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Lawless America…The Movie launched a fundraising campaign on KickStarter on May 1, 2012.

A number of very interesting comments have been posted on KickStarter…


Hello, I hope you will allow me to share our story, I just want as many people as possible to know about this awful hate crime committed by the authorites (tribal/state/federal) against 4 innocent men and 11 children, the abducted the children and set 4 loving family men up on child abuse charges, fixed them a jury of white farmers and threw away the keys! that was 18 years ago!! The government, judge and authorities continue to ignore the children, now young adults. Thank you for your time and please share the story, ACLU and Lakota peoples law project are aware BUT who will fight for these people, these families? Thank you Bill Windsor & Team, Thank you ‘LAWLESS AMERICA’ , Mitakuye oyasin – All are related!

Sally Borghese
Until it jumped up and slapped me in the face…….I would never have believed that such evil existed within our judiciary and government. Most people will not believe the stories that are told by those that have been abused by government……..that is until government comes along and does it to them or their children…….and it is happening more and more every day!

My granddaughter was legally kidnapped by the family court and sold into adoption. Abuse or neglect were never even mentioned against me. I had been given the care and custody of my granddaughter by my daughter, who was ill. I had my granddaughter from birth until she was taken at the age of five. Frivolous reasons were used in the courtroom against me. Accusations such as, one day I had offered my granddaughter a cookie to quickly finish eating her lunch. I was told the State of Michigan would not allow that, as it was bad parenting.
In trying to get my grandchild returned, Michigan authorities violated my civil rights by saying that I was too old to care for my granddaughter. I also asked for a case investigation by the Michigan Children’s Ombudsman. This office did cite the Child Protection Service agency for several violations in the removal of my granddaughter from me. They also found no reason against me that my grandchild should have been removed.

Yet, there is nowhere to go to get help to do something about this injustice. I have been to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Michigan. I have filed several cases in other state and federal courts. I had a precious, beautiful granddaughter who dearly loved her life and family. She was extremely happy. I have letters of recommendation from professionals who knew her and were involved in her life.

None of that made any difference. When the judiciary decides to take a child, and they take thousands from loving families each year across this nation, there is not much that those providing the care of children can do. Webs of lies are woven about the caregivers to gain access to the children removed.

This is all done for the federal funding to the states. It is billions of dollars each year from Social Security Title IV.

DeLoyd Scott

Hello everyone,

At my own expense and not asking anyone for a dime I have been broadcasting to the people of Coeur d’Alene Idaho on frequency FM 100.5 the Republic Broadcasting Network. I have done this for over four years now in an attempt to educate the people of the corruption in the city, county, state, and country government that harms us all everyday. I am one of the 750 nobody’s that have had crimes committed against us and are trying to tell the people this mess has to be cleaned up. I am asking you now for your financial support to help us produce a movie that shows the kind of corruption that is running wild in our court system today. The cops abuse people on a daily basis and then the judges put the abused in jail or prison. You could be next or it could be your child, or your grandchild, or your grandmother could be tazed or shot on the side of a highway.

As most of you know on May 15, 2008 because I knew and asserted my rights I was tased seven times by the Coeur d’Alene Police Department in an attempt to force me to give up my right to remain silent when being investigated for an undisclosed crime. You know I have spent many days and nights studying law and the courts in an attempt to protect myself from spending the rest of my life in prison.

After successfully defending myself against those trumped up charges I filed a lawsuit against the City of Coeur d’Alene and their Police Department.

On March 1, 2010 just over a month before their trial started the Coeur d’Alene Police came to my house with approximately eight of them maybe more, pulled guns on me even a sharpshooter down the street with an automatic assault rifle and stole two of my HVAC & R service trucks and a Classic 1967 Chevy pickup that I had been restoring for over 12 years. They also placed a parking ticket on my third service truck claiming it has to be moved every day.

On March 3, 2010 they returned only this time most of the cops were hiding in the alleys with a sharpshooter crouched down with a rifle pointed at me so I could not see the force that they had brought against me hoping that I would do something that would allow them to put a bullet in my head or cause me to fight with police so that they could use that against me in their upcoming trial. They even had their own plain clothes videographer to record the event. They stationed a fire truck and an ambulance in the grocery store parking lot a block away from my house with lights flashing. This time they took an HVAC & R service truck, a car hauling trailer that was attached to it, and a pickup truck was on the car hauling trailer.

I went to the police station on March 17, 2010 in an attempt to get my property back and was sitting in the lobby waiting for my 10:00 appointment when a uniformed officer walked in the front door and demanded that I produce a driver’s license. I was issued a ticket for failure to purchase a driver’s license. In this kangaroo proceeding the cop that ordered his subordinate to issue me a ticket, refused to take the photographic and video evidence that proved my property was taken illegally. They told me if I attempted to take my property off their parking lot that it would be impounded and I would be taken to jail. I had to send a wrecker down to the police station to have my pickup transported home. The property that was stolen on March 1st 2010 and March 3rd 2010 still has not been returned to me.

I set up an appointment with the attorney who was handling the lawsuit against the city and he refused to use the evidence I had of them stealing my property and harassing and intimidating a federal witness in a case against them in an attempt to get me to do something they could use against me in court. In the trial he failed to make certain that the evidence was presented to the jury and then worked with the defense attorney and others to tamper with the jury.

Judge Lodge, the same judge that allowed the murderer of Vicki Weaver to walk free also allowed the city of Coeur d’Alene Police Department to get away with their crimes against me.

I know that everybody is asking for a donation for this and for that. Money is tight for everyone and I don’t ask for myself. I ask for all those who will be helped by the production of this movie. I would not ask if I did not think that this was an important endeavor. Please click on the link and donate what you can and then pass this to everyone that you know. It is important for everybody that this information gets to all Americans. In advance I thank you very much.

DeLoyd Scott

aliana B.E. von Richthofen

To reveal the systemic corruption that has infested our government, invaded the legislature and disgraced the courts is a labor of love that strives to restore the dignity of our Constitution.

4brycesbattle- Bryce-Seton Vandergrift

My Minor Son Is In A Texas Prison. Scheduled to be transfedred over to NOTORIOUS ADULT UNIT on his 18th birthday. SEPTEMBER 09 2012 !!!
Eculpatory Evidence Withheld in states murder case against 15 yr old Bryce.
NOT GUILTY-NOT CULPATORY. Arrested 12-31-2009, DOB 09-09-1994.
Original Case 2010-JUV-003-22a SID 943202. Police Report 90979792.
DOCKET A 12533. New SID 08508535-TDC 01-66-1857. Please help Bryce and me.
Bryce’s Mother – ms. d m m pelletier, aka 4brycesbattle

Michelle Chrstensen-4-LawlessAmerica

Michelle-4-Lawless America.

I speak not only for myself as knowing of many who have fallen victim under fraud and judicial or government corruption and our children who have also fallen victim as losing their lives due to the fraud within our legal system. As it’s a nightmare from hell.

I am also a victim to fraud, perjury, insurance fraud, medical fraud, theft, and intrinsic and extrinsic fraud. My life was also threaten not to say anything as knowing what I knew as them falsifying my medical records and knowing they were falsifying other patents records while under a doctors care. I also came close to losing my life, after that doctors threat was put to me not to say anything. The insurance carriers also knew of this threat along with the attorneys involved in my case.

Imagine yourself looking ahead for wanting a nice home and wanting your child or children to have a nice home and saving for that life as working hard everyday and you buy a home thinking your giving that home perhaps to your child to have when your long gone. But then you get hurt, and know longer can work. Your in server pain, pain you have no idea how bad unless you have been there in those shoes. Then you come close to losing your life, due to a doctor treating you. And then the insurance company on top of all that defrauds you out of funds pertaining to what you should have received as getting hurt. As the attorneys and the insurance companies make false claims as committing forgeries under your name and a judge goes along with it as they commit perjury in court going on hearsay rather then on facts and on true evidence pertaining to your case under the law.

Then years later you lose your home as defrauding you out of more funds on a false claim as only giving you a income of $800.00 a month to live on. Ask yourself, who can live on that? When you have a home, a car, and food to pay for. Not counting for clothes and other things we need just to live. This is the system that our government is addressing and the agencies who work under them who work for the government and pay for government programs and along with attorneys and judges who work under them. This is why we don’t vote for layers to be in office. As it’s a conflict of interest and it’s against our constitution as handling two branches of government at the same time. As it states in our Federalist Papers too. NO one person can address two branches of government at the same time. As its a conflict of interest and is against the Constitution. As our laws tell us, ignorance is no accuse. And our common laws as our Gods laws too.

I pray in Gods name, that we can turn America back around and make our voices heard as we cry out to the people who are also blind to the truth as telling them what is truly going on in America. As how they are being fooled by are own government and judicial system as people losing their lives and being hurt as hearing our stories. I know God is using Bill Windsor to bring us together as fighting this corruption within all 50 states as we unite as one under him.


Michelle Christensen

SocialSweet Spot

Back in 2004, I filed for divorce from my children’s father. I filed because my children, then 3 and 2, were telling me things their father was doing to them that are to horrible to even mention here. The father, when confronted, went into a rage, and then vowed to pay for and take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. HE FAILED ALL THE QUESTIONS, and I left him at the lie detector office and changed the locks on the door of my home.

He busted down the screen next to my daughters high chair, threatened to smash me in the face while I was on the phone with the police, and then ran and got his laptop and left.

After the lie detector test, he was advised to go see a therapist to help him with his issues. In that evaluators office, the father took another test. In that test, he admitted to sex with animals, men, and hookers. He admitted to molesting his niece when he was 12 and she was 6 months old. ALL this information was submitted into the divorce court.

The father received monitored visits for 4 years while we dredged through the horrid and corrupt money-making divorce court system. After 4 years, the father was given unmonitored overnight visits.

The sexual abuse of my daughter started immediately, and I reported it to CPS.  The next time in divorce court, I was told that I was NEVER allowed to report abuse again on my children or any other child, and that my children we being taken away from me, and full legal and physical custody was being given to the father and stepmother.  I was given monitored visits because somehow I had become a threat to my children’s lives because I reported the abuse the children told me their father does to them.

I was “sued” in divorce court (which is NOT legal) and ordered to pay the father and his lawyer over $75K.  Even though I have court ordered monitored visit with my children weekly, the father has not brought them to see me for over a year and half worth of visits in the last three years.

I have been bankrupted by Divorce Court, my children have been taken away from me, and I rarely get to see them (and must pay a monitor $100 when I do).  My civil rights to parent my children have been violated – ALL because a judge in divorce court has NO checks and balances, DOES NOT have to follow any law, and basically gets to play GOD with no recourse against them.  These Divorce court judges handed my children over to a Pedophile and gave the pedophile full power to do what ever he wants to me and my children and there is nothing I can do about it.

If that is not corruption, what is?

[let me disuade all thoughts you might have as to why the actions of the court were justified – I do not and never have done drugs, I am not an alcoholic, I have never gone to jail, I am not diagnosed with any mental disorder – I say these things because often mothers like me are often accused of such things)

Bill Scheidler 

Mr. Windsor, I am happy to contribute to this effort and am honored to be one of the ‘nobodies’ who’s story will be told.

While my story is like so many others, my message is, hopefully, intended to address the “reasons” for this corruption and ways to ‘fix it’.  At the vortex of all judicial corruption is a lack of ‘citizen oversight’.  Judges, lawyers, the courts…. all enjoy a unique privilege — they are not subject to citizen oversight.  Lawyers, unlike any other profession, get to decide for themselves the meaning of the laws that apply to them. 

Whether the “lawyer” is a county judge or Supreme Court Justice, they are all attorneys! And attorneys/judges belong to the same ‘club’, which is the Bar associations.  It is in this “cozy” community of lawyers, who answer only to other lawyers, that allow them to behave as they do.

This film needs to be funded!!

Citizens NEED to understand the insidious nature of a free-to-do-what-I-want legal profession that enjoys a privilege in having NO CITIZEN oversight.  Please help FUND this effort.

Bill Scheidler founder of

Allie Overstreet

God bless America, were sure need it. My nightmare with corrupt government isn’t over yet. Hopefully, this movie will open some eyes.

Mine were opened when my daughter daughter was stolen from me, and I witnessed our government Childrens Division, police, fabricate evidence , omit positive evidence , even outright falsify documents, to make sure they win.  Notice, I say win, not won.  It’s not over yet.  I’ll try to stop them until my dying breath.  Thanks Lawless America, for trying to stop them, too.


Dear Bill and All Who are a Part of Lawless America,

God Bless YOU Bill and everyone who wants to END the Corruption that has taken OUR lives and DESTROYED US and OUR Families.  Each one of US should be so PROUD to be a part of HISTORY in the making of The LAWLESS AMERICA MOVIE!!!!

I won’t bore each one of YOU with my Stories, but the Corruption in Our Government, Courts, Judges, Attorneys, GALS, CPS, DCF, etc…HAS TO END!!!!!  We need to Stand Strong and Forge ahead for a Brighter Future for ALL.

I’m so BLESSED to be a Part of a Group of Courageous Parents who want CHANGE….


Gloria4Lawless America!!!!

Dale Trowbridge


You had sent me an email stating There aren’t adequate words to express my appreciation for your donation to Lawless America…The Movie. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

I replied that no thanks were needed and repeated your words back to you; THERE AREN’T ADEQUATE WORDS TO EXPRESS MY APPRECIATION. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


Kyung Trotter

I am a prime example of Grandparent’s Rights gone wrong.  The paternal grandparents in my case have been able to separate me from my child for eight years now all due to their intervention into my divorce.  Most people believe that Grandparents’ Rights can’t trump the constitutional rights of a parent or that the parent’s interest in their children come first, but this just isn’t true.  The paternal grandparents in my case were actually successful with removing my child from my home and getting sole custody- even though I was found fit and loving.

Grandparents’ Rights may have started out years ago as a way for loving grandparents to stay active in the lives of their grandchildren, but over the years they has evolved into something much more sinister- a way to deny fit mothers due process rights and making it ten times more difficult for a fit mother to gain custody of their children.  It is now simply a legal way for a father to team up with his parents against the mother in child custody and divorce cases.  Grandparents’ Rights state statutes claim to be in the best interest of the child, but it wasn’t in my child’s best interest to eliminate me out of her life.  I believe that these unconstitutional state statutes, in direct violation of the 14th Amendment, are not for the best of the child, but to place the grandparents’ best interest before the parents. 

Best interest statutes claim their constitutional validity with the child’s constitutional rights to protect his or her person.  Well, I too have a right to protect my person the emotional devastation of losing my child for nothing.  I too have a right to protect my person from an attack by a third party when I’m trying to secure my constitutional rights to my child in a child custody case or a divorce.  These so-called “rights” of grandparents are in need of immediate reform.  For starters, no third party should be able to intrude into a divorce or child custody hearing and impede any parent from securing his or her constitutional rights to his or her children.  Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000) states that a third party may not file a separate action or any action where the family unit is still intact.  Well, the family unit will still be broken up after a divorce and after custody is settled between PARENTS- SO THEY CAN WAIT UNTIL THEN.  Anything other than that is just a way to exercise unfair and in my case, corrupt, judicial practices.

barbara biggs

I’m an Australian living in Australia and I have been appalled by the films I have seen lately and three radio programs i heard on This American Life (You should let them know what you’re doing since they’re not afraid to criticise the system – NPR radio.)

The fat cat stock brokers’ bonuses and the laws you guys have over there, made by the very people who stand to benefit from them . What happened with your housing mortgages being packaged and sold off to unsuspecting pension funds etc is an absolute disgrace. This was allowed because Alan Greenspan deregulated the industry and said they could regulate themselves. Clearly they cannot. When Obama tried to fix the problem, reinstating the old laws or something similar, politicians stopped him – the very people who represented interests of the money marketeers who made millions and billions of dollars on the back of these toxic financial products.

British and American tax payers are now paying the price, while those who made so much money in commissions for packaging up these toxic mortgages, and CEO’s who were paid on the basis of how many of these their firms could produce, rather than how many were successful, are still living in their million dollar houses.

I’m a former finance journalist and I watch from the side lines appalled at the depths to which American morality and ethics has fallen.

Good on you for trying to do something about it!


We have 34 days to raise $47,500, or we get nothing with KickStarter.  We NEED your help.  It’s not looking good, so we need to kick it into a hgher gear.  (We have received about $2,000 in checks that isn’t counted here.)

 Please go to our project page on KickStarter, and do the following:

  • Login to Facebook and click the LIKE Button.  VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Click on Comments, and add a comment supporting the movie and/or telling your story of why this is important.
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Now, send a link to this to everyone you know.  Post it on every Facebook page and website page that you frequent.  post it in chat rooms.  Post it everywhere.  We have to get wide publicity to try to raise some money so we can hire two professional film people and handle important things like gas and an occasional meal.

Here’s the KickStarter link:

One start-up raised $8 million in just a few weeks.

William M. Windsor

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