It’s Time for all Victims of Government Corruption to become The Squeaky Wheel


You know what they say…it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Well, it’s time for all victims of government corruption to become The Squeaky Wheel.

Our message is being heard by the bad guys, and that’s a good thing.  We simply need more of everything, but be warned, these government crooks can play as dirty as it gets….

Two of the subjects of recent stories on Lawless America received strange court rulings that they figure were the result of their exposure of the judicial corruption they have experienced.

Please know that if you go public with your story of corruption, these folks very well may try to damage you.  If you want to tell your story anonymously, please just ask, and I will take care of it.

I don’t want anyone to do anything that they aren’t comfortable with, but I know for a fact that the squeaky wheel often gets the grease.  One of the biggest mistakes that some of us make when fighting dishonesty and government corruption is that we make a complaint, and then we do nothing when the bad guys don’t respond.  It is essential that you stay after it like a Honey Badger.  Keep a calendar, and send follow-up letters on a regular basis.  SQUEAK loudly and often.

If we can get all of the victims squeaking, we have a chance to make some important changes.

William M. Windsor

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