Proposed Legislation to Save America Ignored by the U.S. Congress

U.S. Congress was a no-show meeting regarding legislation to fix corruptionProposed Legislation to Save America was presented to the U.S. Congress

in 2013 by Lawless America.

It was hand-delivered by constituents.  We invited them to a meeting at our hotel.  This photo shows the turnout.  This was completely ignored.

Here is the proposal:  Word File — PDF File

Can 750 Nobodies save America? Apparently not.  So, we are going for hundreds of thousands.

Please read the sections of the PDF file that apply to your interests, and email with suggested changes, additions, and deletions.


Accountability & Grand Juries…..2



Legal Procedures…..7

Legal Costs…..9

Legal Procedures…..10

Statute of Limitations…..13

Law Enforcement…..13

Criminal Courts…..14

Military Courts…..17

Guardianship & Elder Abuse…..18

Property & Foreclosure…..18

Children & Family Courts……18

Divorce court…..22

Domestic Violence…..22




William Michael Windsor will be publishing this as a book, along with your input.  The book is titled “SAVING AMERICA.”

Crowd cheering about proposed legislation to Save America.
Crowd cheering about proposed legislation to Save America.

A vital part of the plan to Save America is to build an association to compete with the American Bar Association and the corrupt judges.

Please Join Bill Windsor for The Pro-Se Podcast.

The Pro-Se Podcast will focus on building an association to compete with the American Bar Association.  63% of the people in court today are not represented by attorneys or members of the BAR, and they usually lose.  They suffer a complete deprivation of Constitutional rights.
Bill Windsor spent 16 years compiling a book of the Top Secret Rules used by judges to inflict corruption.  It’s titled Benchbook for U.S. Judges – Corruption Edition. We need to build an association to compete.  It is our best hope to save America.

Register at

All you need is a cellphone or microphone for your PC.  If you have a webcam, you also have the option to participate by video.
If you aren’t already registered with Talkshoe, it’s simple and FREE here — REGISTER AT TALKSHOE.
Bill Windsor will host and operate the control panel.  At the start, he will do an introduction.  He will explain a brief history of the American Bar Association and provide statistics to show the numbers we need to compete.
Then Bill will open the microphones of those who “raise their hand” and ask to speak. unless they are known scumbags.
We will discuss why this could be an excellent option for beating corruption in our courts.
We will discuss the best day and time and discuss realistic ways we can amass big numbers of members.
We will discuss names.  We will discuss website options.
Membership in this new association of Pro-Se litigants does have a fee — one penny.
We will discuss less expensive ways for people to pay their penny to become a member of this new association to compete with the BAR Association.
If you buy the book that identifies the Corruption Rules used by corrupt judges and lawyers, email Bill Windsor at to inform Bill that you have done so, and he will donate a penny to make you a member.
We will discuss connections — your connections with groups. Post this on the Groups you are a member of, and ask the Admins to post this and encourage every member to participate.
The Pro-Se Podcast will be held each week.

Login at, or Dial: 605-562-0444 – Show ID: 7863630.

Friday, October 13, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
Please send Bill Windsor an email to so he can put you on his email list and won’t waste time hunting for it.

William M. Windsor

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Open Letter to every member of the U.S. Congress from Bill Windsor of Lawless America


On behalf of Nobodies all across America, Bill Windsor of Lawless America asks every member of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate to ask that public hearings be held immediately to expose the corruption in the judiciary.

Congress has been presented with massive evidence, so it is time for them to act or be recognized as dishonest and/or corrupt public officialsThis letter was faxed to every member of Congress

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Former Georgia Candidate for U.S. Congress Disbarred, Indicted, and More


Craig Steven Mathis, who once challenged Saxby Chambliss for a seat in U.S. Congress has now been disbarred by the Georgia state supreme court after it says he took settlement funds from a client.

Mathis has been stripped of his law license after the justices of the Georgia Supreme Court decided unanimously to disbar him on April 26, 2011.

he has also been indicted on drug charges

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