Report all Dishonest and Corrupt Government “Officials”



Please report all dishonest and corrupt government officials. has a new online Complaint Listing Form.

Please take a few minutes and post your complaints…


We want to develop THE comprehensive database of government corruption reports.

See the Corruption Reports here.  Click on the category of interest to you, and you will see an alphabetical list of what has been entered thus far.

Note that if someone you want to complain about is already listed, you may page down to the bottom of the listing and add your own Review of this person. 

Corruption Listing Form

The Corruption Listing Form is long, but you only have to fill in what you want.  It provides many options.

Please list the person you are complaining about (The Accused Party) LastName, FirstName.  Click to note the types of misconduct; check all that apply.

Please explain the details of your complaint under “Complaint Details.”  Enter your name (LastName-FirstName) as the Complainant.  Enter your contact information only if you want othersb to be able to contact you.  If you have videos, images, or files (pdfs, Word documents, etc.), there are fields where you can add these.

There are a number of available fields for Websites.  If there are other sites that report on this corruption, please add them.  The more documentation of dishonesty and corruption we have, the more easily accepted it will be by visiotors to the site.  be sure to click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the page.

This will GROW

There will be many hundreds of reports on here.  Read some of these.  You won’t believe some of the sick things some of these judges have done.  I believe we will have reports on virtually every judge in America if we can reach enough people.


William M. Windsor

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