Senator Orin Hatch is just the Tip of the Iceberg of Corruption in Utah


Senator Orin Hatch is just the “Tip of the Iceberg” of corruption in Utah.

I am familiar with researching U.S Code, but what I’ve found is the corruption in the State of Utah runs from head to toe.

The local oligarch’s have corrupted the entire infrastructural integrity of all departments.

As individuals, our God Given, Constitutionally articulated rights are not honored by those who not only hold a monopoly on force and violence, but have monopolized corruption as well.  

My family was victimized by the collusive, collective, and concerted conspiracy of what I had termed “Deliberate Indifference” but what may be more appropriately termed “Deadly Indifference.” As Murderers, Rapist and Government need not ask for either consent or forgiveness from those they attack.

I have been blogging on the corruption a little, (because the documentation is quite voluminous) on www.myfamilyview.com “Clyde’s Little Corner of the World.”

I know they regularly use “Switch and Bait” tactics like calling facts “theory” and presuming theories to be facts. 

They riot in the daytime, knowing that they are at liberty to commit murder in broad daylight in front of many witness’s and get away with it.

Like yourself, I keep wondering if the people of Utah will ever surrender their complacency and quit treating the truth as though it didn’t exist.

by Clyde Young

I contacted Senator Orin Hatch several times trying to get him to act on judicial corruption.  I was ignored.

William M. Windsor

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