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How can Magistrate Judge Darrolyn Krippel, Judge Kim Browne, Judge Jim Mason, and Guardian Ad Litem Stacey Abroms-Bandler sleep at night?

ohio-columbus-loryn-ryder-deb-german-lawless-america-movie-2012-07-25 031-cropped-200w

The story of Loryn Ryder will be one of the stories included in Lawless America…The Movie.

Loryn (left) was filmed in Columbus, Ohio on July 25, 2012. 

How can Magistrate Judge Darrolyn Krippel, Judge Kim Browne, Judge Jim Mason, and Guardian Ad Litem Stacey Abroms-Bandler sleep at night?

Loryn Ryder is trying to Save Baby Bella.

In my opinion, Magistrate Judge Darrolyn Krippel, Judge Kim Browns, Judge Jim Mason, and Guardian Ad Litem Stacey Abroms-Bandler were given compelling evidence that Loryn’s ex committed sexual abuse of their daughter, Bella.  For reporting this abuse, Loryn was “rewarded” by having the custody of her daughter given to the accused abuser.  Lryrn’s visitation has been reduced to the m inimum allowed by law.

Someone somewhere needs to do something NOW to stop these people and move Baby Bella to safety.

According to a conservative estimate by experts at the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence (LC), more than 58,000 children a year are ordered into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents in the United States. Loryn Ryder, from Franklin County, Ohio and her daughter Bella Ryder are perfect examples of why America desperately needs a complete overhaul in the family court system. The story starts in early 2008 when Loryn and Matthew met. Loryn was 19 and Matthew was 31. Loryn said, “He was always very paranoid and secretive. He even lied to me about his age when we first me and told me he was 29. He would never take me to his house so we either spent time at mine or a hotel. I never met any of his friends and he hardly ever took me out in public. I didn’t even meet his parents until I was 6 months pregnant. I couldn’t see how strange all of these things were. He was good at manipulating and making it seem normal, but never in a million years did I think I was dealing with a child molester.”

Loryn says her first red flag should have came when she and Matthew found out they were having a girl. “After we walked out of the doctor’s office Matthew said, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do with a girl because I don’t know how to be nice to a vagina.’ It was definitely an odd statement, but I didn’t look too much into it at the time,” Her second red flag came when Bella was 5 months old. Matthew had told Loryn that Bella grabbed his penis in the bathtub. “I was like, ‘first of all why are you telling me this? Why does that excite you? And second of all, why was your penis out and so near to her the she could grab it?’ I went to my friend Wilma a few days later to ask her if this was normal behavior of a 5 month old just to make sure I wasn’t blowing it out of proportion. She told me it was definitely not normal.”
Loryn says that when Bella was around two years old is when she started noticing strange behavior from Matthew. He constantly brought Bella home with horrible diaper rashes to the point where she had bleeding blisters and random scratches on her. She’d smell like urine and constantly had a cold. Loryn had to take Bella to the pediatrician several times for these issues. Matthew refused to let Loryn know where Bella was living even though according to their Shared Parenting Plan he was court ordered to give her the address. When he would pick Bella up or drop her off, several witnesses thought it was strange that Matthew would circle the complex several times before parking and according to a private investigator Matthew also did the same thing at his home. Child molesters are extremely paranoid so that would explain this odd behavior.
Loryn says, “I’d try to discuss with Matthew the horrible condition that Bella would be returned home in and why he was acting so strange. He’d drop her off and when I’d change her diaper I’d see the blisters, the blood, and the scratches. Bella would be screaming in pain. I’d send him a picture of the affected area minutes after he’d drop her off. His response would always be that it wasn’t like that when he dropped her off. Now I know that these were all symptoms of sexual assault, but Bella wasn’t old enough to tell me what was happening.” It took Loryn awhile to connect the dots through the confusion left behind from Matthew’s tactics as to what was really going on.
Before Bella turned 2 she started referring to her private area as “dada’s cock.” This raised some concerns with Loryn so she had asked Matthew why she was saying this. Matthew’s explanation was that he had nicknamed Bella’s private area “cookie” and used “cook” for short. This was Matthew’s way of manipulating Loryn into thinking he was just calling it her cook instead of cock, but in reality Matthew was exposing and taking about his cock to Bella. A common tactic child molester’s use is secret code words and games to confuse their young victim, the other parent and the authorities. Loryn says, “The part that concerned me the most was that she was saying it like it belonged to him. It definitely confused me and creeped me out”
The first major sign of abuse for Loryn came on April 5, 2011. Loryn picked Bella up for her regularly scheduled visitation. Loryn and Matthew at this point shared 50/50 custody. “I agreed to Shared Parenting because I didn’t know that I had any other option. I didn’t have any solid proof that he was an unfit parent.” When Loryn and her mother, Wendy Fling walked up to the door of Matthew’s residence on that day, Loryn instantly noticed that something was not right with Bella.
According to Loryn and Wendy, Bella wouldn’t move. She had no color to her skin; she wouldn’t talk, and was not mentally present. “Looking back now, I know that Matthew had drugged her,” says Loryn. During the next few days Loryn noticed a cluster of new symptoms that Bella was experiencing. She no longer went on the potty, refused to wear a diaper, scared of diaper changes, refused to eat, terrified of the dark, refused to sleep alone, nightmares, waking up screaming, crying in the fetal position, terrified of people she used to trust, she became clingy and had to be held 24/7. The strangest new symptom to Loryn was that Bella was terrified to get out of the bathtub.
When it was time to get out of the bathtub Bella would scream “No!” and have a post traumatic stress episode. She would bite, hit, kick, and punch like she was fighting for her life. Loryn started taping the episodes in the bathtub for evidence. In one of the tapes I reviewed Bella says, “I want to die” after Loryn tells her it’s time to get out. The process of taking Bella out of the bathtub lasted about 20 minutes. When Loryn was finally able to get Bella out of the bathtub Bella would cling onto her mother and breathe heavily as if she was in great danger.
When Matthew came to pick Bella up on April 8, 2011, Loryn stepped outside and explained to him the new behaviors that Bella was exhibiting and asked if he knew what had happened to her. Matthew’s reaction was to walk away, plead the 5th and not take Bella for his visitation. It was then that Loryn realized Matthew knew exactly what happened to Bella.
The next night Loryn was giving Bella a bath. And like the previous few nights, it took Loryn approximately 20 minutes to get Bella out of the bathtub because she was so terrified. When Loryn finally was able to get her out of the bathtub, Loryn laid Bella on a towel to put a diaper on her. Loryn says Bella asked her to “kiss dada’s cook?” Loryn asked Bella if Matthew had kissed her cookie and Bella replied with yes.
Loryn says, “After the sexual abuse disclosure is when Bella became extremely violent towards me and any other person she came in contact with. I was unable to work over the next several weeks because Bella needed to be closely monitored due to her post traumatic stress episodes due to the abuse.” As time went on, Loryn began to wonder what else has had happened to Bella other than what Bella was able to communicate at such a young age. On top of that, the alibis, behaviors and manipulative strange stories from Matthew continually left Loryn puzzled and uneasy because they weren’t adding up. Loryn informed Matthew that he would no longer be able to see Bella unless it was supervised. This is when Matthew filed several contempt charges against Loryn and filed for full custody of Bella.
After receiving advice from her mother, Loryn contacted multiple therapists to see if she could get Bella some help. She finally found Dr. Theresa Diserio who was willing to see Bella at 26 months old. Dr. Diserio reported that Bella’s behaviors were consistent with children who are known to have been molested. Most disturbing, Dr. Diserio reported to Loryn that Bella was displaying odd signs of anger towards the bathtub. Bella took a toy gun, pointed it at the bathtub in the dollhouse and made shooting noises.

Franklin County Children Services, the Child Advocacy Center, Detetives, the Columbus Police Department, Judges, Magistrates, Attorneys, and a Guardian ad Litem got involved in the case and no one did anything. This is not an isolated incident. This happens routinely, everyday to America’s children. Children become trapped in their own personal jail cell while their protective parents are caught up in a catch 22 with no one to help.
If you would like to help this cause we are asking Louis Freeh, who did an excellent job on the Penn State / Sandusky investigation to assist in getting Congress, President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder to authorize an investigation of the sexual abuse cover up in family courts. We are asking him in our messages to try and get some of the $60 million that Penn State was sanctioned to fund his investigation of family court. That money is earmarked for child abuse prevention, so our issue is perfect for it. And Penn State University may really like the idea because then they won’t look so bad after seeing what the Family Court System is up to.
Mr. Freeh’s contact information:
Message Freeh on FB:
use @sganim, #freeh and bit.ly/soskids
Email him at:
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