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History of Cyberstalker Sean Boushie and Crystal Cox – Part 1

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Sean Boushie has been stalking Bill Windsor since March 2012.  Bill Windsor doesn’t know Sean Boushie.  Sean Boushie began his attacks on William M. Windsor because of his hatred for Crystal Cox.

Crystal Cox was filmed for Lawless America…The Movie, so this made Bill Windsor a target for Sean Boushie and his Joeyisalittlekid Gang...

Crystal Cox has been kind enough to work for many days preparing a chronology of what has happened to her with Sean Boushie.  This is Part 1.

The Missoula Police Department and Missoula County Attorney’s Office want to say that it is Crystal Cox who has pretended to be Sean Boushie.  Horse manure.  Crystal Cox has well-documented Sean Boushie’s abuse of her.  She has traced much of it to computers at the University of Montana.  And she went through much of the same stuff that Bill Windsor has gone through — five years before.

Here is the chronology of Crystal Cox in a sworn affidavit that she has provided to Bill Windsor and the Missoula County Attorney’s Office:

1.   I am over the age of 21. I am competent to testify, and have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein. I provide this affidavit to be used in any legal proceeding. The following is the truth to the best of my knowledge, I, Crystal L. Cox swear.

2. On or approximately July 1988, I, Crystal Cox met Sean Boushie in passing as we both worked at Murphy Lake Ranger Station in Fortine Montana. We never had a conversation, still have never had a conversation or met face to face other than court.

3. Approximately 1990, I moved to Grave Creek Road in Eureka, Montana. At this time, Gerald Boushie was my neighbor; he was Sean Boushie’s father who passed away a few years ago.

I lived at a ranch near Gerald (Jerry) Boushie from 1990 – 2004. Jerry Boushie came over often, he was overly friendly, aggressively flirty but still we felt a harmless old man, so we let him come over from time to time. At one point we took care of his horse at our ranch for an extended period of time.

While at his other neighbors volunteering and helping them to clean up their land, Jerry drove by one day on a 4 wheeler. We heard him clearly trashing us about our lifestyle and talking bad about us in general. So we took his horse home and asked him to stay off of our property, this was in approx. 2001. At this time Sean Boushie send us a cease and desist to stay away from his father and threatening us. I took it to the Eureka Police at the time and was told there was nothing I could do. His father was the one always coming to our home, he was a lonely old man, and was a sexual deviant, in my experience and an interview I had with a local judge (Judge Lela Holder)

Judge Lela Holder, now deceased, interviewed with me on the phone. Per her permission I taped the call. She told me that Sean Boushie’s father Jerry Boushie had been in her court many times, for claims of sexual abuse. There was allegedly an adopted daughter, or some young women living at their home from another country who had abused according to her.

3. On approx. Summer of 2008, there were 2 dogs hung from a local bridge, the tobacco river bridge in Eureka Montana, these dogs were severely abused. The local police knew who did it and did nothing. This enraged locals and they set up petitions and fought against the injustice, one of this woman was Diane Kaechele.

4. On October 30th, 2008 Diane Kaechele of the Lincoln County Recall Committee sent a letter to several Montana Agencies to ask for help to intervene with the rape investigations in Lincoln County, as local law enforcement was NOT prosecuting rapes of which 5 of the 40 we heard of, the police had clear, without a doubt evidence.

These Montana agencies included and are not limited to, the Montana Attorney General, the Montana ACLU, the Montana Governor and other Montana authorities.

5. On December 22nd 2008Diane Kaechele of the Lincoln County Recall Committee

Received a letter from Brian Schweitzer Office of the Governor, State of Montana.

This letter was signed by Chief Legal Counsel Ann Brodsky, she suggested that the Montana Attorney General is contacted and as you see in Exhibits, the MT AG suggest something else. You can see that this Letter is copied to the Attorney General Mike McGrath. See Exhibit 19.

Exhibit 19 clearly proves the Montana Attorney General and the Montana Governor knew about the issue of Rapes not being investigated in the State of Montana and they did nothing to stop this crisis or to even look into it.

Rapes were not only rampant on the University of Montana campus but also statewide. Law Enforcement protected rapists and many of the rapists I reported on were actually “running” drugs for the cops, this mostly out of Libby Montana. The culture of rape in Montana has been long ignored by Montana law enforcement, I reported on this and on the widespread issue of cops having sex with young women they pull over in lieu of giving them a ticket.

No Montana Judge, Law Enforcement, Detective, Senator, Commissioner, Mayor, DOJ Investigator, University of Montana Police or any other Montana Law Enforcement would help us to get local cops, detectives or Sheriff’s in Missoula, Hamilton, Kalispell, Libby and Eureka Montana to investigate widespread rapes.

6. On November 5th 2008, Diane Kaechele, Lincoln County Recall Committee received a letter from the Montana Attorney General’s office, Mike McGrath, signed by John L. Strandell, Investigations Chief as seen in Exhibit 18, the Department of Justice in Montana would not listen to citizens trying to get help for the rampant rapes n the state of Montana.

7. On November 13th 2008, Diane Kaechele, Lincoln County Recall Committee received a letter from Chief Justice Gray of the Montana Supreme Court. This Letter was signed by Christine A. Wethern, Staff Attorney.

As Exhibit 17 shows, the State of Montana took no action to investigate these matters.

8. December 30th, 2008. Diane Kaechele, Spokesperson for the Lincoln County Recall Committee, Sent a Letter to the Montana ACLU in Missoula Montana. The Montana ACLU took no action to investigate the widespread, uninvestigated rapes.

9. On or Approx. February 2nd of 2009, I heard about many more local rapes whereby the date rape drug had been used over and over. I heard cases where local detectives had evidence, rape kits had been done and the detectives and County Attorney Bernie Cassidy refused to prosecute any of the rapists.

I began reporting on this, interviewing local cops, and cops that had left the local department. I interviewed a large amount of rape victims, the rape advocate locally and many more. I reported these story on my blogs.

Soon after, I connected with Diane Kaechle, and we went to many different local groups and meetings to see about getting support for a Sheriff recall. As the Sheriff was doing nothing about the rapes and he himself had domestically abused 2 wives, as a matter of record.

Lincoln County Watch was one of those local watchdog groups, that is where I first videoed Paul Stramer speaking about the Montana Freeman incident and other issues important to voters. This same day I videoed Senator Aubyn Curtiss about the rapes and the Freeman Incident.

After this, Diane, as well as Ginny Emerson, and others started the Lincoln County Recall proceedings, using Kalispell attorney Thane Johnson. I Crystal Cox was not on the committee, I simply reported on what was going on with the Recall, and local law enforcement regarding the rapes.

10. On February 2009, I began communicating with investigator William Biernat. He warned me about how Montana cops would try and set me up, now that I am writing about corruption cases among Montana Cops, Attorneys, and Judges.

He told me how they would pull me over at a traffic stop, plant drugs on me, arrest me for ANY reason to discredit me, or to get me in the back of a cop car and claim I killed myself. As this was common in Montana, death by cop reported as a suicide.

He told me to keep blogging and to stay visible as “they” would try and kill me, or get rid of me in the dark of night, so stay visible.

William Biernat emailed me the following;

” I know a former high level Montana law enforcement officer, service over 45 years in Montana, (deceased in 2004) who told me that Montana’s courts, judges, law enforcement, police, sheriffs, etc., etc are some of the dirtiest and corrupt to be found anywhere in these 50 States This was was his observation after 46 years in Montana law enforcement working in a high level police executive capacity.

I would not dishonor this man’s name by lying about what he told me. Although he is way beyond the dirty retaliatory clutches of Montana city, county and state government. Your stories of Lincoln County would be completely consistent and in-line with what Jim Burns told me about Montana Courts, police and sheriffs, and State Government. Montana has a very long history of public corruption by public officials that has gone completely ignored by federal authorities charged with the responsibility to clean up such corrupt government filth. 

Who is the high level law enforcement official whose career taught him Montana has dirty courts, judges and law enforcement officers? His name is Jim Burns and he was the Under-sheriff for Cascade County way back in the 1960s, when I played Little League baseball with his son Dennis in Great Falls. Jim was a member of our church and a close personal friend of my mother and father. I was his morning paperboy delivering the Great Falls Tribune to his door, ….. also.

There I named a name for you and gave you specifics about what that named person who was in a position to know, could tell me.   That is when investigative journalism has “real power.”

Best regards in your journalistic endeavors,” 

William Biernat also sent me an email, and discussed with me in person about a blogger or several bloggers that were paid by the FBI to instigate and harass people online to stir things up and did this allegedly in the name of justice, but had also been used to target and retaliate against whistle blowers who were using the internet to expose, report on, blog about; local law enforcement, judges, mayors, police departments, politicians and more. 

Apparently these citizens were paid by the FBI through various funding programs and possibly including through funding programs through universities around the U.S. 

William Biernat and I communicated often and met in the Summer of 2009 in Whitefish, after that our communications waned, and I have not spoke with him since 2009. 

11. On or around February 15th 2009, the Lincoln County Recall Committee filed the now historic recall for Sheriff Daryl Anderson. They alleged that authorities weren’t taking the rape cases seriously and had been unsuccessful with at least one investigation because they waited several days to collect evidence. “Anderson knows how to do the investigation properly, but for whatever reason has chosen not to,” group spokeswoman Diane Kaechele said” 

There were many news outlets that reported on the historic Sheriff Daryl Anderson recall at that time. 

A bit more from the recall archives; 

“An effort to recall Sheriff Daryl R. Anderson from his position as sheriff of Lincoln County, Montana was launched in February 2009 by a group of Eureka-area residents, calling themselves the Lincoln County Recall Committee. The recall campaign was initiated due to an alleged failure by the sheriff to properly investigate a series of rape complaints. [1] The group accused the sheriff of violating the public trust, failing to preserve victims’ rights and official misconduct.” 

“The wording of the recall petition stated:[6] 

To the Lincoln County Election Administrator: We, the undersigned qualified electors of the State of Montana and Lincoln County respectfully petition that an election be held as provided by law on the question of whether Lincoln County Sheriff Daryl Anderson, holding the office of Lincoln County Sheriff, should be recalled for the following reasons: Montana State Law 2-16-603, MCA states that an elected officer may be recalled for incompetency. Sheriff Daryl Anderson failed to investigate 6 reported rape crimes completely, if at all. 

Specifically he failed to adequately investigate a June 26, 2008 rape and failed to secure the crime scene to obtain valuable evidence. 

Sheriff Anderson also failed to adequately investigate an April 25, 2008 incident where he also failed to secure the crime scene. 

The Sheriff has also failed to provide rape victims written notice of their rights as set forth in 46-24-201, MCA He has denied a concealed carry permit without a written statement of the reasonable cause for the denial as required by Section 45-8-321(2), MCA and testified against HB228 Citizens Self Defense and Firearm Rights Bill. He failed to require a deputy to attend the Montana Law Enforcement Academy as required by Section 7-32-2106, MCA and take his Oath of Office per Section 7-32-303(3), MCA. 

As a result, Sheriff Anderson is subject to recall pursuant to Section 2-16-603, MCA.” 

The historic Montana Sheriff recall for Sheriff Daryl Anderson, was what drew Sean Boushie to me, Crystal Cox. He had written a letter to the editor about the recall in which I rebuttled on my blogs. 

A bit more on the wording in the historic Sheriff Daryl Anderson recall of 2009. 

12. On April 8, 2009, the leaders of the recall effort released information that they had received regarding a deputy hired by Anderson who had been accused of impersonating an officer. Information on Montana Recall’s website stated:[3][4] 

“The Lincoln County Recall Committee received an anonymous tip that the Lincoln County Sheriff’s department under the supervision of Sheriff Daryl Anderson had employed a deputy that was impersonating an officer.It is our understanding that Jay Charles Sheffield was hired as a Deputy Sheriff in Lincoln County by Sheriff Daryl Anderson in June of 2007 and served in this position until he was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in Libby in February 2009. 

We contacted Wayne Ternes, (406 – 444 – 9976) Executive Director for the Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council in Helena to verify this information. Wayne confirmed that there is no record on file for Jay Charles Sheffield in his system.According to Montana State Law, Sheriff Daryl Anderson was required to submit a Hirer/Termination Form to POST within the first 10 days of hiring a new deputy. 

The new deputy must take the Montana State Equivalency Test, or attend Basic Training if he had not previously served as a Deputy before one year and one day in order to be certified as police officer in the state. POST confirmed they have no records on file for Sheffield, never received the Hirer/Termination form, nor do they have any records of him taking the equivalency test or any certification on record. 

Additionally, we cannot find any record of Sheffield ever being sworn in and taking the Oath of Office as a deputy. 

For the last 7 months in his position as a deputy, Sheffield had no authority to act as an officer as was illegally working in this position impersonating an officer. Subsequently, all complaints and tickets written by Sheffield after one year and one day into his tenured position were taken and/or written illegally. Those people ticketed now have recourse against the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and they may request the court dismiss all charges against them, require the county to refund all fines or fees paid and potentially expose the county to lawsuits as a result. Anderson and Sheffield’s disregard of the laws could potentially cost the Lincoln County taxpayers thousands of dollars. 

It is apparent, both Sheriff Anderson and Deputy Sheffield have displayed a reckless disregard for Montana State law. A felony impersonation of public servant charge carries a penalty of up to five years in prison. Jay Charles Sheffield is now serving as Justice of the Peace in Libby. There is a possibility that he could be in a position to make determinations on tickets that he wrote illegally! 

Sheffield was appointed to the position as Justice of the Peace by our three County Commissioners with the assistance of County Attorney Bernard Cassidy and Sheriff Daryl Anderson. Apparently they too have displayed a reckless disregard for Montana State Law by not verifying information provided by applicants and doing a thorough background check. 

Daryl Anderson’s blatant disregard of the law and the incompetency of the County Attorney and our three County Commissioners are appalling! They have potentially exposed the tax payer to unnecessary lawsuits, complaints and financial loss. This is inexcusable and unacceptable. This is an embarrassment to Lincoln County, the State of Montana and every organized law enforcement agency in the country.” 

13. On approx. May 2009, I began to read Michael Spreadbury’s blog, bitterroot rising and others he was reporting on regarding alleged corruption and judicial misconduct in Ravalli County Montana, see Exhibit 9 for that full blog. 

14. On June 26, 2009, area officials sent the petition for recall back for wording revisions, due to questions of legality. The petition wording was alleged by local authorities to have conflicted with state statutes. Kaechele said, “We will do what we have to do to move this petition forward. The only supervisors [Anderson] has are the people who voted him into office.” The recall effort was subsequently rejected by Lincoln county officials the next week after the group resubmitted the petition, 

See Exhibit 25 

15.   On July 19, 2009, Sean Boushie wrote a Letter to the Editor in the Daily Interlake, a Kalispell Montana Newspaper, See Exhibit 3. This letter to the editor contained information regarding Montana law that was false, and it was discrediting a very important recall about a very real problem with RAPE and the police not investigating. Sean Boushie wrote this letter to the editor to attempt to stop people from signing the petition to recall Sheriff Daryl Anderson. 

Sean Boushie, was by this time a public figure, as a matter of law, in this regard as he interjected himself into a highly political public sheriff recall and had no expected right of privacy, he jumped into the recall debate and opened himself to criticism as a matter of law. 

See Exhibit 3 for this original contact regarding the recall by Sean Boushie. 

16. On JULY 29th 2009, I received an email from local cop Maury McKinney. It was from the State of Montana web servers. Officer McKinney worked with Sean Boushie in intimidating me in order to discredit the recall. 

“” Jimmy Boston 

Subject: no subject 

From: Jimmy Boston (Add as Preferred Sender) 

Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2009 1:33 pm 

To: Crystal@CrystalCox.com 

“You are a coward! 

You listen to Cookie Hadle and make false accusations against the sheriff, but when your beloved city police officer reallly gets in trouble you cover it up with let’s see what happens kind of BS… 

Man up, your damn near one anyway… “” 

I tracked this to the Mitchell Building in Helena, Ron Kosena was assigned to work with, I explained to him about my Death Threat and that I was in Danger, and that my threat had similar wording He Called me Right away ( my life on the line I recorded that Call, Ron Kosena then emailed me. I will post that below, then after he contact the Lincoln County Courts Ron Kosena STOPPED his investigation and STOPPED communicating with me at all. 

“” Subject: Hate mail from State of MT IP space 

From: “Kosena, Ron” 

Date: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 11:59 am 

To: “‘crystal@crystalcox.com’ 

“Hello Crystal, 

I have been assigned to work through the issue of hate mail and death threats with you from an IT perspective. I will require the following information from you in the manner requested: 

Email correspondence: 

1. Open a new mail message and address it to rkosena@mt.gov 

2. Drag and drop all UNOPENED messages into the message body 

3. Click send 

Per your voice mail please provide me the web URL you reference. 

Ron Kosena, GCIH 

Dept. of Administration 

Information Technology Services Division 

Enterprise Operations Center 


406_444_4557 (direct)     “” 

Another Email 

“My sincerest apologies. It is a failure of email is that what is meant to put one at ease can put one ill at ease. 

The reason it seems to be from the same room is that IP you refer to is the host master IP address for the state of Montana domain. In an effort to not overload you with useless information I won’t go into details about how the state of Montana’s IP addresses are NAT’d to the outside, public ring PC’s, exceptions to content filtering, etc. I want you to know that your request is being taken very seriously, and that I will do everything that I can to sort this out to the best of my ability. 

I do need for you to understand that my manager, and our legal team are monitoring what I do with regard to your request for assistance. I will be retaining copies of all our transactions via email for a formal report that I will be submitting to them. Additionally, if the legal office warrants it, my phone records and calls placed to your number will also be provided. That said, I hope you will be a little more at ease with me, and I will be as professional as I can be until the conclusion of this issue is reached. 

From your email at 2:45 today showing an IP address in your stat’s message. 

The IP address is a dynamic global NAT address from my outside firewall. What that means to you is my outside firewall converts an internal IP address to an external IP address which resides as a pool of addresses that can be used on the World Wide Web. As such state of Montana dynamic global NAT’d addresses have a short “time-to-live” after the session connection is broken. I am looking to see if there is a chance that this didn’t roll off our firewall logging; although frankly, I am pretty sure that TTL has expired. 

I will check another tool we have and see if I can yield any results. I will be in touch with you again until sometime Monday 17 August. 

Ron Kosena, GCIH 

Dept. of Administration 

Information Technology Services Division 

Network Operations Security Center 


406_444_4557 (direct) 

406_461_5874 (mobile)” 

Ron Kosena Dropped out of Site on my Case, with no Help to me or Referral of Me to work with anyone else on this Deadly Issue. Ron Kosena did NOT take this seriously or really do anything to Help me. 

However from the Above, I dug deeper and found that the JP Office and the City Court are on this Server as is the Lincoln County Sheriff Office. 

17.   August 6th, 2009, I received a Death Threat from the eMail address CrystalCoxisABitch@yahoo.com (See Exhibit 1, Page 17) 

I received a death threat email in which not only threatened my life but was a hate crime. It could have only been from Sean Boushie. I took the email and the reasons why it could only be him that knew what was in the email, and went to the Eureka Police department. I filed a police report and spoke with the City Judge on duty that day, Stormy Langston, who was also the local Justice of the Peace for the County. She agreed it was Sean Boushie, and that it was a threat, I had a witness with me that day. 

Judge Storm Langston told me to fill out the paperwork for a protective order and come back tomorrow to see her at her Justice of the Peace offices. 

18. On August 7th, 2009, I filed the motion for a protective order with Stormy Langston Justice of the Peace in Eureka, Montana. She Denied the Order immediately and said there was no way to know who it was and completely changed her stance on the issue from the day before. 

19. On Approximately August 12th, 2009, I was subpoenaed by Paul Stramer’s attorney, Thane Johnson, to testify on Paul’s behalf in a Protective Order hearing before Judge Stormy Langston in Eureka Montana. 

In this hearing, Sean Boushie had stated he feared for his life from his father in law, Paul Stramer. I was going to testify about Sean Boushies death threat to me, which discussed Paul Stramer in the threat. I was not allowed to testify that day and Sean Boushie was granted an order of protection against Paul Stramer. 

20. August 18, 2009 11:27:42 AM, I sent the following eMail below to local cops, highway patrol, commissioners, the governor, senators and more with attached proof, webstats and reasons why Sean Boushie was the only person in the entire world that could have sent the death threat. 

“Subject: From Crystal L. Cox Regarding My Death Threat. 

Subject:           From Crystal L. Cox Regarding My Death Threat. 

From:   Crystal L. Cox (savvybroker@yahoo.com) 

To:       nduram@mt.gov; aclu@aclumontana.org; boydlcso@yahoo.com; contactdoj@mt.gov; dojwebmaster@mt.gov; Kalispell.SLC@ic.fbi.gov; Helena.SLC@ic.fbi.gov; 

Cc:       bcook@mt.gov; slangston@mt.gov; cstacy@mt.gov; sfarmer@mt.gov; lcatty@libby.org; dlcatty@libby.org; mboris@libby.org; cstewart@libby.org; cclerk@libby.org; mroose@libby.org; tberget@libby.org; jkonzen@libby.org; lcfair@libby.org; shotsrus@libby.org; dkambel@mt.gov; mmiller2@mt.gov; nclark3@mt.gov; dhunter@mt.gov; etinsley@mt.gov; groenkeTK@centurytel.net; johnsontp@centurytel.net; sgaynor@co.missoula.mt.us; laura.berkhouse@mso.umt.edu; prestalk@umontana.edu; 

Bcc:     cuffsnstuff27@hotmail.com; pstramer@gmail.com; ginnyemerson@hotmail.com; dianejkaechele@yahoo.com; mspread@hotmail.com; r-nichols@eurekadsl.net; screwy@kvis.net; montanafreeman@yahoo.com; tenlakesrealty@yahoo.com; bindel@kvis.net; williambiernat@yahoo.com; RKosena@mt.gov; 

Date:   Tuesday, August 18, 2009 7:27 PM 

From Crystal L. Cox, 

I know that you most likely none of you are fans of my blogs. They are Simply the voice of the People, what I am hearing, what I am seeing and I truly do have the best interest of all at heart in my writings. 

I have received a Death threat and this threat is connected to a Government IP address, I have included Stats and Links in this Email to give you a better understanding of what is going on and what is being Ignored, as I await to be “Permanently Put Down”. If you have NOT seen this Death Threat, it is in Justice of the Peace Stormy Langston’s City Court and Justice Court Files as well as Stats and Proof of What I am about to say. 

It has saddened me, the horror of the crimes, what I hear from the victims and that is what started my quest to give victims a voice. Whether it be children stuck in Meth Homes, Rape Victims, Men or Woman, People Beaten or Robbed or even Real Estate Victims, my Quest is to simply give them a Voice. 

Here in Eureka Montana that partly turned into the request, the Petition to recall Sheriff Anderson and from that point I have certainly been in the thick of it as stories come to me daily from many different sources, emails, chats, phone messages, snail mail, and people stopping me in the street. 

I am not out to hurt innocent people and I really do feel that What I am saying is the Truth. Surely with writings, with me voicing my opinion and talking about what I am hearing, surely none of you want me Dead Right? 

I have tracked someone from the IP as is attached to the Stats. Also To give those of you who don’t know a bit more background look at This site, 

The Government IP searched “Sandptcpl” this morning, this Hate Blog has some of the same sentences as my Death Threat. “Sandptcpl” of course being the listed Author of the Above Hate Blog. 

I now know that Justice Court and City Court is On this Mt.gov IP address. I do not know if these computers are password protected when the Judge is NOT around. I do not believe the Judge is involved though she has denied me to Testify for Paul Stramer against the Man who threatened to kill me, though she knew of this site connecting us prior to Paul Stramer’s hearing. 

These MT Government Connected Computers have our private Cases, Private information on Court Related Crimes, Reports, Protective Orders, Emails, or anything that you may tell, give or show a local Justice of the Peace or a City Judge? 

Are their Computers Password Protected or can any cop, office staff, dispatch, highway patrol or cleaning company access that Computer that is linked in with the Montana Supreme Court System? 

Stormy Langston Justice of the Peace in Eureka Montana knows who this man is, knows what he has threatened me with and for some reason seems to be protecting him. 

Allowing him to verbally, with no proof get a Protective Order against Paul Stramer based on his word, his story, and though he lives over 4 hours away from him, and I bring Proof the best I can and My word, My Proof is NOT taken seriously when I have been permanently threatened to be Put Down. Judge Langston would not allow me to testify with proof of this man’s HATRED for Paul Stramer, Why? 

Shocking, now I know local Law, judges, Commissioners do not appreciate my blog, but I do not promote hate, I simply speak out for victims hurt in all this and I Do not Deserve to have the County Boycott my Rights to be be Protected. Or to Ignore My Threat of Being Put down and other Vile attacks and the Proof of the Connection within a local Government Office. I simply have to wait, I have to now Open Carry though that was something I never saw myself doing, I don’t know if it is a cop that is associated with this man or WHO in the local government (MT.gov) network is with him on permanently putting me down, so I wait.. 

I have Proof Of Hate Mail coming from a Government IP Address and I am being denied a Protective Order against another man whom I know has threatened to Permanently Put me Down. 

I want a Permanent Restraining Order based on my Fear, my Word and my Proof and I cannot have that so I am involving the FBI and All State and National Agencies I can and I am going to present my case through an attorney. 

This Government IP Sits on my Site Every Single Day, I have those Stats after Stats, Day after Day. This Government IP is the Jimmy Boston email I posted awhile back, and the local Justice of the Peace has that information, I have not yet discussed this on my Blog Network. I intend to get my story out there. 

Last Week, Stormy Langston Local Justice of the Peace Would not Let Me Testify on behalf of Paul Stramer though my email was extremely threatening and included hatred for and to Paul Stramer.   I offered proof of who this email came from. Stormy Langston gave me a Restraining Order to fill out but said I could put no name as I did not know for sure who it was from. 

Judge Stormy Langston told me she knew it was most likely that person, but she would still not let me put his name on a restraining order based on my word and based on my fear. But she gave this same man a restraining order against Paul Stramer based on his word and NO PROOF.   

I have not written about any of this, though I do have an attorney and do intend to press Criminal Charges if I can. I have not written about it because I felt that first day that Stormy Langston was sincere in her words that “this is not ok” but still I can have no restraining order. 

Now this Man does not live here, and YET can get a restraining order on a Eureka Resident. The Judge heard him say he is moving back here FULL time, he is now only here on the weekends. She knows the HUGE risk in all this and still no Permanent Protective Order, I simply cannot write his name on it with stacks of proof, yet she goes on his word alone with NO PROOF. 

Now if you look at my site, or in Stormy’s file That I gave her you will see an email from a Jimmy Boston, this email calls me a Coward Same as the Death Threat Email. It touches on Officer Cavoretta same as the Death Threat and touches on my personal life same as the Death Threat. You Can See My Concern. 

I was pretty convinced as of last Friday that Neil Duram was Talking with the Guy at the University of Montana , and that together they had both sent me hate mail and put my life in danger. Today I am assured that Neil Duram is not that kind of guy, the kind that would threaten to permanently put me down. Today I am told that Neil Duram is a kind man and that he would no way ever do anything even closely related to this as the person who told me has known him for decades apparently. 

At first I believed it may be Neil Duram because I know his family has been friends with the family of That Guy, for at least 16 years and most likely longer. 

So I am left with Who ever has access to Stormy Langston, the Mayor or other local official computers networked in with the State of Montana . So really it could be anyone in the Cop Shop Downtown or the Justice of the Peace office that is Coherting with the Person who threatened to Kill me. 

He knows that Stormy Langston will do nothing, though it sure seemed that she really was concerned about the Death Threat Email I got, still I cannot testify about it, I cannot get a restraining order in his name. So I am left in a Grave Situation and my only option is the FBI, the Attorney and Getting this Story Told. 

I am being forced to present my proof to the masses for those paid to protect me will not simply because I exercise the Right of Freedom Of Speech. 

What I personally witnessed in being asked to testify on behalf of Paul Stramer is Shocking and the People have a right to know. 

I will be presenting my Case to the highest courts and to the people, with a tight paper trail, and I am hoping that you are on board with helping me find who wants to permanently put me down, and if your not then your Non-Reply will surfice as your statement of such. 

I am sure you will tell ALL the local cops this, and that is fine, because from the information I am getting this Hate Mail is most like from one of them unless it is from the Mayor or From Stormy Langston and I really believe that Stormy Langston is simply caught in a Political Firestorm and Really would like to Protect Me. 

I have a Paper Trail, I have Stats, I have Real Fear, Real Concern and a Real Provable threat and yet cannot have a Restraining order against this man, by name. 

Someones blood will be on your hands, and I hope to GOD it is not mine, as you let this happen to me because I am opinionated, because I blog. 

I will be forced to Post the Email, to Present my case, my Stats to the Public, to the FBI and to get help outside of the Local and Seemingly Corrupt Justice System. 

That in which does not incriminate the innocent of course, will soon be posted, I have no choice but to have a record of the Protection I am Refused. This man is dangerous, Stormy Knows it and Still I can put no Name on the Restraining order nor testify to how dangerous he is while she gives the WRONG man a Protective Order. 

My Life has been threatened and I cannot get a Protective Order, but this man accuses with no proof another local man and I am NOT allowed to Testify and I am NOT allowed a voice or any protection. . 

Email me Crystal@CrystalCox.com and I will Forward you My Hate Mail. And if you would like I can send you the Stats, the IP Data and what I have Given Stormy Langston and the overseer of Room 6 of the Mitchell Building in Helena Montana. 

I now carry a gun, which was the last thing I ever wanted to do, I have no choice, I am given no protection and have proof. I am getting more proof daily and will prove without a doubt who this person is and after that I will be forced to prove who protected him and why. 

This is an email telling you what is happening to me, do you hate me so much that you will do nothing as someone threatens to Permanently Put Me Down? 

I have Provided Stats to Stormy of 3 to 8 hours a day this man sits on my EurekaMontanaNews.com website and NO ONE DOES THAT, and he is searching his own name as well as Paul Stramer over and over, I have give Stormy Langston, Local Justice of the Peace this Information and Still I am unable to get a Protective Order or Testify as She Gives this Man a Protective order Against Paul Stramer Unjustly. 

I am sure that many of you despise me, however do I not have a Right to Speak My mind peacefully, do I not have a right to want victims to be heard? Will all of you Deny me protection from this Death Threat based on my Data, based on my word.. yet take the word only and no proof of this same man to give him a Protective order against another man with NO PROOF only his word, his fear…. 

I don’t want to believe that a local cop is emailing me hate mail, or that it is a local judge, I simply want to be heard, I have proof of the IP address on the Jimmy Boston Email and I know that Same IP address is on my site ALL day everyday.. as is the University of Montana where the man I feel threatened to kill me works, and it seems by the search terms and those stats that these 2 sources are talking and well it is about me. 

So though you do not like me, most likely.. This is a Serious issue and one that I intend to bring the FBI in on as well as other government agents as I prove without a doubt his identity and the identity of the local government official or agent that has sent me Hate Mail from the IP address as in Stormy Langston’s file on all this. 

From Room 6 of the Mitchell Building in Helena which the computer system connected to the Local JP office and the Local City Court. I hope that when Stormy Langston is not using her Government Computer that is said to be on the same system as the Montana Supreme Court, that she has this system is indeed, Password protected at least.. other wise any cop, office staff, dispatch, highway patrol or cleaning company access that Computer that is linked in with the Montana Supreme Court System? 

This is not a Story currently on my HUGE Montana News by the People for the People News Network, I am not talking about it except with the FBI, my Attorney, and the State of Montana, I know after this email many of you will Chat, Gossip and Tell everyone you know about all this, oh well.. how can it get much worse. 

For now I know my Stalker, the one who has threatened to Kill me is not in town on the week days, I know he works at the University of Montana and is on my sites 4 to 8 hours everyday searching his own name. So I don’t worry, but on the Weekends I DO .. for he is here in Eureka and he is said to be moving back here permanently yet I cannot have a Permenant Protective Order, I have no right to that. 

And I do worry about the Local Government Employee that is attached to the user name “sandptcpl” as well with searching it this morning, this person also seems to Hate me.. as seen by the above blog, with the same sentences as my Death Threat. 

Imagine My Surprise when My Hate Mail was Coming out of Room Six of the Mitchell Building in Helena . 

I assume by now you have all Read my Death Threat in Justice of the Peace Stormy Langston’s files at City Court and at the Justice Court Offices. If not email me at Crystal@CrystalCox.com and I will forward it to you. 

My Death Threat is Connected to this Government IP address and I Demand to Be Taken Seriously, I have Proof, NO ONE will Listen. 

Lincoln County North Annex Building in the Justice Court Eureka Montana.. all have a MT.gov Email, so they must all connect to the Mitchell Building IP Address. 

The Late hours, and VERY early mornings of the Stats lead me to believe it is a Cop, a Highway Patrol or a Dispatch.. because judges, and other day job folks have gone home, unless their home computers also link to the MT Gov site. 

Whatever cop or dispatch was working at 6:30 Am this morning Googled “sandptcpl” – which is one more stat to lead me to believe it is out of a Laptop in a Car, a Home Connection to a Government IP or the Cop Shop and not coming out of the Justice Court Building, the hours don’t add up right.. I have attached some stats for you, I have a LOT more. 

Who Would Search his own name over and over but the owner of the name, who would search the local judge the day after his court date, who would be there all day every week day expect their court date with that judge. I have proof again and again and no PERMANENT protective Order. He searchers his name and Paul Stramer.. I Know who he is and I am Not Given Protection, Why? 

This is a Hate Crime, with Google and Yahoo involved it is a Federal Crime, I am being terrorized and I am NOT being Heard. I intend to Tell My Senators, Tell Congress, tell the FBI, tell DHS, and all Advocate Groups around the World what is being denied to me. 

You are leaving me helpless by NOT letting me Testify, by not giving me a Permanent Restraining owner based on my Fear, my Word, my Web Stats, my Documentation and my Proof.  

ACLU Montana, Hate Crimes Act, Civil Liberties, Life Endangerment, Ethics, Discrimination, Montana Bias Motivation by State Agency, Women’s Rights Groups, Cyber Stalking, Death Threats Ignored and more are issues I intend to address. 

I have no Choice but to Fight for My Life. 


Crystal L. Cox 

Broker Owner 

Ten Lakes Realty” 

21. On August 20th, 2009 was my first contact by the University of Montana Police, regarding my report on this matter; 

“Crystal Cox, 

The message you sent to The University of Montana has been forwarded to me for follow up and investigation. Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention. This was the first any of us have heard about this complaint.   I want to help so will need more information. I can call you if you wish but I will start with e-mail. 

You said that your life has been threatened and is in danger.  

  1. Who has made these threats?
  2. What was said?
  3. If threats were made by electronic means can you send copies? Our IT security officer can use the original messages to determine time, source, etc. From that information we will likely be able to attribute the action to one person.
  4. Are there other actions that a suspect has taken that you believe are stalking or threatening in some way? What happened, when, where?
  5. You said there was a letter sent snail mail. Fingerprints can be lifted from paper so please handle that carefully. If you can send a copy that would be great for starters.


Please call or write with any information that will help us help you. Our IT security supervisor is currently taking steps to secure items that may be involved with this investigation and will proceed further once we have more information. 

I look forward to your response. I do not know any of the parties involved in your complaint. 

Jim Lemcke 


Office of Public Safety 

The University of Montana” 


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Photo copyright Friends of Bill Windsor


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