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Networking is ESSENTIAL to Winning the Battle against Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption — READ THIS!!!!

web-events-holidays-800000-halloween - spider web-200w

Networking is ESSENTIAL to winning the battle against judicial corruption and government corruption!

We have a plan and a system that will be successful against corruption.  It’s a proven plan.  It doesn’t cost a cent.

All we need is for YOU to do one simple thing: send one email to me.  That’s it….

Please click RIGHT HERE and send me an email RIGHT NOW.  Clicking will open a pre-addressed and pre-titled email window.  Then simply type your name, address (at least city and state), and telephones.  If you have a website, please share that. 


If you want to add the names of corrupt judges, attorneys, government officialsd, feel free to do so.  I will then have the ability to search my database and find you based upon where you are and who you have had problems with.

I will keep your information confidential unless you agree to let me give it to a reporter or another victim.

I don’t know where most of you live, and I really need to know that to be able to coordinate more effective efforts.

Spectacular Success from Georgia Network

I have a good database of people in the Atlanta area.  I have them in a “Georgia Group” in my email program.  It takes me five seconds to address an email to all 50+ people on that list.

In the last 48 hours, I have sent two emails asking anyone who has information about Judge Gail Tusan or Judge Alan Baverman or Judge Clarence Cooper to contact me because mainstream television news investigative reporters requested information.

In both cases, I received three emails within an hour with information that should help move these reporters to stories.  One of the reporters emailed me and said WOW!  He headed straight to the courthouse to do some research.

We are making tremendous progress in this battle to save America.

How this will help You

This can help you in a number of ways.  If I am contacted my someone in the media or a victim looking into one of your corrupt officials, I can connect you.  When the Lawless America Movie production comes to your state, I will be able to notify you.  When we have legislation to be introduced for judicial reform in your state, you will be notified.  In short, anything that pertains just to you and your state can be pinpointed to you.

Please send me your information.

And if you haven’t signed the Petition stating that you support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, please do so!



William M. Windsor

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