Latest from Bill Windsor – Death Threats, Grand Jury, Suing Judges, and More


I have been unavailable for several days, so I thought a general update was in order.

I’m still alive.

I’m worried about the Grand Jury, so I am moving into action again.

There is real progress on my lawsuit against seven judges and nine judicial employees in Fulton County Georgia. 

And much more….

Death Threat

The good news is that I am still alive.  The bad news is that FBI Agent Harry Hammick has not called me back to meet with me as he told me he would.  So, I will call him. 

Many have advised me to buy a gun, but I won’t.  If I have a gun, I believe it will give the government an excuse to call me a terrorist or some other lie.

I have requested police protection whenever I have to go to a courthouse or government building.  Federal Judge William S. Duffey, one of the judges I am suing, denied my request.  I have now asked Fulton County Judge Cynthia Wright.

Grand Jury

I still haven’t heard from the Fulton County Grand Jury.  So, I will go to the Grand Jury meeting area every day with a sign asking to speak to the Grand Jury.  I’ll sit in the public lobby with my sign.  I am also sending certified letters return receipt addressed to each of the grand jurors.  I am requiring that each grand juror sign personally for their letters, so I will capture their names.

I do not yet know if the District Attorney’s Office or the Sheriff’s Office interfered with the confidential information that I sent to the Grand Jury.  I will subpoena the grand jurors for depositions if necessary.

Suing the Judges and Court Clerks

My lawsuits in Fulton County Court are moving forward.  I received an email from the legal assistant to Judge Cynthia D. Wright advising me that the judge will schedule a hearing on my preliminary injunction request as soon as all parties have been served and have answered.  This alone is encouraging because the corrupt federal judges have never even required that the corrupt defendants file an answer!

I have filed a motion for a temporary restraining order hearing.  I have also filed a motion seeking permisison to begin discovery in 10 days so I have the ability to obtain needed information before the preliminary injunction hearing.  The response to those motions will be another good indicator.

I have begun to draft my discovery requests.  This lawsuit will enable me to seek all types of information that has heretofore been hidden from anyone and everyone.  I will publish my interrogatories and document production requests here for all to see because they should give a lot of ideas to anyone else taking legal action against judicial corruption.

Contracts with Citizens of the United States

A second presidential candidate has signed the Contract pledging to tell the truth and protect our fundamental rights.  We need to gear up volunteers and an effort to distribute these Contracts to every candidate all across the country.

Frustration over Inability to get People to Actually Do Something

I am absolutely flabbergasted that efforts to get organizations, websites, bloggers, and victims of corruption to combine efforts in the simplest of ways.  I am absolutely convinced that the only way for any of us to accomplish much is if we combine forces in simple ways.  I am open for any and all suggestions.

If my lawsuit against the judges and my effort to get the Grand Jury to indict the judges are successful, that might give us the publicity that would help pull people together.  If a presidential candidate would get behind our honesty and fundamental rights platform, we could have it made. 

While my interest is greater in helping everyone, it appears that pursuing my personal efforts currently offers the best potential for all others.  I will continue to see if we can get a key group of leaders together to team up.  Many have tried and failed.

Phil Stimac and Joseph Zernik have very worthwhile legal efforts developed that I will be participating in.  I’ll share more on those once I know more.

Folks, our government is corrupt.  Our judicial system is worse than corrupt.  We need to do something.  We must get our fellow Americans to insist on honesty and our fundamental rights.  Sadly, it seems the vast majority of people do not care.  How sickening!

William M. Windsor

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