SOCK Online Video Conference is taking shape — Participate in this VITAL Conference with Leaders against Corruption — Sunday January 15, 2012- Save Our Constitution Konvention


The Online Government Corruption Video Conference is taking shape. 

PLEASE set aside two hours on Sunday, January 15, 2012 from 5- 7 pm Eastern Time.  We are holding an online video conference of movers and shakers who want to work together to make some things happen in the battle against judicial corruption and government corruption.

SOCK — Save Our Constitution Konvention.

THIS IS IMPORTANT.  PLEASE participate, and please encourage as many people as you know to watch it online….

Everyone in Atlanta is invited to come to the Intergalactic Headquarters of Lawless America (my basement) to participate.  All others can watch online at — If you’d like to participate on camera, please email me, and I will set you up.  If you would like to participate by phone or Skype video or Skype audio-only, please email me, so I can set it up.  If you want to participate by on-screen chat only, please email me so I can be sure you are set up.

We need help building the database of people to invite to participate.

If you have topics to add to the agenda, just email and let me know.  If you are representing a group of any type, please email a brief bio for your group, your contact information, website, specific interests.  To make the best use of time during the Konference, these bios will be printed online so viewers can check them during the Konference.  If you are an individual with a cause, you may do the same.


It is my most sincere belief that we can’t accomplish much unless all of us who are vitally interested in battling corruption work together in simple ways while still pursuing our individual causes.

Some of our Special Guests for the SOCK Video Conference on January 15, 2012:

Jack Bauer — Jack will be broadcasting the Conference simultaneously with us on his very popular radio show.

Julian Heicklen — Well-known rights activist.

Tom Murphy — National Standards Enforcement Agency,  Mission: To avail the American people with Standards, Methods, Systems & Proceedures that they may personally Clean Government; and Clean Water.”

Jeff Lind — National Standards Enforcement Agency,  Mission: “To avail the American people with Standards, Methods, Systems & Proceedures that they may personally Clean Government; and Clean Water.” 

David Schied — Judicial Accountability Institute

Elena Sassower — Center for Judicial Accountability

Anne Batty — Operation Restoration, focused on foreclosure fraud and corruption

Americans for Legal Reform

Greg Fischer — Publisher, Political Patriot Newspapers

Reverend Freddie Pinkney

Government Reform & Integrity Platform

Lawless America

and many others.  We are just beginning to send the invitations.

My opinion is that unless we get many people together who are passionate about causes that share the underlying problem of dishonesty and corruption in government, few of us will ever accomplish much of anything.  I believe there is a way we can become a force, but it will take some simple, non-time-consuming ways for us to work together while pursuing our individual causes. We will discuss ideas for joint cooperation, joint efforts, and generally have a brainstorming session.

We’re asking everyone to promote SOCK to your email list.  Feel free to forward this email.  This initial SOCK may lead to an attempt to create a subsequent SOCK online meeting with tens of thousands of participants.

William M. Windsor

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