No Online TV Show Today


Sorry folks, but there will be no Online TV Show today on

I am up to my eyeballs photocopying documents that have to be filed tomorrow.

In addition, my wife of 40 years is preparing for major surgery….


The surgery is in a week, but there are lots of preparations as she will be out of commisison for a month or more.  My number one duty as of Friday will be caregiver.

We have a 3-story house, and she will be confined to the main floor.  Among other things, I have to arrange a bed that she can get in and out of easily.  She won’t be able to lift anything for six weeks.  Lots to do.

On the legal front, I was “detained” at the Fulton County Courthouse this week ostensibly for the use of a cellphone in a public place.  I guess that may be a crime now….

I received a transcript of my October 7, 2011 hearing that I believe was altered to conceal a gross violation of rights to due process.  I have asked for a tape recording of the hearing.

The Supreme Court of Georgia is scheduled to rule within 10 days on whether Judge Jerry W. Baxter can commit every violation of the rules in the book in Kangraoo Court hearings.  The Fulton County Attorney’s response to my Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus was pathetic.

More later.  All the best!


June 19, 1971

William M. Windsor

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