Lawless America…The Movie will include Diane Booth — Learn how the U.S. Government Kidnaps Children and puts Mothers in Jail


Lawless America…The Movie will include Diane Booth — learn how the U.S. Government Kidnaps Children and puts Mothers in Jail

A real horror story, a nightmare for every sane mother.

How Diane Booth and her son, Vincent Booth, are being terrorized by the U.S. government; the mother physically abused by police, incarcerated for four months, while her son disappeared in the immense dept of the US Gulags for kids to be drugged with mind destroying drugs, thereby also being robbed of his physical health.

This tragic story is taken from the documentary “The Drugging of Our Children,” in which the parts of it were scattered amongst a variety of other shocking stories regarding the combined terror of the U.S. government, the pharma-mafia and the medical establishment, as has been unleashed on powerless American families gifted with children which are not easily converted into perfect little “bricks in the wall.” 


These kids are quite often intelligent, talented, and/or gifted with qualities that force other people to think, and to question the physical and social environment they themselves have been entrapped in. Many of these kids especially posses the qualities that are needed by societies to evolve, to improve our living, as well for the children of today as for the generations to come.  Most of these kids are now being drugged into easy-to-handle zombies, be it potentially gifted with a built in time bomb implying severe depression, psychosis, a sudden outburst of extreme violence, and as is well known, suicide.  Or, as has happened already too often, a combination of the latter two.

This drama is not taking place in the USSR, not in China, not in North Korea, and not in Myanmar.  No, this is the USA of today, and we must expose this and put an end to it.

See and hear Diane Booth in Lawless America…The Movie.

William M. Windsor

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