How Many U.S. Marshals will be waiting for William M. Windsor at Occupy the Courts?


How many armed U.S. Marshals will be waiting for William M. Windsor at Occupy the Courts on Friday, January 20, 2012?

Please plan to participate in Occupy the Courts tomorrow at your federal courthouse.  Let’s send a message that the battle for the hearts and minds has begun.

Whenever I arrive at the federal courthouse in Atlanta, I am “greeted” by armed guards….

I have had anywhere from one to five or six U.S. Marshals with me at all times in the U.S. Courthouse.  This has been going on for close to two years.

When I tell folks that my 8×10 color photo is posted at every entrance to the courthouse, they think I’m kidding.  I’m not.  My photo is there, and alarms go off when the U.S. Marshal who checks ID’s announces my name.

I am not allowed to go anywhere in the U.S. Courthouse unless one or more armed U.S. Marshals accompany me…even to the bathroom.

I am banned from going to the 20th Floor because that is where the Grand Jury meets, and everyone in that courthouse is doing everything they can from presenting my undeniable evidence to the Grand Jury of corruption by the judges.

The last time I was there, the main U.S. Marshal warned me that prison could be in my future.  They will do any scare tactic to try to get me to back off, because they all go to prison if I succeed.

No one should ever doubt the extent to which these people will go.  I’m just a grandpa with proof, and they paint me as Public Enemy #1.  I wear that as a red badge of courage.  I will get these crooks indicted, arrested, convicted, imprisoned, disgraced, and impeached, or I will expire trying.

William M. Windsor

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