Pennsylvania Judge convicted for “Kids for Cash” Scheme. Does Atlanta have a Kickback Scheme?


Judges in a “Kids for Cash” Scheme have been Convicted.  An Atlanta Kickback Scheme?  What is going on in our courts?

Scott Hintz thinks that Dennis C. O’Brien could have a vested interest in ensuring that he continues to be “forced” upon Scott as his court-mandated attorney.

Scott’s next hearing is Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 11:30 am before U.S. Magistrate Judge Janet F. King at the following location:

Richard B. Russell Building
20th Floor, Courtroom 2008
75 Spring Street SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Scott encourages you to attend this important hearing.  Scott says you should see some great examples of corruption … unless attorney Dennis C. O’Brien is successful, again, in ensuring no favorable testimony or evidence is allowed into the record.

Scott thanks everyone who expressed outrage about the August 30, 2011 hearing before Judge Clarence Cooper.  As noted in Scott’s filing submitted immediately before the start of the August 30th hearing, attorney Dennis C. O’Brien was expected to make false statements and expected to put on an award-winning one-sided “show” to ensure he continues to be “forced” upon Scott.

Witnesses in court state Dennis C. O’Brien missed his calling as a Hollywood actor.

Why is staying on Scott’s case so important to Dennis C. O’Brien?  Local court rules allow the attorney to act as a “gatekeeper” to the record to decide what does, or does not, get into the record.

Essentially, Scott’s interests are frozen out of his own case.  Who are Dennis C. O’Brien’s friends and associates?  Are they Scott’s adverse parties?

Prior to the hearing, Scott requested the subpoena of favorable witnesses and evidence, and he requested that he be allowed to present evidence into the record of the case in support of his claims against attorney Dennis C. O’Brien.  Judge Clarence Cooper refused to allow Scott to present any of the requested testimony and evidence into the record.  Some of the evidence Scott would have liked to present is now part of a September 1, 2011 filing that Scott says shows Dennis C. O’Brien’s criminal attorney was actually trying to use Scott’s case as a bargaining chip to have criminal charges dropped against Dennis C. O’Brien. 

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