How are so many Americans being taken by lawyers? Please sign Petition.


They take your call and listen to your story.

They welcome you to their office and lead you to believe they will help you.

They let you know that they aren’t cheap and that litigation is – – expensive!  As if they are important. . . no extremely important.  That’s why they wear suits instead of blue jeans!

Then they want you to sign a – – contract agreement – – which generally states they can get away with murder of your rights and you can’t touch them in a court of law.  Why?  They are not perfect.  They make mistakes – – really bad mistakes – – but it’s OK to them — they’re attorneys.

Use an attorney to prosecute a group of Ponzi scheme cons, and you become a victim of the latest judicial Ponzi schemes.  Try to prosecute an unethical attorney for fraud and document the infuriating results to the public.  To me, extortion now has a new meaning.

Attorneys may offer you money to keep quiet.  Instead, publish the perverted conduct to the public and warn unsuspecting souls of the financial death traps the clever judicial juggernauts have – – set for you.

You see, they think they are immune to prosecution.  But they’re not immune to public exposure!

Avoid the obvious death wish to your financial well-being by inhaling this absurdly well-documented memoir – – for the price of a nice bottle of wine.

You just might save your entire life’s savings in the process.

Let’s stop the assault on our rights and expose the CORE OF INJUSTICE!  If we can’t get justice against attorneys in the courts, then let’s get it right in the legislative branch of government where they can investigate rogue conduct!

Please sign this petition.

written by Dennis Schuelke


William M. Windsor

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