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Michigan family court Judge Kevin Cronin gets his own Music Video

michigan-grand-rapids-judge-kevin-cronyn-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-27 105-200w

Judge Kevin Cronin of Alegan County, Michigan is the latest recipient of a music video produced, directed, and performed by infamous judicial lampooner, Kevin Patrick Brady

Judge Kevin Cronin is perhaps best-known for giving custody of children to a man who broke his wife’s back and killed her. 

Other notable misdeeds of Judge Kevin Cronin include ordering $1,300 per month in child support to be paid by the disabled woman and sentencing her to jail six times due to her inability to pay.



Bill Windsor of Lawless America…The Movie shared a stage with family court Judge Kevin Cronin on July 27, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and here’s a video that should be loved by everyone ever victimized in a court.

Judge Kevin Cronin says in the video that he didn’t know who Bill Windsor was, despite the fact that I introduced myself to him and shook hands with him an hour before. When I met him, I told him I had heard absolutely horrible things about him. He knew who I was. He lied about even that.

Judge Kevin Cronin agreed to speak at an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 27, 2012. Bill Windsor took his film camera and went to the podium to ask questions of Judge Kevin Cronin. I told Judge Kevin Cronin that he will be one of the stars of Lawless America…The Movie.

In my opinion, this Judge Kevin Cronin is as bad a judge as we have in America. When you see the video of the woman who died because of the abuse of her ex-husband and Judge Kevin Cronin, you will croak. She was revived, but the abuse by this family court judge is off the Richter Scale.  This woman had her back broken and more

by her ex, yet Judge Kevin Cronin took her children away, jailed her for buying a pack of cigarettes, and ordered her to pay $1,300 per month in child support when she is disabled and has $72 a month in total income.  When she couldn’t pay, he jailed her…again and again and again. 

Lawless America…The Movie is a documentary film exposing government corruption and judicial corruption in a 143-day road trip to all 50 states.  Over 1,200 victims are being filmed.

I will have a TalkShoe Show on Sunday at 10 pm Eastern Time, so tune in. 

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