How to EXPOSE Judicial Corruption…Reach the “Little People”


Judges get away with judicial corruption because their fellow judges protect each other.¬† It doesn’t appear that a judge is going to break ranks with his partners in crime.

But we all know that there are those on the inside other than judges who know what’s going on.

THAT’s who we must reach…

How do we reach former staff members of judges?

I believe that is the Achilles Heel for our corrupt judicial system.

The corruption is too blatant for government employees to miss.  Undoubtedly, some of these employees have been privy to conversations in which judges have violated their oaths, the Judicial Code of Conduct, and the law.

To put judges away where they belong, we need to reach their FORMER employees.

Now, how do we do that?¬† I don’t know, so we are looking for ideas.¬† Is there anywhere that the names of these government employees will be public?¬† Payroll records?¬† Insurance records?¬† Unemployment records? (A fired employee should be worth far more than one who quit.)

Government retirement account records? and job board searches?  How do we find these people?

I tried a Freedom of Information request, but the judiciary doesn’t have to comply.¬† Okay, so how do we get around that?¬† Is there another government agency that has these records?¬† That’s probably a great place to start.

If I can reach former employees of these corrupt judges in Atlanta, I believe they will know where the skeletons are buried, and they can be subpoenaed by a grand jury and required to tell what they know.  You can do the same!

Please let me hear from you —

William M. Windsor



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