections to Sherman’s unlawful motions or requests. This arrangement allows Sherman to illegally liquidate Jeff’s and receivership party’s assets that Sherman does not have a right to liquidate, and Sherman has readily exploited this opportunity to act illegally.

In one of these illegal liquidations, Sherman obtained an order from Jernigan to liquidate an extremely valuable domain name website that did not belong to Ondova’s estate. After Judge Jernigan issued the liquidation order, Gary N. Schepps lawfully filed notices of appeal to the district court on August, 16 and August 18, 2011, to contest Jernigan/Sherman/Vogel’s unlawful acts (See bankruptcy docket numbers 610, 612, 613). Mr. Schepps’ notices of appeal brought the wrath of the Vogel/Sherman/Jernigan enterprise in the form of an order to show Cause of why Judge Stacey Jernigan should not hold Mr. Gary N. Schepps in contempt for daring to file the appeal.  It also brought Judge Stacey Jernigan’s fraud to light, as explained below.

Judge Stacey Jernigan Fraudulently Retains The Appealed Orders

Instead of relinquishing control of the appealed order to the district court, Judge Stacey Jernigan dishonestly refused to “send it up” to the higher court, ignoring Mr. Gene N. Schepps several telephone inquires requesting that the appealed orders be “sent up” to the district court as required by rules and law. Instead, Judge Jernigan, apparently in coordination with Daniel “Corky” Sherman, avoided and evaded sending the appealed order up, wrongfully retaining it until September 6, 2011, allowing Mr. Sherman time to prepare and file a motion to strike Mr. Schepps’ appeals.

On September 6, 2011, to cover-up her dishonest acts, Judge Stacey Jernigan made a ruling and stated that Gary Schepps’ filing of the appeals were likely “vexatious litigation tactics and gamesmanship” and unlawfully struck all of Mr. Schepps notices of appeal; thereby denying his lawfully filed appeal to be heard by the district court (See Ondova bankruptcy case document 648). Judge Jernigan’s dishonest denial of lawful rights here is similar to her and Sherman’s dishonest refusal to file the stipulated dismissal in Judge Furgeson’s court, mentioned above. In this instance, Sherman, Vogel and Jernigan here not only orchestrated a fraudulent sale of a valuable asset, but also coordinated fraud of the Court’s duty to provide honest services.[54]

Jeff Baron Subject to Hundreds of Motions, Responses, Orders Without Paid Counsel

Since Jeff Baron requested a stay of the receivership, approximately 600 docket entries have been made in the case in Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s court alone (mostly Mr. Sherman and Mr. Vogel’s endless motions, pleadings, etc..and Judge Royal Furgeson’s orders awarding Vogel, Sherman and a sundry of other lawyers fees, which now total over $2 million ) and hundreds more in the bankruptcy and appellate courts.  As mentioned, without Jeff Baron having paid counsel, Judge Royal Furgeson has granted approximately 80 requests for relief from Jeff baron’s adversaries without affording him time to respond, as required by the rules (since the notice of appeal was filed).  Obviously, without a paid lawyer, Jeff Baron’s due process has been obliterated by Judge W. Royal Furgeson and cronies.  As Mr. Schepps told the 5th Circuit, “There has been a complete breakdown of due process in the district court.”

Eventually the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals directed Judge W. Royal Furgeson to not issue any further orders pending appeal.  Still, the damage continues.  Under virtual house arrest since November , 2010, Jeff Baron suffers from numerous serious health conditions and has been without heat, air conditioning, and without an operable vehicle.

In addition to the harm intentionally inflicted on Jeff Baron, Judge Stacey Jernigan and Daniel “Corky” Sherman have unlawfully enriched Sherman at the expense of the fiduciaries and creditors of Ondova’s estate.  Ondova should have emerged from bankruptcy solvent after paying its creditors rather than being subjected to the illegal plundering which has proceeded under Judge Stacey Jernigan, Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Peter Vogel, and Daniel “Corky” Sherman.  Together these four individuals have destroyed millions of dollars in assets and falsely imprisoned a U.S. citizen to unlawfully put money in their own pockets.

Vogel, Sherman, Furgeson, et al are Persecuting Jeff Baron and Bribing his Former Counsel

The Sherman/Vogel/Furgeson receivership has effectively incarcerated Jeffrey Baron, under house arrest despite the fact that he was never accused of a crime.  In addition to effective incarceration of Jeff Baron, Sherman and Furgeson (through his receiver, Vogel) have been engaged in nothing less than prosecution and persecution of Jeff.  Using Jeff Baron’s money to pay an army of lawyers to persecute Jeff, Armed with all of Jeff’s documents and information, Sherman and Vogel have been undertaking a persecution campaign for the last year, “uncovering” and then intimidated virtually every person that Jeff had any association with, and intimidating them to disassociate with Jeff effectively isolating him.

To induce Jeff Baron’s former attorneys to support their illegal activity, Vogel and Sherman literally bribed several of Jeff’s former attorneys (e.g./ Gary Lyon, James Eckles, Joshua Cox) by offering them “contracts” that pay up to 300% of their normal billing rates, essentially to disclose Jeff’s confidential information, to cease any assistance or contact with Jeff and to act as “straw men” feigning representation of Jeff’s or other receivership parties’ interests, but in reality, taking direct instructions from Vogel and Sherman to assist their looting, being paid at least tens of thousands of dollars (possibly over 100,000 dollars)[55]. Essentially, these lawyers are like guards at a robbed bank, who robbers bribe to “look the other way”, while the robbers pillage, plunder, and steal everything in sight.

As Mr. Schepps explained to the 5th Circuit, “The District Court Judge and the receiver are in the active process of administering star-chamber ‘justice’” (see COA #0051132630 Emergency Motion to Stay Order Appointing Receiver over Jeffrey Baron Pending Appeal). Vogel, Furgeson and Sherman have done nothing short of persecute Jeff to the point where his life is in danger. The true meaning of Judge Furgeson’s ominous proclamation about his orders being enforceable by death is now becoming much more clear.

As one of many examples of the court’s persecution of Jeff, around May 2010, a media relations firm volunteered to help Jeff in his plight on a pro bono basis. Immediately upon discovering this fact, Judge Furgeson’s receiver aggressively sought to destroy the relationship. To do so, he promptly issued subpoenas to the relations company (and their employee) requiring an extremely wide range of invasive document productions and personal depositions (purportedly to ensure that the contract was pro bono as represented). Mr. Vogel aggressively demanded strict compliance with these unreasonable subpoenas. Not having the capacity to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending Vogel’s onslaught, the media company eventually agreed to submit affidavits coerced by Mr. Vogel to Mr. Vogel.  The affidavits that Mr. Peter Vogel obtained were clearly directed by Mr. Vogel and begs the question of whether he engaged in witness tampering to obtain it.  Mr. Peter Vogel also caused the firm to quit any association with Jeff Baron, as he has done with virtually everyone else that Jeff has had any association with.

Mr. Peter Vogel and Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman have engaged in a Propaganda Campaign to Demonize the Victim, Jeff Baron

Mr. Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman have engaged in a widespread and concerted propaganda campaign to demonize Jeff Baron in the eyes of the courts, Jeff Baron’s associates, and the public.  In doing so, Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Peter Vogel have repeatedly fabricated facts maligning Jeff Baron and have repeatedly made maliciously false accusations about Jeff Baron’s character.  On information and belief, Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Mr. Peter Vogel have also used fake aliases on the Internet to make scurrilous and malicious public postings about JeffBaron  that have seriously harmed his reputation.  The purpose of these scurrilous postings appears to be to quell the rising outrage against Mr. Peter Vogel, Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman, and Judge W. Royal Furgeson about the case, by demonizing the victim, Jeff Baron.  These public articles and comments, apparently made by Mr. Peter Vogel and Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman maliciously state that Jeff Baron operates a “shell game” and is a fraud, among other scandalous statements[56]. Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman and Mr. Peter Vogel’s court filings are replete with false statements about Jeff Baron, all part of their coordinated effort to harm Jeff Baron’s reputation.

Court Appointed “Business Manager” is a Shady Actor at Best

In February, 2011, Judge Royal Furgeson installed (through Mr. Peter Vogel) Damon Nelson7] as the sole “business” person allegedly to operate the businesses that he has seized in receivership[58].  Damon Nelson’s claim to fame was operating a scam called Hilton Head Properties, the subject of criminal investigations by the Dallas District Attorney and numerous media[59] One of Damon Nelson’s main roles at Hilton Head was establishing a sophisticated array of shell companies to conceal the nature of the allegedly illegal operations.  Damon Nelson was involved in allegedly scamming “dozens” of unsuspecting homeowners out of their life savings by “selling” them homes that Damon Nelson’s company had no authority to sell.  When the true owners of these homes discovered the alleged fraud, Damon Nelson’s “buyers” got kicked out on the street.  Damon Nelson’s Hilton Head cohort is Douglas Fonteno a/k/a Chase Fonteno a/k/a The Real Estate Cat Burglar.  Douglas Fonteno is a convicted felon for securities fraud who, according to his own website, “steals” homes “legally,” although it is uncertain whether Damon Nelson has been convicted.

Using Jeff Baron’s money, Judge Royal Furgeson and Peter Vogel are paying Damon Nelson the astonishing amount of $18,000 per month, essentially to engage in alleged unlawful trademark infringement, ruin the businesses, and lie under oath to support Peter Vogel’s unlawful receivership against Jeff Baron.  Mr. Peter Vogel has instructed Mr. Damon Nelson to sell the assets of the companies in the receivership, including those of the medical research trust.  Under Mr. Peter Vogel’s direction, Mr. Damon Nelson has contracted to sell dozens of assets, in secret sales (perhaps to insiders), for pennies on the dollar, attempting to “flip” them for a profit.   Damon Nelson is essentially being bribed, like the lawyers previously described, to assist in the looting scheme.

Another officer of the court, John MacPete, plaintiff Munish Krishan’s attorney, has been indicted twice for molesting his own six year old child.  Mr. Munsih Krishan has previously been found guilty of felony fraud and theft.   A diagram of some of the players and money flow is attached.  In addition, a description about other members of the “cast of characters” in this case can be found at http://www.lawinjustice.com/d7/node/25.

Judge Royal Furgeson and Peter Vogel Scheme to Defraud the United States Treasury

As receiver, Peter Vogel has failed to file or pay income tax as he is required under law. See 26 U.S.C. 651(a).  Since the millions of dollars in fees Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman seek are seeking so massive in relationship to the assets they are administering, paying income tax would reduce the money that Peter Vogel would have available to pay himself and his cronies.  Accordingly, Mr. Peter Vogel has refused to file a single tax return for any receivership entity, refused to pay any federal taxes, and refused to set aside any funds for payment of taxes.  To gain cover for this fraud, Peter Vogel has attempted to get confirmation of the “propriety” of his actions from Judge W. Royal Furgeson and the Court of Appeals by again falsely blaming Jeff Baron for his failures and fraud (See Exhibit U).

Furgeson, Judge Stacey Jernigan, Peter Vogel, and Daniel “Corky” Sherman Scheme Millions

The illegal activities that Peter Vogel, Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Daniel “Corky” Sherman. and Judge Stacey Jernigan have done have personally and financially ruined Jeff Baron.  Ondova’s creditors too have been harmed.  By this scheme Daniel “Corky” Sherman, Judge Stacey Jernigan, and Judge W. Royal Furgeson have destroyed tens of millions of dollars of business assets and put over $ 4 million dollars into the pockets of Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman, Peter Vogel, and their firms. This figure is rising every day.

Numerous Judicial Misconduct Complaints of Judge W. Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan

At least four judiciary misconduct conduct complaints, not associated with this case, have been filed with the Chief Justice of the 5th Circuit Court of appeals against Judge Stacey Jernigan, and, on information, numerous judiciary misconduct complaints have been filed against Judge W. Royal Furgeson.

These reports on this travesty of justice only scratch the surface of the layers of corruption involved in the case. More information can be found at LawInjustice.com:  http://www.lawinjustice.com/d7/

As Mr. Schepps told the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals:

“Literally, the receivership has achieved nothing other than to: (1) prevent Baron from hiring any legal counsel, (2) create a list of groundless, non-diverse state law attorney fee ‘claims’ against Baron (solicited by Vogel); and (3) provide a platform for Sherman and Vogel to run up fee demands to a combined total of over FOUR MILLION DOLLARS.”  (See Exhibit L, page 10).

And to WordNetDaily:

“The actions taken against Mr. Baron shock the conscious (sic)”


“there are a bunch of dishonest attorneys who have tried, literally, to conspire together to steal money from Jeff” [60]

Violations of U.S. Criminal Statutes

At minimum, the aforementioned judges and lawyers appear to have violated the following United States criminal codes and statutes:

  • 18 U.S.C. § 47 Fraud
  • 18 U.S.C. § 371 Conspiracy,
  • 18 U.S.C. § 1961-1968: Criminal RICO
  • 18 U.S.C. § 1503: Obstruction of Justice
  • 18 U.S.C. § 201-227: Bribery
  • 18 U.S.C. § 1621 and 18 USC § 1623: Perjury
  • 18 U.S.C. § 241: Conspiracy against Civil Rights
  • 18 U.S.C. § 242 and 18 § USC 245: (Prohibits Denying a U.S. Citizen of their constitutional rights)
  • 18 U.S.C. § 1246: Honest Service Fraud

Demands for Justice

Over 30 Americans have written letters to Congress demanding that Judge W. Royal Furgeson be investigated for impeachment.  Further, numerous media outlets have written articles about the apparent corruption in this case and at least 100 American citizens have publicly expressed outrage over the conduct.  At minimum, these judges and judicial officers undermine public confidence and have made a mockery of the American justice system.   Each and every American is affected by this case as it sets an extremely dangerous precedent.  If an American citizen like Jeff Baron can have his property and his legal rights stripped by a federal judge for the purpose of benefiting his cronies, the outlook for our country is truly dismal.

We have contacted Jeff Baron’s U.S. Representative as well as his state senator and representative, to no avail.  His U.S. Senators have also done nothing.   This case is a clear example of a federal judiciary that is out of control and trampling the constitutional due process rights of citizens.  Similar cases of abuse of others emanating from the same judges have also been reported.


written by John Margetis

[1] The vast number of participants in the crimes against Mr. Baron is dizzying, which, at first, create the appearance that the crimes are incredulous. In all, there appear to be over 30 officers of the court who have participated in varying degrees.

[2] John MacPete is a lawyer twice indicted for raping his six year old child (he was not convicted). In addition to representing Krishan, Mr. MacPete represents other disrespectable clients such as the Mongols motorcycle gang. In the case involving Jeff Baron, Mr. MacPete has repeatedly lied, misrepresented facts to the courts and conspired with the other wrongdoers, often slandering Jeff outside of court. In many respects, Mr. MacPete appears to be a ringleader in this case, aggressively encouraging and guiding the other wrongdoers in the illegal activities. Mr. MacPete has already been paid an estimated $3.5 million dollars in this case for attacking Jeff Baron.

[3] Jeff Baron, an individual with serious health problems including seizures, type 1 autoimmune diabetes and a heart condition, has been victimized and subject to unthinkable brutality and abuse, simply because he owned assets that some sophisticated but extremely unscrupulous individuals would stop at nothing to “legally” rob him.

[4] Some of Krishan’s lawsuits against Jeff and Ondova were brought by Krishan’s proxies, Denis Kleinfeld of Rothestein, Rosenfeldt, Alder, LLP and their entities, including Four Points Management, LLLP. Scott Rothstein, the managing partner of the firm has since been serving a 50 year sentence in federal prison for running a billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

[5] Mr. Bell was Jeff’s lawyer who, along with Jeff’s other lawyers in the courtroom, quickly filed emergency motions to withdraw because they were so frightened by Judge Furgeson’s statement. Judge Furgeson immediately granted their motions and also ordered Jeff to produce tens of thousands of documents within approximately five hours of his ordering them to be produced. Judge Furgeson also refused to give any extension whatsoever to his order, requiring Jeff to be deposed the morning after he granted the lawyers’ emergency motion to withdraw.

Judge Furgeson later ruled that these lawyers withdrawing out of fear of Judge Furgeson was part of a pattern of Jeff Baron’s bad faith in hiring and firing lawyers. These lawyers were subsequently solicited by Daniel Sherman (and possibly Peter Vogel) to submit claims against Jeff Baron.

[7] At the 6/19/2009 “status conference” a few days prior to issuing his order, Judge Furgeson verbally stated that he would only order a small fraction of the documents that he actually ordered be produced.

[8] The discovery orders were for the purpose of a plaintiff’s temporary injunction hearing scheduled for approximately one week from the date the lawyers emergency withdrawal was granted.

[9] Judge Furgeson had only been assigned two weeks prior, on June 15, 2009

[10] Approximately $350,000 was diverted to this lawyer (Friedman and Feiger law firm). By diverting this money to Jeff and Ondova’s lawyer, Judge Furgeson fatally interfered with their attorney-client relationship, creating irreconcilable conflicts. Naturally, the lawyer began pandering to Judge Furgeson as judge Furgeson diverted these enormous sums to him. Effectively, Judge Furgeson’s money diversion created an adverse relationship, incentivising Jeff’s lawyer to work adverse to him.

[11] As explained in Mr. Baron’s appeals briefs, Peter Vogel is a close colleague of Judge Royal Furgeson. They blog together on a site (karlbayer.com/blog) that featured an editorial blog about Mr. Baron’s case, placing Jeff Baron in a negative light, and they collaborate in research papers.(See Exhibit E: Exhibits to Motion to Reconsider Stay-Part A) Does a judge and his special master malevolently blogging about a litigant, who is a subject in their court, violate the law?

[12] Judge Royal Furgeson appointed Mr. Peter Vogel without requiring him to file an affidavit hat he did not have a conflict of interest before appointing him Special Master, as required by law under rule 53(b) (3).

[13] Peter Vogel has been engaged in other “questionable” practices as uncovered in an investigative reports by Dallas ABC affiliate, WFAA – wfaa.com/news/local/64807562.html and by Pegasus News – pegasusnews.com/news/2008/nov/19/who-gains-collin-countys-suit-against-its-auditor/?refscroll=4352 (see Exhibit U)

[14] Judge W. Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan have closely coordinated the two cases, and have apparently had numerous private discussions throughout the proceedings.

[15] Mr. Peter Vogel has stated that he believes the value of the assets he seized to be over $40 million, all of which have nearly been destroyed.

[16] As explained later, Jeff Baron also had to hire another lawyer based on similar circumstances in Judge Stacey Jernigan’s court

[17] Ondova was a successful, but very small company with one employee, no secured creditors and required very little work to administer.

[18] Peter Vogel and his firm have been billing at a staggering rate of around $9,000 per day. (see Exhibit D and Exhibit K)

[19] Jeff Baron agreed to settlement on terms extremely unfavorable to him because Sherman threatened Baron with the wrath of Judge Jernigan if Baron did not agree to the terms that Sherman dictated. To induce Baron to settle on terms that gave Sherman’s estate all of the settlement proceeds and none to Baron, Sherman promised to close down the bankruptcy as soon as he received the settlement proceeds and “hand the keys to the company back” with approximately $1 million left in its bank account, so that the company could resume its successful operations. (See exhibit AA, p 16).

[20] A final Global Settlement Agreement (“GSA”) was signed among all parties and approved by order of Judge Jernigan. See Exhibit U.

[21] Many claims had already been settled and compromised, such as a seven million dollar claim that a lawyer filed for less than three weeks work for Ondova

[23] Id

[24] Sherman employed his own law firm of Sherman and Yaquinto, LLP and Munsch, Hardt, Kopf and Harr, LLP

[25] Another tactic employed by Sherman to prolong the bankruptcy was filing a motion to extend deadlines for creditors to submit claims that, by law, had passed (Creditor bar date).  After Sherman/Jernigan extended the deadlines, they successfully prolonged the bankruptcy and attracted more creditors.

[26] The original dispute involved an individual named Munish Krishan, who was sentenc ed for felony theft a fraud, and brought lawsuit after lawsuit against Mr. Jeff Baron beginning in 2006 falsely claiming Jeff Baron’s assets as his own.  To defend the approximately seven lawsuits brought by Krishan and his proxies against Jeff Baron, Jeff had to employee a large number of lawyers. The lawyers in the case were paid over $5 million.

[27] Around August, 2010, despite not having jurisdiction, Judge Jernigan ordered Mr. Baron to “instruct” an independent trustee that oversees a medical research trust for which Mr. Baron is the beneficiary to give half of the funds it owned to Mr. Sherman ($330,000) for the purpose of Mr. Sherman holding it as “security.”  Mr. Jeff Baron complied with that order and accordingly, Sherman received another $330,000. (See Exhibit Q)

[28] Approximately $5 million had already been paid to lawyers.   In Judge Stacey Jernigan’s kangaroo court proceedings, Judge Stacey Jernigan ignored the facts, the law, and evidence.

[29] As explained below, one of the lawyers was hired directly due to Judge Stacey Jernigan’s frivolous “show cause” hearings that Jeff was forced to defend.  As mentioned, Judge Stacey Jernigan’s colleague Furgeson had also instructed/ordered JeffBaron  to hire another in her court.

[30] Sherman and Vogel have admitted to secret dealings with Judge Royal Furgeson and Judge Stacey Jernigan.

[31] Yet again, Jeff Baron was forced to hire additional lawyer to defend against Judge Stacey Jernigan’s contempt hearings.  Astonishingly, Judge Royal Furgeson uses Jeff’s hiring this lawyer, Steve Shaver, to support his “findings” that Jeff “vexatiously” hires too many lawyers, as Judge Royal Furgeson did to Jeff Baron after he ordered Jeff to hire Stephen Jones.

[32] All parties to the settlement signed a stipulated dismissal document which Sherman’s lawyer held in trust, by agreement, pending receipt of the settlement proceeds, which Sherman received in August 2010 . Sherman agreed, in writing, that his lawyer would file the agreed stipulated dismissal with Judge Royal Furgeson when he received the proceeds in August 2010.

[33] Mr. Sherman bragged on numerous occasions to Mr. Jeff Baron about his special relationship with Judge Stacey Jernigan and bragged that she would essentially rule whatever way he wanted her to rule.

[34] Mr. Sherman provided testimony to Judge Stacey Jernigan that he had agreed, as part of the July 2010 settlement agreement, to “wind up” the bankruptcy and turn the “keys to the company” back to its equity owner.

[35] Receivership over an individual is clearly unconstitutional and also clearly unlawful when, as in this case, the receiver is appointed to take over property that is not the subject of the controversy at bar.

[36] Mr. Sherman was the Movant of the receivership and specifically designated Mr. Peter Vogel as the receiver.

[37] Suspiciously, Sherman filed the Emergency Motion For Appointment of Receiver over Jeff Baron after the Court had entered the Order Appointing Receiver. Peter Vogel, himself filed the Order Appointing Receiver, that appointed himself, receiver.

[38] Gary N. Schepps is an unpaid, volunteer appellate lawyer representing Jeff Baron and some additional parties placed into receivership by Judge Royal Furgeson.  Judge Royal Furgeson refuses to release any funds to pay Mr. Schepps.

[39] The only real “claim” is that of Sid Chesnin, a lawyer who was representing Jeff Baron at the time owed approximately $3,500 when Peter Vogel seized all of Jeff’s money and forbid him from paying Chesnin.

[40] Many or most of these lawyers worked for third party entities, some of which Jeff had an interest in, but did not control. None have these entities had been found to be sham, alter ego or otherwise improperly related to Jeff Baron. Yet, Judge Royal Furgeson ordered that they be paid with money he seized from Jeff Baron.

[41] Judge Furgeson allegedly capped some of the fee claims at $400/hour. So, for example, lawyer Robert Gary, who originally claimed $1 million for less than 3 weeks worth of work were caped at $400/hour, but Judge W. Royal Furgeson authorized claims for compensatory “bonuses” and a fraudulent alleged contingency payment that was clearly groundless.

[42] Further, Jeff is the defendant in this case—not the plaintiff. The truth is that in the last several years, Jeff has only filed a single lawsuit—a declaratory judgment action to prevent disclosure of confidential and privileged documents.

[43] Most attorneys that Judge Furgeson and Judge Jernigan attribute to Jeff as “evidence” of Jeff supposedly hiring a hoard of attorneys were, in truth, representing adverse parties in the litigations or other third parties. Judge Jernigan and Furgeson are keenly aware of this falsehood in their orders because many of the lawyers that they attribute to Jeff appeared in their court, sued Mr. Baron, cross examined Mr. Baron in their courtrooms, etc.. The judges’ intentionally made false findings attributing these lawyers to Mr. Baron to bolster their fabricated claim that Jeff was vexatious and hiring and firing lawyers like flipping hotcakes. While Jeff Baron may have some interest in some of the companies that these lawyers represented, he did not control them hire them, and often had adverse interests to their clients.

[44] Sherman (through his lawyers) often brags and boasts about causing Jeff’s lawyer’s to resign (through intimidation and repeatedly slandering Jeff to Jeff’s lawyers)

[45] The knowingly false representations that Jeff did not comply with the settlement agreement are also repeatedly made by Sherman, Vogel and Jernigan in coordination with one another.

[46] Gerrit Pronske, a 20+ year colleague of Sherman, is a lawyer who had represented Jeff Baron, was paid in full, and was encouraged by Sherman to subsequently made a claim for over $245,000 as an additional groundless fee.  As explained in Mr. Schepps’ appeals briefs and replies to Judge Furgeson, Mr. Pronske’s claim is groundless. In his testimony to Judge Furgeson, Pronske admitted that “There are no engagement agreements relating to the representation” and for almost a year after receiving a $75,000.00 fee and working on the case, Pronske sent no contract, no engagement letter, no bill, no invoice, no demand for payment, no hourly work report, and no other document of any type alleging that the flat fee payment was actually a ‘retainer’.

[47] After Jeff Baron called Martin Thomas at around 8:30 AM on November 11, 2010, Thomas, for the first time told Jeff that he should attend the hearing, apparently scheduled for 9 AM the same morning. Jeff lives in a suburb, approximately 25 miles from the courthouse and because he is a severe type I diabetic, has seizures and other serious health problems. As such, he would have had to take public transportation or call a taxi (which takes approximately 30 minutes for a pick up in Jeff’s location) , both of which would not have allowed Jeff to arrive in time for the hearing. Thomas, as discussed later, has apparently cooperated and conspired with Sherman and Vogel in suspending Jeff’s civil rights and taking his property, being paid approximately $40,000 by Peter Vogel using Jeff’s money, against Jeff’s will, and is assisting Mr. Vogel in manner adverse to Jeff and his interests.

[48] Jeff’s health issues have been well documented to the judges. On July 23, 2010, Judge Jernigan invasively ordered that Jeff provide a detailed affidavit with his doctor’s statements, disclosing Jeff’s health conditions after discovering that Jeff was in a hospital during one of Judge Jernigan’s status conferences (a proceeding that Jeff was required to attend). Judge Jernigan further ordered that Jeff’s private and confidential medical information be disclosed to Jeff’s adversaries, Munish Krishan, Netsphere and Daniel Sherman.

[49] At this time, the Ondova estate still had cash that far exceeded its claims—In Sherman’s eyes, more “free money” for him to loot.

[50] Occasionally, Vogel has filed a feigned objection to Mr. Sherman’s numerous fee requests and asset sales, which are understood by Jernigan, Vogel and Sherman to be window dressing and always overruled.

[51] The court ordered psychologist refused to participate because of the intrusiveness of the arrangement.  The expert psychologist explained that the stress being inflicted by the court over Mr. Jeff Baron would cause psychological problems for any normal person.

[52] Mr. Gene N. Schepps has been working unpaid for over one year, attempting to defend Jeff Baron against an army of lawyers who have billed over $3 million.

[53] On the December 5, hearing, Mr. Gene N. Schepps made over 115 objections with good basis, and Judge Stacey Jernigan overruled every single objection he made.

[54] There are many more instances like this, which are not included in this memo due to lack of preparation time.

[55] Eckles and Cox are technically are employed by Mr. Peter Vogel, receiver but “represent” two receivership entities.  In fact, they act adverse to these entities interests, participating in looting and planned liquidation of most of their purported clients’ assets.  Jeff Baron’s former attorney, Gary Lyon has been hired by Peter Vogel and by Judge W. Royal Furgeson’s order to identify and “locate” Jeff Baron’s assets.  Is this legal?

An example of a derogative public Internet posting, apparently made by Mr. Peter Vogel or Daniel “Corky” Sherman, can be found at http://www.sodahead.com/living/did-you-say-we-didnt-have-slavery-in-america/question-2190267

[57] Nelson is also hired by Daniel “Corky” Sherman to operate Ondova, which Nelson and Sherman have plundered and decimated

[58] Mr. Nelson was wrongfully installed as business manager when Jeffery Harbin, the legally appointed business manager, was intimidated, harassed, and extorted into resigning by Mr. Peter Vogel and his legal “team.”  In stark contrast to Mr. Nelson, Mr. Harbin is a respectable business manager and a Certified Public Accountant.   Mr. Peter Vogel and Daniel “Corky” Sherman extorted Mr. Harbin into resigning by repeatedly threatening him with contempt of court, forcing Mr. Harbin to hire a personal lawyer to defend himself.  Mr. Peter Vogel and Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s reason for extorting Mr. Harbin is that Mr. Nelson acts as their “Straw man,” assisting Mr. Peter Vogel and Mr. Daniel “Corky” Sherman’s looting scheme, submitting perjured testimony, while plundering the businesses for the benefit of himself, Vogel, and Sherman.

CBS Channel 11’s investigative report can be found at the following link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evXtuDjqrAs

article at http://wnd.com/indexphp?pageId=362537



Order – August 30, 2011

Letters to Congress

Court Documents:

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  4. Jeff Baron Motion for Reconsideration

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  13. Vogel’s Attempt to Control Jeff’s Medical Treatment and Force Psychological Treatment
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  23. Order Sealing Evidence From the Public
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  25. Response To Carrington Coleman’s Motion to Dismiss
  26. Response to Vogel’s request to avoid paying taxes and fulfilling other responsibilities
  27. 10-21-11 Opposition to Vogel’s 11th Fee Request and Vogel/Sherman Fraud assertion
  28. 10-12-11 Response to Eighth Thomas Fee Request and Vogel/Sherman Enterprise
  29. 10-6-11 Appellant’s Brief Appealing Additional Attorney Fees


In retaliation for Mr. Jeff Baron’s recent visit to Washington, the judges involved in unlawfully suspending Jeff’s civil rights and transfering all of his money to their friends, nearly a dozen U.S. Marshalls were deployed to barge into the homes of Mr. Barons’ friends, family, and acquaintances, intimidating and harassing anyone associated with Mr. Jeff Baron.  Unbelievably, the Marshalls, controlled by these judges, were instructed to defame Mr. Jeff Baron by making various allegations to Mr. Baron’s acquaintances and neighbors.
Judge W. Royal Furgeson just ordered that his friend Peter Vogel be permitted to liquidate the remaining assets, which consists of a $60 million research trust funding juvenile diabetes research.  The research trust is now ordered to be liquidated for 2% of its value and all money paid to Mr. Peter Vogel and his law firm. 

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