Murder of Judicial Corruption Activist Sunny Sheu


The Death of Sun Ming Sheu: A Government Sponsored Assassination?

On June 26, 2010, on a secluded street in Flushing, NY, Queens resident Sunny Sheu was found mortally wounded and taken to New York Hospital of Queens, where he died shortly after. The NY Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be “blunt force trauma to head with skull fractures and brain injuries” and that the manner of death is “undetermined,” requiring a criminal investigation.
Two months prior, Mr. Sheu made a video stating that if he were harmed, it would be at the hands of NY State Supreme Court Judge Golia “and his men” — referring to two Queens District Attorney Detectives who had detained him and allegedly threatened his life.

The Underlying Mortgage Fraud Case

For ten years, Mr. Sheu had been fighting a mortgage fraud case, which threatened his home ownership. Mr. Sheu claimed he had been denied due process by Judge Golia, whom he believed was in league with the fraudsters. For more details, see the Back Star News series “Junk Justice.

Sheu Asks the FBI For Witness Protection after Kidnapping by NYPD

In an April 9, 2010 email to Special Supervising Agent Rachel Rojas of the New York FBI, Mr. Sheu told Rojas that he had been kidnapped (second degree) by two Queens DA detectives, who warned him that if he went to the media about his mortgage case or filed complaints against Judge Golia he would be killed. Queens DA spokesperson Kevin Ryan confirmed Sheu’s detention on that date. At the end of the email, Sheu begs Agent Rojas for witness Protection. Rojas’ reply: “Be careful”.

Sheu Investigates Golia’s Finances

On 11/6/2009, Sheu filed a complaint of financial disclosure fraud against Judge Golia with the Ethics Commission of the NY Office of Court Administration.
On June 23, 2010, Sunny announced that he had acquired sufficient evidence to prove that Judge Golia had made fraudulent filings on his financial disclosure forms – which is a felony- including non-disclosure of real estate properties worth millions of dollars, like the  Breezy Point beach house he did not declare.

Sunny Sheu is Killed

Three days later, Sheu was found on the street in Flushing, NY, with head trauma and in a coma.  He was taken to New York Hospital of Queens by EMS, where he died at 8:15 PM. 
The New York Hospital of Queens ER Doctor Lies About Cause of Death

Zeeshan Ahmed, the ER doctor attending Sunny, LIED about the cause of death, saying there was “not a scratch on his head”, but  The Medical Examiner’s report confirms that Sheu died from “blunt force trauma to head with skull fractures and brain injuries” and that the manner of death is “undetermined”. Under NY State law “Undetermined” require an investigation.

No Investigation by NYPD – Coordinated Cover-up

There has been no investigation into the death of Mr. Sheu to date.
Rather, the response of the NYPD to Mr. Sheu’s death indicates a coordinated effort  to obfuscate and cover up the circumstances of his death.  Specifically; the 109th precinct:
– dispatched personnel to the New York Hospital of Queens to “identify” Sheu’s body and transfer the body from the hospital to the Medical Examiner for immediate autopsy, at 5:00 AM on Sunday, June 27th, just hours after Sheu’s death, and before the body could be identified by his next of kin,.
– stated that the cause of death was an “aneurysm” with “no head trauma” and that the manner of death was “natural” - statements contradictory to the Medical Examiner’s report.
– sent a memo to the Chief Medical Examiner trying to skew the determination, stating: “the [109th homicide] squad is holding this case as an accident with no criminality”. If there was no criminality, why was the body removed from the hospital hours after Sheu’s death?
– claimed that they interviewed a “witness” who saw Sheu collapse and strike his head, but have denied FOIL requests for the identity of the witness or the 911 call. No witness has ever been identified.
– refused to comply with any of the FOIL requests filed by The Black Star News on December 2, 2010. In abject violation of New York State law.
The ME has confirmed that Sheu’s body was cremated shortly after his autopsy, by a party purported to be the executor of Sheu’s estate, but entirely unfamiliar to the friends and colleagues of Mr. Sheu.

No Response from NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly
On May 89, 2011, the Black Star News sent a certified letter to Commission Kelly, requesting an investigation and a response to FOIL requests. Receipt was confirmed, but Kelly has not responded.
Golia’s alleged links to the Russian Mafia
An affidavit posted to the web by a Russian immigrant in 2010 alleges connections between Judge Golia and the Russian Mafia. A chilling document containing much truth.


The New York Hospital, trying to cover up the false statements of Dr. Ahmed regarding the cause of death are now claiming that he has NEVER WORKED there!, though he did and DOES to this day, as an ER Resident.

The facts comprise compelling evidence that there is a cover up of the death of Sheu, including an effort to skew the ME’s report and prematurely dispose of the body. At the very least, the NYPD’s refusal to investigate an “Undetermined” death, and their violation of FOIL laws, make this story of critical to all Americans. If a resident of the United States, can be threatened by a government entity, ignored by authorities and media, and killed without investigation, we are all in grave jeopardy.

Read the full story (part1) at the Black Star News.


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