President nObama Interview with Bill Windsor for Lawless America…The Movie


Bill Windsor is traveling to all 50 states by car in an effort to save America with the help of over 750 victims of judicial corruption, law enforcement abuse, and government corruption.

An interview was requested with President Obama, but The White House Press Office emailed to say that President Obama was tied up for the next six months and would not be available.

Much to my surprise, President nObama visited me in Rochester, New York for this exclusive interview

For the record, the movie is absolutely non-partisan, as am I. I am an Independent. I will only support candidates who I feel might be honest. This means, there isn’t an incumbent in Georgia who I will vote for.

My vote for President is a write-in ballot for Don Bailey, an attorney in Pennsylvania who sues judges and screams from the highest rooftop about the corruption. Don was a two-term member of the U.S. Houe of Representatives. The fact that he is a Democrat is meaningless to me. I support Don because he is honest, decent, and brave, and he would make one heckuva President.

I think this nObama interview is funny and has the potential to reach eyeballs and make them aware of OUR fight against corruption. I welcome anyone with a Romney mask or Ron Paul mask to be interviewed. Better yet, I invite all Presidential candidates to be interviewed.

President nObama’s Interview with Bill Windsor for Lawless America…The Movie:


William M. Windsor

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