Judicial and Government Corruption Meeting Scheduled for Atlanta – July 15, 2011


On July 15, 2011, a meeting of folks concerned with government and judicial corruptuion will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

The festivities will begin at 10:00 am in Courtoom 1705 of the Richard B. Russell Federal Building in Atlanta.

William M. Windsor will host the meeting unless he is sent to jail by corrupt Judge William S. Duffey…

We have been talking about having a meeting for months.  Well, let’s have one.  I have chosen the date as the date of a hearing in which Judge William S. Duffey will demonstrate just how corrupt he is for all in attendance.  I have arranged for a news crew to be there, and I have filed a motion asking if the news crew can videotape the hearing.

The hearing should be over by noon, and if I am not in jail, we will adjourn to a nearby restaurant for lunch, time to get to know each other face to face, and an open discusison about what we can try to accomplish.

If I am in jail, I will have arranged an alternate to host the meeting and buy lunch for all in attendance.

At the hearing, you will likely see me denied the Constitutional right to call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, or submit evidence into the record.  You will see Judge William S. Duffey, one of the most biased, nastiest judges in America in action.  This short, beady-eyed miserable excuse for a human being branded me “scurrilus and irrespponsible” before a case was assigned to him because I sued his friend, Judge Orinda D. Evans.  Then he has refused to recuse himself as he grossly violates every imaginable right and lies his a$$ off in orders.

It should be fun when I call Dishonest Duffey as a witness and every member of his staff.  It should be fun when I call the opposing attorney as a witness.

It should be interesting when I refuse to participate because the judge has no jurisdiction.

I have asked for armed guards to be there to protect me due to the reported government plot to have me assassinated.

It is guaranteed to be better than your favorite reality TV show.

The hearing will simply be the pre-meeting entertainment.  We will have a good discussion that will hopefully lead to many of us combining our efforts more effectively.

Please RSVP to so I can borrow enough money to be able to pay for all of the lunches and so we can get a room large enough.

The Richard B. Russell Federal Building is at 75 Spring Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.  The best parking is on the level below the main floor of the building; just go down the ramp on the right side of the building and turn right and then left into the parking lot.  We will be on the 17th Floor – Courtroom 1705.  I will be there at 9:00 am for a “meet and greet” in the hall outside the courtroom.

William M. Windsor

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