Is Bill Windsor of Lawless America embarrassed he was in jail? Hell No!


Is Bill Windsor of Lawless America embarrassed he was in jail? 

Hell No!

Bill Windsor has never committed a crime in his life, so jail was

… simply another opportunity to see how UNjust our legal system, law enforcement, jails, and judges are.

Several people have asked if I was embarrassed.  Absolutely not!

I learned a lot in jail.  It angered me that almost all of the inmates are having their rights violated, and no one is doing anything for them.  It upset me that 90% of the people I met were in jail waiting to stand trial (or the vast majority – waiting to accept a plea bargain) on victimless crimes.  I made some very good friends in jail. 

I learned all about weed and meth.  And tattoos!  I was the ONLY person out of hundreds I met who had never used drugs.  I was one of only a couple who did not have a tattoo.  My wonderful new friend, Hooker, is a tattoo artist.  He says I should get a tattoo.  I told him I want one of the corrupt people who I have encountered tattooed on my butt.  The problem is there are just too many to choose from.  Should it be Judge Orinda D. Evans, the first corrupt judge I encountered?  Or should it be Judge William S. Duffey or Judge Thomas W. Thrash?  How about the extremely corrupt Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson?  Or any of a dozen Montana judges?  Then there are the Joeys — Sean Boushie, Casey P. Hargrove, *****, and a host of wicked witches.  And we can’t forget the dishonest attorneys like Carl D. Anderson and Barbara Hachenburg.  If I get a tattoo, it will probably have to be a mural. 

In my “spare time,” I am working on a civil rights lawsuit designed to establish a precedent for the benefit of all prisoners in jails and prisons nationwide.  A precedent about Constitutional rights, especially as to the right to represent yourself and have access to legal materials.  Of course I will have to get an honest judge, so I am not holding my breath.

To be honest, I am embarrassed about one thing.  I gained 30 pounds in 134 days in jail.  UGH.  The food was surprisingly good, especially at the Missoula County Detention Center, but the real problem was the Commissary.  Too much junk food and zero exercise.  I’d love to say that I have lost weight since I have been out.  I haven’t.  Eating seems to be a way to relieve some of the stress.

But I am not embarrassed to have been in jail…once, twice, or three times.  It has added  a whole new element to the movie!  And a socko conclusion.  The movie ends with me being found not guilty so I can live in the “free” world to expose corruption.  Or it ends with me being escorted in handcuffs and leg irons into the Montana State Prison, possibly for the rest of my life.  If that happens, I won’t be embarrassed but I will be pi$$ed, and I will need to gain more weight so there’s plenty of space to add to the mural.

For a quick update on Bill Windsor’s saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on LawlessAmerica.com.

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