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History of Cyberstalker Sean Boushie and Crystal Cox – Part 3

crystal cox case crystal l  cox free speech-3-200w

Sean Boushie has been stalking Bill Windsor since March 2012. 

Crystal Cox has been kind enough to work for many days preparing a chronology of what has happened to her with Sean Boushie.  This is Part 3 of a 4-Part article....

Bill Windsor doesn’t know Sean Boushie.  Sean Boushie began his attacks on William M. Windsor because of his hatred for Crystal Cox.

Crystal Cox was filmed for Lawless America…The Movie, so this made Bill Windsor a target for Sean Boushie and his Joeyisalittlekid Gang

The Missoula Police Department and Missoula County Attorney’s Office want to say that it is Crystal Cox who has pretended to be Sean Boushie.  Horse manure.  Crystal Cox has well-documented Sean Boushie’s abuse of her.  She has traced much of it to computers at the University of Montana.  And she went through much of the same stuff that Bill Windsor has gone through — five years before.

Here is Part 3 of the 4-Part chronology of Crystal Cox in a sworn affidavit that she has provided to Bill Windsor and the Missoula County Attorney’s Office: 

51. On MAY 23, 2010, Sean Boushie posted:

“Crystal Cox Loves Michael Spreadbury 

I just think this is so funny… “truth” seeker loving a “truth seeker” 

The Lincoln County wack job in love with the Ravalli county nutcase… how hilarious… 

The sad part is they are both delusional, both mentaly unstable and both still walking free.. well Spreadbury is out on bail… guess who is next? 

Hmmm In the past Cox had gotten Spreadbury to harass and threaten me, he made false claims about a “death threat” supposedly sent by me with law enforcement in several counties and cities in Cox’s behalf. 

Didnt work so well for ya did It Cox..? Everyone down here knows Spreadbury is a nutcase… 

At least Spreadbury is smart enough to leave me alone when I tell him to, and understand’s what will happen if he dosen’t. Guess hes the slightly smarter of the two. 

at 10:32 AM 0 comments 

Gonna need a miracle….. 

Recently Crystal Cox posted she was “gonna need a miracle”. Apparently to get herself out of the crap storm of legal trouble she has inserted herself into. 

Well Crystal Cox of Eureka Montana is going to need more than a miracle. Im guessing she realized the FBI is researching her fraud. Funny….. 

University of Montana Employee Sean Boushie emailed Crystal Cox with comments he posted on her website on May 27, 2010 at 1:34 pm using

52. On or approx. July 2nd 2010, Sean Boushie spoke with Gary Crandall, a man in Eureka who had been accused of rape years prior in another state, and had admitted to one of my clients that he had really done it, he had been found not guilty because the victims was in fear of her life. At this point in time Gary Crandall was a real estate agent working for my real estate brokerage, Ten Lakes Realty. I fired him after this and he sought Sean Boushie out, joined his hate group and efforts against me. 

53. On or approx. July 6th 2010, Sean Boushie spoke with Damion Taylor of the Koocanusa Arena, of which I had reported on their bar being the biggest issue in town for the date rape drug and not allowing an undercover female officer from the Flathead Valley to find who was behind the date rape druggings that happened there every single weekend. And that I had been told by many that Damion, himself, had given the drinks to the women. His family had their attorney send me a cease and desist to stop reporting on the rapes and druggings in regard to their bar. I refused as I was reporting the facts to the best of my ability and they would not let law enforcement set up a sting. 

Damion Taylor connected with Sean Boushie and began more retaliation and gathering others to commit hate crimes against me. 

54. On or approx. July 8th 2010, Sean Boushie spoke with local Mortgage Broker Desirae Stewart, I had reported on her and a local mortgage case that had been reported to officials. She was very upset with my reporting and connected with Sean, who was gathering haters. Later Sean Boushie bragged about meetings with these folks. 

55. On July 9th 2010 Sean Boushie, the man Cox had reported threatened to kill her, emailed Chris Valentine (editor and co-producer of Mill Ave Inc, Beneath the Beauty), Film Producer Nicholas Holthaus forwarded the email to Cox as seen in Exhibits and reads as follows: 

“Subject:          boushie 

From:   nicholas holthaus ( 


Date:   Friday, July 9, 2010 10:00 PM 

Hi Crystal. 

I just got a forward email from Chris (Beneath the Beauty editor). It was from Sean Boushie. This is what he wrote: 

Chris, I would like to know the filming dates for the interview segments involving Crystal Cox and her alledged “death threat”. 


I emailed Boushie directly, asking him why he needed this info. Not sure if an good can come of affirming his request, so I do not plan on giving him such info, to protect you (and perhaps us). 

As you know, our little movie did stir up the local gvt, heh. Not to mention lawsuits flying everywhere up there. 

Anyway, I thought you’d like to know. If I hear back from him–and I’m sure I will–I’ll let ya know. 


Nico Holthaus 

Any Key Omnimedia 


University of Montana Employee Sean Boushie emailed Chris of the documentary “Beneath the Beauty” on July 9, 2010 at 10;00 pm using

University of Montana Employee Sean Boushie emailed Crystal Cox on August 4, 2010 at 3:46 pm using

56. On August 20th, 2010, Edward Humphrey of Total Remodelling LLC eMailed me from a Boulder Colorado craigslist ad regarding marketing. I had moved to Boulder Colorado in July of 2010. 

I met Ed Humphrey on August 21st 2010, at a local music event. At this time he drugged me, and I called a friend to get me home. Ed was enraged that I left, he texted threatening emails to me. I was down for 3 days and had to be taken care of by a friend. After this I contacted the boulder police and was told there was nothing they could do. 

57. On SEPTEMBER 29, 2010, Sean Boushie Posted: 

“Someone let the lunatics out of the cage… 

Well… Looks like we will have to go back to court. Cox had a whole year to cool off, she couldnt wait apparently. The restraining order expired friday and shes right back at it this week. If shes not going to shut up it will be another bawling. 

I really wish you would post those “recordings” you say you made in Robin Clute’s court room. Id like to hear them. 

For the record… 

I have never spoken to Crystal L Cox, I never will! 

Her LIES about me sending her a “Death threat” were invented by none other than…herself. 

She invented her “Death threat” so that she could have a starring role in the widely unknown comedy, “Beneath the Beauty” the story of two star crossed crazies in two counties, neither of which have a brain cell left. 

I have never spoken to Michael Spreadbury, yet he continues to harass and threaten me for Crystal Cox. Well I guess the few times he called to threaten me I did speak to him. Only once did her reveal his identity. 

And I will not recognize any BS paperwork sent to me by Crystal L Cox. This includes BS legal threats, civil lawsuits, and especially BS restraining orders sent from paid off “Judges” from Lincoln county! 

On a lighter note, Found this picture on someone’s facebook page, who I have now blocked… 

Free beer to the first person who can guess whos page…(no not mine..)” 

58. On SEPTEMBER 30, 2010, As seen in Exhibit 5, Sean Boushie posted: 

“I’m Scared……. 


Her fingers must be tired tonight I counted well over 300 posts, also known as lies by rational people. 

Holy crap, burn her at the stake? Are you freakin kidding me? She actually said that I have threatened to kill her by burning her at the stake…. 

One that’s just wayyyy too much work. Two, what a waste of good firewood… 

Apparently I’m supposed to be scared by a keyboard coward who can’t even spel korectly…. gesh.. Give it up. No body cares what you lie about.. 

And FYI read Preazeau’s dismissal of your BS restraining order. Viewing of any public web page is a constitutionally protected right, just like reading the paper and freedom of speech, IT IS NOT CONSIDERED STALKING!!!!!   

Monitoring the actions of others and attempting to use that information to harass, slander, defame, control and instill fear by using “stat” counters is considered stalking, read the law!!! 

Crystal Cox, 

Seriously, I feel sorry for you, it must be lonely there in your mind with all your lies 

Must be horrible knowing no one believes you, no one cares about you knowing that everyone hates you and that you are not welcome to darken any ones door. 

Get yourself some help. Get yourself some serious psychotherapy or some anti psychotic medication before its too late, even though it probably is. 

If you really believe that someone is trying to kill you by burning you at the stake, you need serious help”

University of Montana Employee Sean Boushie emailed Crystal Cox on October 3, 2010 at 3:22 am using

59. On OCTOBER 15, 2010, Sean Boushie Posted: 

“Crystal Cox begins to attack my wife…………. 

Crystal cox, 

Do you just blurt out lies naturally or is it a direct result of your paranoid psychizophrenia?

You have no idea why we asked for a TRO against my wife’s ABUSER because YOU WERE NOT IN THE ROOM!! 


Worse yet, you are so easily manipulated by old man Stramer, who was at your house coaching you how to harass me each time my friend Maury brought you more paperwork.. 

Get a clue, YOU ARE THE STALKER SWEETIE!! You are the one that has been harassing us for over a year based on nothing. Based on my constitutional right to voice my opinion and post a letter to the editor? A right only you have I know. 

Get over it!! 

I have court documents from the honorable Robin Clute to prove that YOU HAVE BEEN STALKING ME!!!! 

Quit blaming me and everyone else for your failures, and your paranoid delusions.  

Dont forget you have pissed off a lot of people, Im not your only victim, many of them have their own anti crystal cox sites, just like Bill does. 

The only thing I have ever threatened you with is a sherrif, which I am doing again BTW. 

Shut up and leave us alone or I will send a Sherrif to your door, again!!! No matter where you live now. 

I’m done being nice, you had time to have your little tantrum, now leave us alone or law enforcement will be at your door with a warrant. Stop accusing me of everything, stop contacting my employeer, stop contacting my coworkers, stop trying to file false police reports, stop trying to get your crazy low life buddies to intimidate and threaten me. If you havent noticed I dont scare very easily!!! 

Maybe its better to quit while you are behind. 

And really.. get yourself some Zuclothenthixal and some counseling… 

This is the last waste of time any of us will spend on your worthless crap. 

Put up or shut up, you are no more than a lowlife keyboard bully. This is your final notice!!

at 10:00 PM”

Paul Stramer was never ever at my home and the only private conversation I ever had with him was in regard to my testimony at his hearing. 

60. On OCTOBER 18, 2010, Sean Boushie posted: 


Spreadbury pleads GUILTY!! 

Cox co conspirator pleads guilty to felony intimidation. He is ordered to remove all harassment of Ms. Roody from the web on his websites, including 

Who owns thats right..Crystal Cox formerly of Eureka, MT now of Boulder, CO. 

So whats it going to be? 

Are we gong to prosecute Cox for felony intimidation next? Is Ravalli county going to make Spreadbury and Cox stop harassing, threatening, slandering and spreading lies about everyone and anyone? 

Law Enforcement Ive spoken to says…….YES!!! 

Your choice, remove all your lies on your own or wait and your victims will do it for you. A sane mind would make the logical choice… but..Well ya know… 

at 3:47 PM” 

61. On October 27th, 2010, Sean Boushie posted: 

Crystal Cox of Boulder Co is a Dangerous Delusional Psychopath 

Today I came home to find that I have been “harassing” Crystal Cox, once of Eureka, MT now driven out by the town’s people to Booulder CO. Apparently, according to her, I have been saying all kinds of nasty crap, threatening her life again, and ruining her “carreer” and her “lifestyle” whatever that disgusting remark that means. 

Well I must be good, because I was packed in into the middle of nowhere all week, No cell, no computer. You see Crystal, I have more important things to do that waste my time, laughing at your delusional rantings. I unlike you have a life. 

But my point? 

You dont know your ass from a hole in the ground!! 

You are a worthless low life liar who gets some sort of preverted psycho sexual rush from lying about others and causing them harm. 

Ive told you to shut up before, you having the mentality of a bed bug and are too stupid to listen. 

So, tomorrow I will once again speak to the Boulder Co sheriffs dept and begin the process for your arrest on intimidation, harassment, and stalking just like your buddy Spreadbury. 

Lets remind everyone, I had a restraining order against Ms. Cox because she was and continues to stalk me and my wife. 

She invents “evidence” as she needs it and actually thinks that whatever she puts on the internet is true, and that eveyone will believe it. 

In reality it is all hearsay and not admissable anywhere. What is even more disgusting is that shechooses to support child abusers,wife beaters, and drunken DUI felons simply because they are her “friends”, aka nutjobs. Everyone else is always wrong, always trying to kill her, and always after her in some way. Sound like delusional paranoia to anyone else? 

Oh, and send your supposed low life attorney, mine is ready, we have already found your hidden assets that we can take. Since you were assisted by Turner, your mother, Mocko and Stramer also, we will be going after everything they have transferred or sold for you. Dont forget Mary and Bonita are friends, I have copies of every title transfer. 

If you get your korrupt buddy Langston to try and issue me anything, or any other crook judge you pay off, you had better make sure they send the swat team this time. 

As I said, put up or shut up, get your ambulance chasing lawyer on it or shut your psychopathic bipolar putrid mouth and stop wasting our oxygen. Clock is ticking, I’ll be progressing the criminal complaint first thing in the morning. 

It must be very depressing knowing that you’ve just turned 40 and you are a failure at everything you have ever done. 

Failed at romance, failure at business, failure at finances, left without friends, driven out of town because everyone hates your guts, and now you are working on pissing off a whole new group of people to do it all over again. remember the definition of insanity? You are it! 

How do you do this? My guess now is as the same as before, you have a sugar mamma who will support you financially, someone who you can live off like some parasite untill they have the balls to get rid of you. 

In any case stay where you are , no one in Eureka wants to see you around ever again. 

at 11:04 PM” 

62. On November 11th, 2010, Sean Boushie eMailed Ed Humphrey. 

After Ed Humphrey of Total Remodelling LLC drugged me, as noted above, I then researched Ed Humphrey to try and figure out his past, and what his connection to all this was, and why he drugged me. 

I found Felonies in Florida he had for cheating homeowners in contractor scams. I then posted his mugshot and details on his case online on my blogs and what happened to me to attempt to warn others. 

I also found that Ed Humphrey’s father had started Textron industries in the 70’s, his name is O. Lewis Humphrey. Textron industries was on my blogs, noted from my statcounter, in conjunction to iViewit and posts regarding Stephen Lamont. 

Textron Industries had also called my home in Montana just before I had moved to Boulder. 

I then realized I was a mark and that Ed Humphrey had been paid by those seeking to silence me. 

Eliot Bernstein and his company iViewit, invented video technology as we know it today. They did so over 12 years ago and all their patents were stolen. I have been reporting on this story since September of 2009. 

Over the last 6 years I, Crystal L. Cox, have reported on, received tips on, took interviews on those connected with the iViewit technology RICO Case, SEC Complaint, and USPTO complaint. I have reported on lawyers, law firms and more connected to this case, of which includes Lockheed Martin and other Department of Defense contractors that are using the iViewit Technology such as Textron. 

I have also reported on warner bros., Sony, Apple, Intel and more tech companies using the iViewit technology and having broken agreements with Eliot Bernstein and the iViewit Company. 

I have also reported on the Christine Anderson Whistle Blower case out of New York ( U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, Civil Case Number 1:07-cv-09599-SAS. ) 

Anderson v. The State of New York et al, Assigned to: Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, which includes law firms and politicians involved in the iViewit Technology theft. 

I have also reported on connected issues, people, and corporations such as Andrew Cuomo as New York Attorney General, James Pelzer, Rita Adler ex Chief Counsel of the NYS Grievance Committee for Tenth Judicial District, many stories regarding the Tenth Judicial District, New York’s Second Department, State Attorney General Office, Nicole Corrado Esq Whistle Blower, New York Senate Judiciary Committee, Naomi Goldstein, New York State Bar, New York Ethics Committee, JP Morgan, Peter Sivere Whistle Blower, Elliot Spitzer, Enron, George Demos, Philip Falcone FCC Issues, Warner Bros., Time Warner, Proskauer Rose Law Firm, and more. 

I, Crystal L. Cox, have been the target of widespread whistleblower retaliation, the goal being to shut down my investigative reporting, harass, defame, and intimidate me into silence. The tactics used to stop the flow of information on my investigative blogs has cause irreparable damage to my sources, informants, and to my personal life, business and reputation. 

One such story is connected to ( U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, Civil Case Number 1:07-cv-09599-SAS. ) AND (CIVIL CASE #: 1:07-cv-11196-SAS ( Bernstein et al v. Appellate Division ) 

The Felony Crimes alleged by Anderson, directly relate to this complaint against me in retaliation of my reporting on “Bernstein” and “Anderson”. 

Evidence was obtained on Thursday, January 24, 2013, confirming the position of a former NYS attorney ethics committee insider that various illegal actions were employed by New York State employees to target and/or protect select attorneys. 

During the wrongful termination case of former Manhattan ethics attorney Christine C. Anderson, it was revealed that New York State employees had a nick-name for supervising ethics attorney Naomi Goldstein. Naomi Goldstein was, “The Cleaner.” 

I, Crystal L. Cox, believe I am and have been a “TARGET” of these wire tapes, surveillance, and retaliations due to reporting on the Christine C. Anderson case, and it’s legally related case (CIVIL CASE #: 1:07-cv-11196-SAS ( Bernstein et al v. Appellate Division ), and therefore 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL is legally related to this case, as this same retaliation is happening regarding reporting on the “Bernstein” case. I am a target of retaliation related to District of New York, Civil Case Number 1:07-cv-09599-SAS. 

On November 11th, 2010, Sean Boushie eMailed the following to Ed Humphrey of Total Remodelling LLC from 

— On Thu, 11/11/10, <>; wrote: 


Subject: Shaun Boushie Email 

To: “Crystal L. Cox”; 

Date: Thursday, November 11, 2010, 6:37 AM 

—–Original Message—– 

From: CrEd, Im back from a hunting trip. Gone again in a few days. 

My # is 406-370-6927 I do not try to hide where I am or how to contact me. simply carry enough artillerary to take care of most situations. 

I will be in meetings tomottow from 9 to noon, I can try and call you in betwen. 

My guess is she madea deal, for$ found out somethings wanted more $$$, then decided she would need 10X$$$$$$ to kep her mouth shut. 

Shes a worthles psychopathic who belongs in the nuthouse. 

I think you are at least the 500th person to contact me, so its all my fault. shes nutz, flat out nutz. 

On 10/26/10, <>; wrote: 

> I am in a fairly remote location this week. Cell will not connect 

> I see this morning she is ranting about what I said to you yesterday how did 

> that happen ? Not the first time she’s sent spys after me 

> Or devised some fake name and email 

> Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry 

63. On November 18th, 2010 Sean Boushie Posted the following from 

“Sean M Boushie 

To Nov 18, 2010 

Sean M Boushie has left a new comment on your post “Sean Boushie Continues To Tortorously Interfere wi…”: 

Worthless lying coward. Why dont you grow a pair and come get me. 

University of Montana Employee Sean Boushie emailed Crystal Cox with comments he posted on her website on November 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm using

64. On NOVEMBER 3, 2010, Sean Boushie Posted the following from 

“Are you a Crystal Cox Victim? 

To those of you who may read this and are or have become victims of the lies, extortion and downright physical hateful and violent threats from Crystal Cox and her “followers,” please know you are not alone. 

She has well over 100 victims in over 23 states now, with more to surface Im sure. 

In fact, most of us assume if she hates you then you are a pretty good person, with a few exceptions. 

Please send us a message if you have the time so we can add you to our mailing list and keep you updated. 

Unlike Cox, we will keep your identity private unless you wish to make it known. 

at 9:45 AM” 

65. On November 24th 2010, Exhibit 5, Page 44, Sean Boushie Posted the following: 

“Today we received an email threat from Paul Stramer 

Today we have received an email from Paul Stramer, who full well knows he is not welcome to contact or communicate with myself or my wife in anyway shape or form. You see, Paul Stramer is my wife’s biological sperm donor, he has never been a father, he has no idea what that means. His wife has never been a mother either, but I digress. 

This man likes to beat the crap out of little girls apparently. I know for a fact he beat the crap out of my wife as a child, denied her any decent education, and degraded her mentally and physically. The other children got much the same treatment. 

Apparently Paul Stramer wants to meet us in a courtroom once again. Keep it up and you will. 

In any case today we got this email, which was also posted on one of the thousands of fraudulent lying web blogs owned by the extortionist and mentally deranged Crystal Cox, now of Boulder, Co. The email was then forwarded to me to ensure that I saw it. 

I have stated this before. 

1. I proved in a court of law that is owned by crystal cox herself. This is the reason she has attacked Robin Clute so viciously. 

2. That Crystal Cox sent herself a long rambling email that she calls a “death threat” which she blames me for sending. I believe Paul Stramer assisted her with this email. I have a statement from a sheriff’s deputy which places Paul Stramer at Crystal Cox’s home on three occasions. (While he was there to serve her paperwork) 

3. Crystal Cox forwarded this email to my place of employment to ensure I would see it. 

4. Crystal Cox forwarded an email from Stephen Mocko sent to to my place of employmant to ensure I would see it. I then made a complaint against Stephen Mocko. 

5. Paul Stramer has harassed my wife and I for almost fifteen years. Why? Because we refuse to get married in his “Cult” religion, and we refuse to submit to his will and kiss his ass. He is a power hungry control freak. 

Email from Paul Stramer 

“This article is right on. Steven Mocko got involved because when Paul Stramer was wrongly denied a concealed carry permit the first time, that action of sheriff Anderson lead to a letter to the editor, which lead to a collusion between the sheriff and Sean Boushie to deny a second application for concealed carry permit. Sean said words to the effect that he helped the sheriff by providing a “legal basis” to deny the permit. That “legal basis” was an order of protection that was granted by Stormy Langston during which proceeding she did not require one shred of evidence that anything Sean Boushie said was true, and she denied Paul Stramer the ability to have witnesses on his behalf in the courtroom. Crystal Cox was waiting in the entrance room to testify that her life had been threatened by Sean.

 he was not allowed in. She was threatened, because she came to Paul Stramers defense in her blogs, and Steven Mocko proved it by smoking out Sean Boushie by writing a threatening letter to whomever had threatened Crystal’s life at the address that the threatening email against Crystal had come from.

 Sean answered it, and called the cop shop in Eureka and identified himself and attempted to profer charges against Steve Mocko, thereby proving he had access to the email address. 

Why would I bring all this up now? 

Because the whole denial of the permit BOTH TIMES was baseless and nothing but political persecution.

The proof of that fact is that after an extensive background check by the state of Utah, probably the most strict background check any state does before issuing a concealed Firearms permit, the State of Utah has issued Paul Stramer a permit that is good in 30 states including Montana, and Paul Stramer has continued to purchase many firearms for his personal collection and to give to his children as presents, always with the FBI background check coming back with “proceed immediately with the sale”. 

I know this first hand because it happened to me, Paul Stramer “ 

I want to analyze the lies in this email. 

1. If he has a concealed weapons permit as he states, he would not need to go through the criminal background check to purchase a firearm. So either he is lying about having a weapons permit, or he is lying about the background check, either way he is a liar. 

2. There was no collusion between Sheriff Anderson and I. Sheriff Anderson knew who I was thru mutual friends in the sheriff’s department, he called and asked if my wife and I would make a statement about Paul Stramer. My wife, having grown up being abused by Paul Stramer knew where all the skeletons were in his closet. We made a sworn statement and gave it to Sheriff Anderson. 

3. Because of this statement Paul Stramer began sending us his “gonna go to hell” letters again and on several occasions followed me around Eureka, Mt. I asked for and was granted an order of protection. I now wish I had done differently and I would not be harassed by him yet today. ON the day he was to be served with the order of protection he followed me home from work, 200 miles away from his home in Eureka, MT. 

4. Crystal Cox then began to harass me, coached and assisted by Paul Stramer. I have yet to ever speak to Crystal Cox, yet she continues to write false emails and send herself threats she says are from me. 

Apparently in this email from Paul Stramer is a hidden veiled threat. He states that he now has a concealed weapons permit, and I assume carries a firearm. 

Big deal, so do I. I always carry several in fact, and so does my wife and all members of my family. Don’t make the mistake that I wont shoot back, or shoot first. Given the legal need or provocation I have no problem exercising my legal right to protect myself and my family. 

He also states that he has armed his children. Coupled with an email threat I previously received from Stephen Mocko, who has also on numerous occasions threatened us via email assited by Paul Stramer and Crystal Cox:  

“you mother fucker. I know all of his kids they are good friends. And they are big. You are the one that needs to watch out. Don’t show your fucking face back here in town because a bunch of us want your ass. “ 

I can only assume that he infers that his children are armed and that his children are also after me. Again, big deal. I carry a firearm for protection also. 

My only personal statement on this is: Its such a shame that cowards like this exist. they don’t  have the balls to actually stand up to a man, but they are giants behind a keyboard. I would never write anything I wouldn’t say to your face. 

That said I state, Come get me you worthless lying cowards. 

Be a man, have some balls, pull that little gun you are so proud of and come get me or shut your mouth and go away. Since we know you are only have the courage to beat the crap out of little girls I will assume you are too much of a coward to do anything. 

Now shut up and leave us alone!! 

at 8:23 AM” 

66. On December 4th 2010, I received the following email from an unknown party: 

— On Sat, 12/4/10, JUDY WHITNEY-MITCHELL <>; wrote: 


Subject: Needed Ur Help !!!! 


Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010, 9:55 PM 


This is the only way I could contact you for now,I want you to be very careful about this and keep this secret with you until I make out space for us to see. You have no need of knowing who I am or where I am from.I know this may sound very surprising to you but it’s the situation. 

I have been paid some ransom in advance to terminate you with some reasons listed to me by my employer.It’s someone I beleive you call a friend, I have followed you closely for a while now and have seen that you are innocent of theaccusations he leveled against you. 

Do not contact the police or try to send a copy of this to them,because if you do, I will know,and I might be pushed to do what I have been paid to do. 

Besides, this is the first time I turn out to be a betrayer in my job.I took pity on you,that is why I have made up my mind to help you if you are willing to help yourself. 

Now listen,I will arrange for us to see face to face,but before that, I need $30,000. I will come to your home or you determine where you wish we meet; I repeat, do not arrange for the cops and if you play hard to get, it will be extended to your family. 

Do not set any camera to cover us or set up any tape to record our conversation, my employer is in my control now. 

Payment details will be provided for you to make a part payment of $15,000 first,which will serve as gurantee that you are ready to you co-orperate,then i will post a copy of the video tape that contains his request for me to terminate you which will be enough evidence for you to take any legal action against him before he employs another person for the job. You will pay the balance of $15,000 once you receive the tape. 

Warning; do not contact the police, make sure you stay indoors once it is 7.30pm until this whole thing is sorted out,if you neglect any of these warnimgs, you will have yourself to blame. You do not have much time, so get back to me immediately. 

Note: I will advise you keep this to yourself alone, not even a friend or a family member should know about it because it could be one of them. 


67. On DECEMBER 7, 2010, Exhibit 5, Page 43, Sean Boushie Posted the following: 

“Contact information. 

I have been asked several times how I can be contacted, email is preferable, if you would like me to call you please leave a number, I would be happy to talk with you,or anyone who is being threatened, harassed or extorted by Crystal L Cox, Michael Spreadbury, the Lincoln County Watch, or any associated nutcase person or group. Crystal L Cox, also known as my cowardly stalker, has posted my personal contact information online on multiple occasions. 

Due to this I have received many lovely and threatening phone calls and emails from her select group of supporting cowards who cannot and do not have the courage to actually face a man to his face and threaten him in person. I call them keyboard cowards. 

Because of this my contact information has changed, many times….. 

PS, if you are working with Cox and are trying to pump me for information by pretending to be her enemy, I will know and I will file charges against you. 

at 9:39 AM” 

68. On December 9th, 2010, Exhibit 5, Sean Boushie Posted the following: 

“Beware Crystal L. Cox Cyber Stalker 

From the Urban Dictionary: 

A cyber stalker is a sick and lonely coward individual who abuses the anonymity of the internet as his only possibility to molest another person. This kind of breed uses all kinds of internet services like talk forums or blogs for chasing his victims. The victims are mostly only accidental and get attacked for no given reason.

 Beware of Crystal L. Cox, ex realtor, formerly associated with Ten Lakes Realty Formerly from Eureka Montana now living in Boulder Colorado.

This woman promotes herself as an online Marketing person. In reality she will collect your private information, then use that information to post and publish false and misleading lies about you, your family and your business, then she will attempt to extort thousands of dollars from you to remove those lies posted online about you.

If you do not pay her she will harass and stalk you for years. 

Crystal L. Cox has thousands of websites and hundreds of victims which have been subjected to her harassment and extortion.

Do your research before contacting this Stalker.

I will continue this warning to others until….

69. On December 10th 2010, I started communicating with Mark D. Seyler Montana FBI agent in regard to Sean Boushie, Paul Stramer, and an email I got from a person claiming to be a J. Whitney-Mitchell.  

On JANUARY 12, 201, Exhibt 5, page 42, Sean Boushie Posted the following: 


Warning to all Montana Crystal L Cox victims!!! 

I have been notified that Crystal L Cox has been once again seen In Eureka Montana!!!!  

It is believed she is now homeless and desperate for cash. Her current situation, combined with Her paranoia and delusions of corruption, stalking, death threats, and government monitoring of her communications are very similar to those of the shooter of the recent Tuscon shootings. 

She has also been seen in Hamilton and Stevensville Montana. 

her current mental status are a reciepe for disaster. 

Watch your back!!!! 

We suggest everyone learn the following Montana Law. 

45-3-102. Use of force in defense of person. 

A person is justified in the use of force or threat to use force against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that the conduct is necessary for self-defense or the defense of another against the other person’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, the person is justified in the use of force likely to cause death or serious bodily harm only if the person reasonably believes that the force is necessary to prevent imminent death or seriousbodily harm to the person or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.” 

Sean Boushie attacked me constantly online while Judge Haynes of Hamilton Montana denied me a protective order and Judge Robin Clute Gave Sean Boushie a protective order against me, where I was not allowed, as a matter of law, or threat of arrest, to post online about Sean Boushie. He continued to attacked me.” 

70. On January 13th, 2011, I received the following from FBI agent Mark Seyler; 

From: Crystal L. Cox 

To: Seyler, Mark D 

Cc: Paul 

Sent: Thu Jan 13 00:44:45 2011  

Subject: Re: Suspected Death Threat – Request for Suggested Action 

Hello, Can you Please help me.. Please Advice me, please investigate this.. 

…this man threatened to kill me in August 2009.. a judge in Hamilton MT gave him a protective order against me not based in law.. a cop is involved.. my story is at – I have proof of all.. and today as i get google alerts on my name i see this.. 

i am in hamilton mt now visiting a friend.. and i have not seen anyone really.. i believe law enforcement tells him things and this threat of will use force. after my death threat and a constant torment from him with no Law Enforcement help since august 6th 2009. 

All the MT law enforcement on that site would not help me though there is proof at the county attorney office in Libby that this man had access to the email that send my death threat.. he has defamed me and endangered my life for over 15 months..  

What Do I Do to quite this flame and to protect myself.. i do not carry a gun.. i have never threatened him and this is threatening.. to me on top of all the other things over 15 months.. .. please advise.. 

in Love and Light 

Crystal L. Cox 

I Received the following FBI eMail in reply:  


I have reviewed all of the materials on the links you have provided. Although I sympathize with the unfortunate situation that appears to exist on the Internet between you and Mr. Boushie, none of his activity appears to violate a federal criminal law (the limit of the FBI’s jurisdiction). You certainly may have civil remedies for libel or damage to your business based upon his Internet comments, but you’d have to ask a personal attorney about that.

The only possible exception, would be the death threat you allude to, but I haven’t seen the content or context of that communication. A decision as to whether that threat would constitute a prosecutable federal crime would ultimately fall to the United States Attorney’s Office, not the FBI (we merely investigate). However, from my 15 years experience, I know that such charges are rarely brought, especially in circumstances such as this.  

Unfortunately, as uncomfortable as it is, I am not aware of any federal criminal statute which would prevent someone from searching your name and address on the Internet, or posting nasty opinions or statements about you on websites. In short, if you want some relief, your best course would be to seek the assistance of a civil lawyer.  

Sorry I can’t do more to help, but our federal jurisdiction really is very limited, and the First Amendment makes it (appropriately) very difficult to limit speech on the Internet. 

Hope you are safe, and this situation can be resolved. 


SA Mark D. Seyler 

FBI – Salt Lake City Division 

Helena, MT Resident Agency” 

71. On January 20th, 2011, Exhibit 5, page 40, Sean Boushie Posted the following: 

“The author, Stephen Mocko, who has threatened me before, states that I have committed a forcible felony Against Crystal Cox according to: 45-3-101(2) Montana Code Annotated

This statement is in reference to her “death threat” email which she has one thousand times over accused me of writing, but which I have proven she fabricated and sent to herself using a proxy email server in order to harass and slander me. 

This harassment was done to support the lies generated by her failed recall attempt of Sheriff Anderson, and to support her buddies in that failed attempt, Paul Stramer and the Lincoln County Watch, who Stephen Mocko happens to be a member of. 

According to Mocko’s flawed logic and ever greater flawed interpretation of Montana law, (which is common amongst these illiterate “patriots” and paranoid nutcases), having been accused, apparently tried and convicted of committing his “forcible felony” he , and I assume all the Lincoln County Watchers, are now justified in using deadly force against me without provocation.  

Use of deadly force in defense of person MCA 45-3-102.  

His statement, interpreted by me as, shoot me on sight. 

I state once again. 

Come get me you worthless lying cowards. 

Its such a shame that cowards like this exist. 

They don’t have the balls to actually stand up to a man, but they are giants behind a keyboard.

 Be a man, have some balls, pull that little gun you are so proud of and come get me or shut your mouth and go away. 

Since we know you only have the courage to beat the crap out of little girls I will assume you are too much of a coward to do anything. 

72. On January 26th, 2011, Sean Boushie Posted the following: 

“Crystal L. Cox Sued for Libel!! HORAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 

Plaintiffs: Obsidian Finance Group, LLC and Kevin D. Padrick 

Defendant: Crystal Cox 

Case Number: 3:2011cv00057 

Filed: January 14, 2011 

Any assistance we can provide will be gladly given against this worthless scurge on society. Lock her up, take every penny she has and bleed her for more! 

This is the first of several suits you will have to face sweetie!!!!  

Oh and BTW…. I use stat counter too.. I can see you frantically monitoring everything we say… 

Its hilarious… Be a man Crystal… Stop being a coward and come get me. 

at 7:31 AM 0”” 

73. On February 10th, 2011, Sean Boushie continued to tortiously interfere with my business, to defame me, taunt me, harass me, page 37 of Exhibit 5 shows Sean Boushie posting the following: 

“Crystal L Cox 

Ten Lakes Realty  

Eureka Montana Real Estate  

Just because someone has a realty or a broker license in the State of Montana does not mean they are trustworthy, honest or have any integrity. 

Do your homework, before you contact Crystal L Cox, or Ten Lakes Realty. 

Contact anyone in Eureka Montana and ask what they think of Crystal L Cox or Ten Lakes Realty. 

Contact the County Commissioner, the Town of Eureka Mayor, the local bank or credit union where you will do business, heck ask most anyone in one of the local grocery stores, both of which Crystal L Cox is not welcome to set foot in. 

Crystal L Cox of Ten Lakes Realty is a mentally disturbed individual who has ruined her own life and business thanks to her lies and harassment of innocent victims in order to line her own pockets. 

Crystal L Cox now makes her living by attempting to extort funds from those individuals who she threatens and slanders on the Internet. 

Her victims compose those who refuse to do business with her, those who have a different opinion from hers in any way, and those she has been paid to harass. 

As we said, do your homework before contacting Crystal L Cox or Ten Lakes Realty in any way.

at 12:47 PM”

Montana authorities let and protected Sean Boushie to continue to ruin my business and my life,and to cause me irreparable harm. All the while I could not post anything to my own defense for my customers, clients, families, friends or media because Sean Boushie had a protective order in which I was not allowed to post his name or the University of Montana. 

On February 10th, 2011, as seen in Exhibit 5, Sean Boushie Posted the following:

“Crystal L Cox Liquid L-Arginine Good Life International


Crystal LCox Liquid L-Arginine

Good Life International Eureka Montana

Liar, Stalker, Scam artist, Extortionist, Mentally Ill, 

Pyramid Marketing Scam!! 

Cancer cure.. really..Come on…Another lie from a scammer and extortionist.

“In general, most people do not need to take arginine supplements because the body usually produces enough.[4]” 


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