Michigan Judge Karen Khalil sends man to jail for 30 days for remaining silent when seated in the courtroom – Retaliation?


Michigan Judge Karen Khalil sends man to jail for 30 days for remaining silent when seated in the courtroom.

The man refused to give his name, but he is one of the “founders” of

Judge Karen Khalil is a corrupt judge who must be removed from office, indicted, arrested, convicted, imprisoned, disgraced, and impeached.

On June 8, 2012 A Novi, Michigan man was ordered by Judge Karen Kahlil of Michigan’s 17th District Court to spend up to 30 days in jail for refusing to disclose his name.  While sitting quietly observing a friend’s property rights case, Judge Karen Kahlil demanded he stand and disclose his name.

Other witnesses were shocked when the judge ordered him arrested for refusing to disclose his name.

He was cited with contempt, handcuffed, and hauled off to the Redford Police jail and later transferred to a Midland County jail.  He, along with four other court observers were ordered to stand and give their names, but only the Novi man was arrested and jailed.

Prior to Friday’s arrest, the Novi man had a criminal complaint, judicial misconduct, malfeasance of office, and deprivation of rights charges filed against Judge Karen Kahlil, and it is suspected that she was using her authority in retaliation for his legal action against her.  He has commenced a hunger strike.

The courtwatchers witnessed the court officials assault the Novi man.  When one of the courtwatchers attempted to leave the room, he was detained against his will.  The court officers used threat and intimidation to hold the entire body of courtwatchers hostage.

Judge Karen Kahlil, in an uncontrollable rage, began to call out, “We got a group of Moors in here!”  She continued her comments toward the courtwatchers “Are you a part of that group?  Who here is a part of that group the Moors group?”

The actions of Judge Karen Khalil are worse than outrageous.  She is a criminal who must be removed from office, idicted, convicted, and imprisoned for what she has done in this and other cases.  Judge Karen Khalil is a corrupt judge.

The victim in this matter will be part of the movie, LawlessAmerica.

William M. Windsor

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