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Ideas continue to come in for the January 15 online videoconference.

SOCK — Save Our Constitution Konvention — will be held Sunday, January 15, 2012 from 5- 7 pm Eastern Time.

Please consider these agenda topic ideas, and submit your ideas to…. 


Here are random agenda thoughts:

Dr. Richard Cordero notes that Newt Gingrich has made some strong statements about the need to clean up government and judicial corruption.  Newt needs help, so Dr. Cordero suggests contact with his campaign and information about corruption that Newt could use to bolster his campaign,

Dr. Joseph Zernik believes we should boycott voting and secede.

Janet Phelan will be presenting an Occupy the Courts idea.

My primary goal for this January 15 meeting is that key people commit to a second meeting with all contributing man-and-woman-power to making personal contact with the thousands of key people who we need to pull together.  I believe we can build strength with numbers, but it will take a personal effort to make that happen.

Perhaps the second SOCK meeting should be one where all of the special interest groups conduct simultaneous Talkshoe telephone/radio conferences.

Many agree that we need a grand slam homerun “celebrity” to take up the cause.  Oprah?  Michael Moore?  Matt Damon?  George Clooney?  Fred Thompson?

Can we get a movie produced?  A strong documentary or movie could get a lot of attention.

We should send letters to a lot of people trying to find some key supporters from the entertainment business, media, jduges all over the country, attorneys, ???

Does picketing work?  If we could organize picketing at courthouses nationwide, we would meet a lot of victims, and that could be a way to create awareness and build support.

Will law school professors rally around us?  Should we send them a compelling document?  Law school professors nationwide are a group that we might be able to get to help lead our cause.

Could we get an endowment or find an angel?  If we could get an endowment, we could accomplish a lot with some money.

Is there an existing association that we should all join, or do we need to create a coalition of the many existing associations, individuals, and groups?

Grand juries are a viable means to make something happen now. Can we gear up a nationwide grand jury effort?  Can we educate the various special interest groups to what they may be able to accomplish thrpough grand jury efforts?

Should we conduct public trials?

Will the many groups and individuals agree to do the simple things that will enable us to create our own “mainstream” media voice?  I have all the tools and information; it doesn’t take much.

Someone emailed with an idea about taking the corruption issue to international groups or courts.  I can’t find the email, so please re-send.

Should we support a spokesperson as a candidate for President?  Senate? House? Governors?

Do people really care?

Why don’t proven activists respond to appeals to work together to battle corruption?

What type of message would cause uninterested people to realize how this crisis is important to them?

How did the colonists in America get educated to the need to battle for independence?  Wasn’t Paul Revere’s ride only through Boston?

How did Susan B. Anthony succeed?

What did Martin Luther King do that we can do?

Should we be part of the “Occupy” movement?

This conference will feature movers and shakers who want to work together to make some things happen in the battle against judicial corruption and government corruption.  The video conference will be at  The Talk Radio broadcast will be on www.TalkShoe.comCall ID: 11588.  Sunday, January 15, 2012 from 5-7 pm (and continuing for as long as people want to talk). 

Additional Participants Confirmed:

Carl Swensson

John Margetis

Cynthia Shupe

Janet Phelan

and many others.  I need to go back through emails to update the list.

Please share your ideas and send questions to me by email —

Article listing some of the participants.

Article discussing the Agenda

Article with Details of TalkShoe Talk Radio Broadcast

Article with Call for Papers

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