Battling Corruption — Here’s what You must do to help us become Mainstream Media – Part 3


One of the most important things that we must do in battling corruption is to get publicity.

Since the Mainstream Media is afraid to cover the fundamental corruption in our government, our solution is for us to become the Mainstream Media, so we can reach millions with our message.

Here’s how we will do it (Part 3)….

Please understand the purpose of this project.¬† We are building a network of websites and personal contacts that will enable us to reach millions to educate them about dishonesty in government and government and judicial corruption.¬† If we do this right, whenever anyone searches on the Internet for government corruption, judicial corruption, and other such terms, or when they search for a specific judge or government official, they will find OUR reports and OUR news.¬† WE will dominate the search engines — not ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the Washington Post, or anyone else.¬† The Internet makes it possible for little folks like us to make this happen.¬† A case in point is the recent blackout of the Internet by Wikipedia and others to battle federal legislation that would be devastating to the Internet.¬† An online effort resulted in so much communication to legislators that the bill has been tabled indefinitely.¬† The little guys won.

When we succeed with establishing our network, we will have people joining our battle every hour of every day.¬† We will expose evil-doers and help get them defeated when they run for re-election.¬† We will have the ability to reach millions with an email message.¬† To reach 1,000,000, we need 50,000 committed people with 200 friends each.¬† That’s a million.¬† 100,000 committed friends gives us two million.

Task #8

Grab your address book, holiday card list, and rack your brain for the names of relatives, friends, high school friends, college friends, work friends, church friends, neighbors, and others.¬† Now, make sure each and every one of these folks is in your Contacts database in your email program.¬† The goal here is to identify every friend you can think of so you have your own personal starting network.¬† List all of your friends and acquaintances.¬† List even those that you don’t ever anticipate contacting, because everyone needs to become aware of the loss of our Constitutional rights, and the GRIP network can reach them even if you choose to never send them an email personally.¬† If you get them in your database, we can do the rest.

I use Outlook (Microsoft Office Professional 2010 version), so these directions are for that Outlook.¬† If you use a different program, you’ll have to research it.

Click on <FILE> <OPTIONS> <ADVANCED> <EXPORT>.¬† Then choose “Export to a File” and click <NEXT>.¬† Then highlight “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and click <NEXT>.¬† Select “Contacts” as the folder to export from, and click <NEXT>.¬† Specify a file name and location for the export file to be saved.¬† The next screen will display the process to be performed.¬† Export “Contacts” from folder “Contacts” — Click <FINISH>.¬† Your Contacts data will then be exported into the filename that you specified.¬† The easiest way to clean up this data is in Microsoft Excel.¬† Open the file that you exported with Excel, and it will list all of your data on an Excel Spreadsheet.¬† You can then go into each record and add any missing information.¬† You can also add new rows for the people who were not yet into your Outlook database.

If you don’t use Microsoft Excel, or if you are not confident of your abilities to do this, you can simply manually update your contact information in Outlook, and you can click on “New Contact” to add those not already in your Outlook contacts database.

Once I finished updating my Excel file, I imported it back into Outlook.¬† Click on <FILE> <OPTIONS> <ADVANCED> <EXPORT>.¬† Then choose “Import from File,” and click <NEXT>.¬† Specify the filename and location for the file to be imported.¬† The next screen will display the process to be performed.¬† Import….¬† Click <FINISH>.¬† Your data will be imported into Microsoft Outlook.¬† You now have an excellent starting database of contacts.

Task #9

Set up a Yahoo email account, if you don’t already have one.¬† Go to your Yahoo Email account page, and click on “Contacts.”¬† This will display a “Tools” option on the toolbar.¬† Click the down arrow, and select “Import.”¬† This will open a window with several options for importing.¬† Click on Facebook.¬† Another window will open asking permission for Facebook to share contacts with Yahoo.¬† Click <OKAY>.¬† Yahoo and Facebook will work together, and your Facebook friends will be downloaded into your Yahoo email account.¬† When the processing is complete, click <DONE>.¬† Then click on Tools-Import again, and if you have a Gmail account or a Windows Live account, repeat the process.¬† Then click on the Others icon.¬† Select any other email contact lists to import.¬† Then click on <CONTACTS> <TOOLS> <EXPORT>.¬† Then click on <EXPORT NOW” next to Microsoft Outlook.¬† This will export your contacts into a file that can be easily imported into Microsoft Outlook.¬† Import this file into Microsoft Outlook.

Task #10

Have Facebook invite all of your contacts to become Facebook Friends.¬† Go to your page on Facebook.¬† Click on “Find Friends.”¬† Under STEP 1 on Find Friends, click on “Yahoo.”¬† Your Yahoo contacts will be imported into Facebook, and you will be presented with a list of those who are not yet your Facebook Friends.¬† Tick the box that says “Select all friends.”¬† Then click to process, and Facebook will send Friend Invitations to everyone on the list.¬† If your contacts accept your Friend Invitation, they will then be listed as Facebook Friends.¬† Go back to “Find Friends,” and if any of the other email account options are applicable to you, repeat the process.¬† Finally, you can use “Other Tools” and import a list by clickin on “Upload Contact File.”¬† Then click on “Find Co-workers,” and add any co-workers found.¬† Then click on “Find Friends, Clasmates, and Co-Workers.” Use the checkboxes to discover people you know from your hometown, school, employer and more.¬† Then invite them to become Facebook Friends.

Task #11

Have LinkedIn invite all of your contacts to become LinkedIn Connections. Go to, and sign in.¬† In the upper right hand corner of the page, click <ADD CONNECTIONS>.¬† In the box titled “See Who You Already Know on LinkedIn,” enter your email address and password.¬† Follow the prompts.¬† ¬†

Task #12

Move all of your Facebook Friends to your Yahoo email account.

When logged in to your Yahoo email account, click on Contacts.  You will then see Move over your contacts from another account.  Facebooks icon will show.  Click IMPORT CONTACTS and all of your Facebook contacts with emails will magically transfer to Yahoo.  

Task #13

Now export all of your contacts that you have accumulated into your Outlook email Contacts database on your computer.


Ladies and gentlemen, this will take only a few minutes of your time.¬† The problem is that most of you will read this article and will do nothing.¬† Please ask yourself if you would be happy if your children and grandchildren had all of their money stolen from them by the government and they were sent to prison for the rest of their lives for doing absolutely nothing wrong.¬† If we don’t act now to educate our fellow Americans about the dishonesty and corruption in government, this could be the fate of your children and grandchildren.¬† We currently have no viable means to check the tyrannical power of our misguided government officials.¬† So, PLEASE, take just a few minutes, and do this.

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