Bill Windsor has published BENCHBOOK for U.S. JUDGES – Corruption Edition

Benchbook for U.S. Judges - Corruption Edition


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Please buy (only $9.99), and please SHARE this with everyone you know. I make $3.32 per sale, and that money will be used to issue a national news release on my historic case with the United States Supreme Court that will be heard by the nine justices on September 26, 2023
I humbly believe this book has the potential to make the greatest impact ever made in the battle against judicial corruption.
BENCHBOOK for U.S. JUDGES: Corruption Edition is a statement of the Rules used by judges when they feel Corruption is needed.
This is a TOP SECRET set of Rules that is unlawful and is carefully guarded by judges nationwide.
There are 30 Corruption Rules explained:

Rule #1: LIE;  Rule #2: Lie Some More;  Rule #3: Deny Constitutional Rights;  Rule #4: Ignore the Law;  Rule #5: Cite Invalid Law;  Rule #6: Ignore the Facts;  Rule #7: Ignore Issues;  Rule #8: Say Nothing in Orders;  Rule #9: Dismiss Cases or Grant Summary Judgment; Rule #10: Refuse to Disqualify Yourself;  Rule #11: Violate Your Oath of Office and the Code of Judicial Conduct;  Rule #12: Conceal Evidence;  Rule #13: Tamper with Evidence;  Rule #14: Order Monetary Sanctions Against Parties You Want to Damage;  Rule #15: Violate and Ignore the Rules of Civil Procedure;  Rule #16: Automatically Rule against Certain Classes of People;  Rule #17: Order Monetary Sanctions Against Parties You Want to Sanction;  Rule #18: Conspire with Fellow Judges and Judicial Employees;  Rule #19: Allow Perjury;  Rule #20: Deny Hearings;  Rule #21: Practice Simulated Litigation;  Rule #22: Deny Jury Trials;  Rule #23: Don’t Publish Improper Orders;  Rule #24: Deny Right to Obtain Discovery;  Rule #25: Deny Right to File Actions;  Rule #26: Order a Disfavored Party to Appear in Person When You Know They Can’t;  Rule #27: Bring in a Judge from Another County to Serve as Your Executioner;  Rule #28: Communicate with Court Employees, Attorneys, Judges, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, and Others Unlawfully;  Rule #29: Deny In Forma Pauperis Status;  Rule #30: Simply Do Nothing.

Key Corruption Terms are defined: The Favored Party, The Designated Loser, The Naughty List.
Annotations have been provided. These are used primarily to inform litigants of ways to deal with these secret rules.