How to Fight Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption – Part 15 — Appeal Early and Often


When I discovered that I was being victimized by judicial corruption, I decided to fight.

I am not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice.

This is the fifteenth in a series of articles that detail the things that I have done in fighting judicial corruption.

Most of this applies to fighting any form of government corruption….

Appeal Early and Often

I said this at the beginning, but I say it again.  APPEAL. 

Use the right to appeal as a means to generate more and more proof of corruption. 

If you happen to win an appeal by reaching some honest judges, that will be great…but it is much more likely that you will be doing this simply to build the proof of corruption.

When I appeal, I make sure you have valid grounds. 

I am always sure that the issue is one that you have the right to appeal at this stage of the litigation.  Many issues cannot be appealed until after a case has reached the final judgment.

When I file a notice of appeal, I always include detailed grounds for the appeal.  I include a sworn affidavit and attach exhibits.  I do this because the judges I have dealt with ALL try to keep my evidence out of the court record.  With a notice of appeal, the judge should not be able to meddle with it.  In federal court, the clerk of the court has a duty to simply forward it to the appellate court.

I am always sure that I meet the requirements for what your court requires in a notice of appeal.  I carefully read the state or federal statutes and the court’s rules to be sure.

I am always extremely thorough in conducting research into the case law applicable to my appeal.  I always know that I am absolutely right as to the law.  I find cases where the appellate court judges who are hearing my appeal have already issued orders that support my position.  I cite those with the name of the judge.

Knowing that my appeals will be dismissed or denied solely because the judges will do whatever it takes to block me from disclosing the corruption, I am even more careful to document everything.  I always file petitions for panel rehearing or en banc hearing.  My goal is to gather as much proof as possible of wrongdoing and corruption by the judges involved.

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William M. Windsor 

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