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Lawless America…The Movie – Hawaii: 50th State reached on Day 211 of Movie Road Trip

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Sleepless in Honolulu, capital of Hawaii.  I am alive and well after a five hour delay at the Seattle airport while the windshield of the airplane was replaced.

On January 10, 2013, Lawless America…The Movie will continue its filming of victims of government and judicial corruption in Honolulu, followed by Maui on January 12.  

Filming is being done at secret locations for security reasons, so you must email Nobodies@att.net to request to be filmed.

The windshield on the airplane broke. This is the second flight of the trip and the second four to five hour delay for repair.
It’s 4:00 am Hawaii Time as I write this update.  I did sleep on the flight, but I am just blitzed.  I need to be up and setting up equioment by 9:00 am.

I will never again rent a car without a GPS. I spent much of my time lost while driving in Washington.  The GPS makes it so simple.  It took me three gas stations and one wrong courthouse asking for directions before I finally got to Irene Holmes and Tim Kittleson’s hearing this morning in Olympia.  If you haven’t watched the video of Irene, I encourage you to do so.  Judge Christine Pomeroy of Thurston Countu Washington has already allowed her four blonde-haired blue-eyes children to be put into foster care; now she is posied to terminate their parental rights because they have a slight learning disability.

I was decidedly not well the morning of January 9 after observing two hours of the hearing on termination of parental rights of Irene Holmes and Tim Kittleson.  It was one of the most ridiculous, frustrating experiences of my life to sit there.  A so-called social worker named Mr. Pettit gave testimony on why the parental rights should be terminated.  He said it was because one child sprayed another with a water gun; one child was climbing on a couch; and sometimes the children are seen overeating.  Then a woman who claimed to be a psychologist or some such thing with a masters made no sense at all when she talked about the anger the eldest child showed after being moved from foster home to foster home.  She gave no explanation as to how this relates to termination of parental rights.

The attorneys for Irene and Tim were nice, but I would have been asking what in the world any of this has to do with terminating parental rights.  I was pleased to learn that the video I shot of Irene will be played for the court. Also go to www.YouTube.com and see her sing one of the songs she wrote for her children.


Judge Christine Pomeroy has already long since taken four children from these sweet folks, so it does not look good.  Their only “offense” is that they have a slight learning disability.

We must get the government out of the parenting and child business.

I love Irene and Tim, and my heart breaks for what they have endured and are continuing to deal with.

I have told everyone who I have come in contact with today about Irene and Tim’s situation, and mouths opened in disbelief.

I was so proud to be part of the packed courtroom today.  The gallery was pretty full with about a dozen of the people who were at the filming.  And you better believe that sent a message to the judge.  I spoke to the “prosecutor” out in the hall.  I told him he should be ashamed of himself and that he should find another job.  I also assured him he will be a star in the movie.  He acknowledged watching the videos that I posted.  I had called the judge’s clerk to ask permission to film, but I was not extended the courtesy of a call back.  I’m sure the judge knew who I was when I walked in wearing my Lawless America cap.

Folks, I have 50,000+ emails and many hundreds (if not thousands) of voice mail messages.  Please do not take it personally when I don’t respond.  It is way past out of control.  I keep trying to get work organized for volunteers, but we haven’t made much progress.  Lawless America badly needs a full-time employee to direct traffic.  Please don’t be upset with us if you haven’t gotten a response.  We will ultimately get to everyone, get everyone filmed, etc.

I am also continuing to be completely exhausted after almost 7 months of this, 16-hours-a-day.  I rally for the filming, but then it’s hard for me to have the energy to accomplish what I usually would be able to do.

If you aren’t aware, there are at least two hate groups attempting to interfere with Lawless America.  They are the American Mothers Political Party and We the People Family Preservation Rally (WTP FPR).  I am filing criminal and civil charges against the first and civil charges against he second.  There are a lot of sick people in this world, and a number of them are associated with these groups.

We have added over 2,000 “followers” on www.facebook.com/lawlessamerica in the last 48 hours, so let’s keep it up.  Ask your friends to “follow” (new term Facebook is using).


It’s the Lawless America Revolution.

Additional filming will be done in Atlanta on January 23, 2013 after I return from Hawaii by way of Los Angeles and Missoula Montana.

For the latest updates, see www.facebook.com/lawlessamerica

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The Basics

Lawless America…The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America.  We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do.  America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state.  The Movie will focus on victims.  Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true.  In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realized what happened to them.

One feature length documentary movie is being produced.  It will be shown in theaters, on Netflix, Blockbuster, and other such video places, and the movie will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals. 

In addition, videos will be produced for each state and for each type of corruptionEveryone who is interviewed for the film will record a three-minute segment that will be done as testimony before Congress as well as a 30-60 minute on-camera interview with Bill Windsor, founder of LawlessAmerica.com and GRIP, and a recent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.  The legislators in each state will receive the testimony from those in their state, and the members of the U.S. House and Senate will receive all of the testimony nationwide. 

Over 2,000 people are already scheduled to be interviewed for the movie.  We will continue to accept as many requests as possible.  

The 50-state road trip is planned to take 173 days.  Here is the itinerary for Lawless America…the MovieThe road trip starts in Atlanta and heads North and travels counterclockwise around the country.  Upon the return to Atlanta, Bill Windsor will fly to Hawaii and Alaska and will spend one day in Olympia Washington and Portland Oregon 

All filming will be done either at the State Capitol, at a courthouse in the state capital, in a meeting room near the Capitol, or at a nearby hotel.  For those who are unable to travel to the capital, you can still appear in the videos by recording your own video or by being interviewed on camera by Bill Windsor using a webcam and Skype.  Webcams are available on loan to those who need one for their interview.

It is our plan that this movie can educate many, many people about the reality that America is broken.  We will expose many corrupt judges and government officials.  We hope to generate a lot of publicity about corruption that the mainstream media usually hides from the public. 

We will deliver proposed judicial reform legislation to the governor and legislators at each state Capitol. 

We will make room in the film schedule for anyone with a great story of corruption.  Email bill@lawlessamerica.com. 

Lawless America…The Movie: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How 

We need Volunteers to HELP with the Movie 

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 William M. Windsor

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