How to Fight Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption – Part 7 — Prepare Everything Very Carefully


When I discovered that I was being victimized by judicial corruption, I decided to fight.

I am not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice.

This is the seventh in a series of articles that detail the things that I have done in fighting judicial corruption.

Most of this applies to fighting any form of government corruption….

Prepare Everything Very Carefully

I am naturally EXTREMELY detail-oriented, so I simply approached this like I have everything in business.  I always wanted to know more than the other guy and be the best-prepared person in any setting.

The Rules of civil procedure (such as Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11) require careful research and nothing but accurate, relevant filings.  The opposing party and the judges have violated the rules repeatedly in my dealings, but I always prepared very carefully.

When I prepared to file a motion, I researched the issues and in essence drafted a “brief” on the subject. I created a Microsoft Word file with quotes from cases and the case law citations, and I crafted a brief that proved that what I was filing was correct. I only used what I needed in the motion, but I had this as back-up to be used on appeal and to prove the due-diligence that I had done.  This is very important because the judges have sanctioned me and found me in contempt by falsely and maliciously claiming I made improper filings. I never did, and I always had massive proof. You have no power over the corrupt judges, but you can have proof.

I later transferred my Microsoft Word research into excel files so I could sort by different fields to find what I needed.  I no longer use Microsoft Word for this; I now paste my research right into a Microsoft Excel file.  Here is an example of one of the research files that I created (federal case research regarding jurisdiction following the filing of an appeal).

Do not ever file anything that is in any way frivolous. Have legal support for everything that you file.  Because we are fighting the system, the judges will be against you, so when they declare your filings to be frivolous or violate the rules, you want to have proof that they are committing obstruction of justice when they make such rulings.  If your research indicates that a theory was not valid, drop that theory.

Prepare everything very carefully.  Use spell check.  Be sure everything is done as well or better than the best attorney would.

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William M. Windsor

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