Our First Presidential Candidate has responded with Support for Our Cause!


Charles Harvey, an independent candidate for President of the United States, has responded to my letter asking him to sign our Contract with the Citizens of the United States.

Mr. Harvey recognizes the corruption in the judiciary!

Here is Mr. Harvey’s response….

“You’re a good man William M. Windsor.  May the force be with you to fight the big judicial corrupted dragon.  If I become president, your case will be investigated and I will personally over see the investigation.” Charleds Harvey, May 1, 2011.

For more information, see Charles Harvey for President. Mr. Harvey is campaigning by YouTube videos.

William M. Windsor’s Comments

Needless to say, Mr. Harvey is an unconventional candidate.  I anxiously wait to see if he has returned our Contract.  If he does, he will have my vote until other candidates return the signed Contract.

My view is that a candidate who contractually is accountable to us is infinitely superior to any other candidate.  Platform First Party Second.  The most important consideration for each of us is to vote for those candidates who commit to tell the truth at all times and defend our fundamental rights.

William M. Windsor


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