Rebecca Campbell advises people to refuse to be in Lawless America…The Movie because it is a Government Trap


I continue to receive threats of various types on a regular basis, including one from Rebecca Campbell of Seattle, Washington.

I have received some real doozies lately.  I am finding that a lot of people claim that the movie is a government plot to get information about dissidents.

One guy reamed me up one side and down the other about the personal information requested (name, address, phone, email) claiming it is a plot….

I checked his facebook page, and it included the basic contact information available from many sources plus everything from his dog’s name to his underwear size.

Tonight I got a similar email from Rebecca Campbell.  Rebecca Campbell is emailing this to everyone she knows trying to damage the movie.

From: Campbell Rebecca —
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 7:55 PM
Subject: Feedback-Invitation to be interviewed for Lawless America… The Movie

Thanks for sending this, Bill!  You may well be sincere in doing this documentary.

However, the feedback I got from several who have some of the worst stories of persecution by government to tell declined your offer, because your form resembles to them a law enforcement/government form.  They said that they would only participate if they could provide their script and contact information, with perhaps some other verification information that they could provide after talking to you by phone/in person.  It looks to them like it might be a front to collect information on/expose/ruin dissidents.

I will have to concur; although I would like to share some of dramatic stories of those for whom I have advocated, I would not participate in your film based on the invasiveness and time consumptiveness of this form.


Rebecca Em Campbell
Whole Systems Activist/Artist

— On Tue, 4/10/12, <> wrote:

From: <>
Subject:, Invitation to be interviewed for Lawless America… The Movie
Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 2:27 AM









I am a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and I am writing to ask you to confirm if you would like to be interviewed for Lawless America … The Movie, if you haven’t already done so.  Here’s an article that explains this 50-state trip interviewing victims of judicial corruption and government corruption as well as people involved in battling various forms of government corruption, experts on various related subjects, state and national legislators, government officials, and media representatives.

I am just one of many victims of judicial corruption and government corruption.  I am devoting the rest of my life to exposing government corruption because if someone doesn’t step up to try to organize an effort to save America, our children and grandchildren will never have the rights that we were all supposedly guaranteed.  The problem is that few citizens realize what has happened.  Our movie and videos should change this.

What we need from you at this point

  1. 1.Please read this article as it should answer many of your questions.
  2. 2.We are requesting information that will be kept confidential by us, but it will be used to help us contact you now and later, and the information might prove to be helpful to me when I interview you.  In your email response, please provide the following:
    1. a.Your full name
    2. b.Your street address
    3. c.Your city
    4. d.Your state
    5. e.Your zip
    6. f.Home Telephone
    7. g.Cell Phone
    8. h.Business Phone
    9. i.Fax
    10. j.Best email address for you
    11. k.Website (if any)
    12. l.Age
    13. m.Marital status (if applicable to your story)
    14. n.Spouse or significant other’s name (if applicable to your story)
    15. o.Children’s names and ages (if applicable to your story).
    16. p.Occupation
    17. q.Title
    18. r.Employer (if applicable to your story or noteworthy)
    19. s.Names and contact information from any witnesses who might be helpful in corroborating your story (optional)
    20. t.Names and contact information for people who have made you a victim (optional – but we will be trying to confront or interview some of the bad guys)
  3. 3.As soon as possible, send a (Microsoft Word file or type it in an email) three-minute script for your testimony.  This will be the first thing that we record when I meet with you.  Please do not make these any longer than three minutes.  We will edit your script to ensure that it is no longer than three minutes, and we will make any needed edits for style so that all follow a standard structure.  We will then send your final script back to you.
  4. 4.Please send a recent photo via email, if available.
  5. 5.You are also welcome to submit additional information about your story.  This is optional, but the more information, the better.  I want to be able to read about your ordeal so I am prepared to ask the best questions.  I am especially interested in evidence of the corruption.  If you have ever recorded a video, or if there are news videos about your ordeal or the corrupt officials in your case, please be sure to send links to those.  If there are letters, court orders, motions, news stories, or anything else important, please send it if you can.  If you have or can obtain photos of the people and places involved, we can drop those in as part of the video, so please send me whatever you have (and in the largest format jpg that was originally created as the larger the format, the better the quality for our needs).
  6. 6.Please send the names and contact information for any other victims who you feel would be good to interview so they can tell their story.

This movie will expose judicial corruption and government corruption in a BIG way.


If you aren’t aware of the crisis of corruption in our courts and in government, please review some of the articles on












William M. Windsor — Office: currently confidential — Fax: 770-578-1057

P.O. Box 681236 — Marietta, GA 30068


Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Georgia


Please join the cause:





I hope people who are sincere about battling corruption will stay away from those with nutty conspiracy theories.

Anyone who feels that their name, address, and phone is confidential information is extremely misguided.  That information is available online from a variety of sources.  The government certainly has all of this information and a whole lot more, including sociual security numbers.

Anyone who doesn’t want to tell their story has no business being in a film project that is for the purpose of telling people’s stories. 

This just in from the very funny Pat Brady:


As it’s conceiver and most ardent supporter I MUST now withdraw my support for the Movie. I have been informed by extremely reliable sources that you have agreed to turn ‘our’ Movie into a huge, covert government trap to collect information on judicial gadflies and target them for retaliation.


One informant reports that you regularly attend Sunday dinners at the home of Judge Jerry W. Baxter. The two of you [and Baxter’s children] have contrived to make this movie so that you can get back the many hundreds of thousands of dollars you CLAIM to have lost in a deeply adversarial court case AND to ensure your upcoming election to the US House of Representatives.


Another source has advised me of your twenty plus [20+] year intimate relationship with former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. In fact, I am being sent recent photographs of you and she frolicking completely NAKED and UNASHAMEDLY at Lover’s Beach, Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Be advised that I intend to immediately forward said photographs to Mike Wallace at 60 minutes who you know once pursued O’Connor’s intimacy but LOST TO YOU as the result of your wicked trickery.

Bill. You were so much my HERO. Say it isn’t so. !!!


William M. Windsor

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