Sick Stalkers steal Bill Windsor’s deceased father’s identity and post photos of his coffin on Facebook


Sick stalkers have stolen Bill Windsor’s deceased father’s identity and have posted photos of him in his death bed as well as photos of his coffin on Facebook (photo reprinted here).

From messages sent to me, Mark Supanich and Allie Overstreet appear to be involved.

This is the same Mark Supanich and Allie Overstreet involved when someone previously sent me a false, malicious message in the name of a mother who was filmed for the movie indicating that her son (also filmed) was dead.  I believe it was Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet (known to those outside Facebook as Lori Overstreet).  I know that Allie has posted one lie after another about me, and Mark Supanich is Allie’s new boyfriend as of Meet Me in DC.

I know that Allie Overstreet is a pathological liar. 

I have obtained information that indicates that Allie Overstreet made up the outrageous claims she made when I filmed her that her ex sexually abused their daughter.  I know from personal experience that she has lied again and again and again in defaming me.

Allie Overstreet has a hearing on April 1 in Missouri, and I will be there to film.  I have offered to provide a sworn affidavit or to testify about the extent of her dishonesty.  I will be filing a request for a restraining order with the judge in her case.

If you haven’t seen the lies and proof of many of Allie Overstreet’s lies, please read this article: Allie Overstreet is the latest to lie, slander, and libel Bill Windsor and Lawless America

I once believed Mark Supanich’s story about his daughter being ellegedly abused, but based upon what he has done with Allie, I now suspect that he lied, too.  If people will lie about me, they damn sure will lie trying to hurt their exes. 

Mark Supanich is the President of Washington Families United, so I respectfully submit that it is a group that should not be supported as long as Mark is involved.

I have already filed criminal charges against Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet aka Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet.  I have also filed criminal charges against Mark Supanich.  I have begun the process of filing civil actions against them and a number of others.

When I started this effort to help save America, I knew I was seeking to expose a huge number of dishonest and/or corrupt people.  I never dreamed how much filth there is in the family court world.  Father haters.  Mother haters.  People who will lie their a$$e$ off without blinking an eye.  It is these people who will ensure that the problems in the family courts will likely never be corrected.  And it is these sick liars who will probably seal America’s fate as the most corrupt nation in the world.

Various posts using my father’s stolen identity – Page 1Page 2Page 3

Here’s a post where they say they will have a photograph of my mother who dies of breast cancer 35 years ago, and they will have her having sex with my deceased father.

Criminal Warrant Application filed against Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet aka Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet.


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