HELP us Build The Comprehensive Database of those Fighting Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption


We need help building THE comprehensive database of those battling corruption.

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet that I have prepared after a year of research off and on.  It contains 4,147 websites, associations, bloggers, and assorted others.  We need help filling in the gaps with missing data.

Please give us just a little bit of your time on this extremely important project….

To effectively battle corruption, we have to get many of the passionate people together on the same page, doing just a few things jointly while continuing to pursue our individual causes.  So, the place to begin this effort properly is with a great database of those who share the common thread of working to bring honesty to government.

Here’s the Anti-Corruption Database Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.  Right click and save it to your computer.

Procedures for Helping Build this Database

1.  Enter a comment at the bottom of this page to indicate that you will be helping, and pick some Rows that you will handle.  So, anyone willing to help should first check the Comments to be sure you are taking Rows that have not been assigned.

2.  Disregard the Columns with a gray background; those are not part of the project.  The Column headings are in Rows 3 and 4.  We want to get as many fields filled as possible between Columns B and R.

3.  PLEASE don’t add any rows before Row 4156 because it will make it impossible for us to merge the spreadsheets from the various helpers.  So, when you spot other websites that need to be added, you may add them starting on Row 4156.

4.  Access the website in Column B for the first Row that you have chosen to do.  Then add any data that you can from a quick review of the website. 

5.  When you have handled a Row, put an X in the FLAG Field.  This tells you and me that this Row has been handled.

6.  Save after each entry to ensure that you don’t lose any of your hard work.  When you have finished your Rows, please email the spreadsheet to

7.  Add a Comment on this story to note that you have completed your Rows.

Column Descriptions

A — FLAG — This is a field where you can put X to indicate you have completed the Row.  You could also insert any other character while working to remind you to finish something or check something…anything you need to “flag” up that Row for further attention before completion.

B — WEBSITE — This is the website URL.  If the URL is invalid, do a Google or Yahoo Search for the Name to see if you can get a different URL.  If the URL is bad, delete it.

C — NAME — Enter the Name of the website.  Most will have a title of some type.

D — EMAIL — Check the Home Page for an email address, and look for a “Contact” link.  This  may require some poking around.  This is really important, so really try.  If the site only has a fill-in-the-box Comments option, please fill in a comment saying: We are attempting to bring those battling judicial corruption and government corruption together.  Please email (your email address or, if you don’t want to use yours) with your phone number so we can provide some important information to you.  Then add the email and phone number to the database when/if you receive something.

E — TELEPHONE — Try to find a phone number on the site, or email and ask for one.

F — CONTACT FIRST NAME — Columns F, G, and H ate for the name of the main contact for the website.



I — CATEGORY — Enter a few words for what you feel is the main focus of the website.  Major CATEGORIES include Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption, Financial Corruption, Family Court, Attorney Misconduct, Police Corruption, Legal System, Media Reform, Guardianship and Elder Abuse, Political Activism, Wrongful Convictions, and others.  If you don’t know, just leave it blank.

J — ABOUT US –Look for the “About Us” page that most websites have.  Copy and paste one paragraph into this field.  BE CAREFUL qas this is the one area where you can mess up the entire database.  Begin by copying and pasting the text to Notepad or a wrod processer page.  Delete any line breaks so the data is clearly in one self-contained paragraph.  If it isn’t, it will overwrite the data in other Rows.  You eliminate any line breaks by going to the end of each row of the texrt, and hitting the DELETE KEY until the text from the line below appears.  Then hit the spacebar to insert a space.  Then do each of the lines of text.  This will give you one paragraph to insert into the field for “ABOUT US.”  When you paste it in, watch to be sure it fills only that one cell.  Hit UNDO if it goes into cells where it shouldn’t be.  Try to fix it in your word processor, or just skip it.

K — ADDRESS — Columns K, L, M, N, and O are for address.  If there is an address on the website, add it.



N — COUNTRY — Almost always USA


P — FAX — Enter the fax number if you see one.

Q — TOLL-FREE — Enter a toll-free telephone number if you see one.

R — GOOGLE PAGE RANK –If you have the Google Toolbar and are familiar with Google Page Rank, enter it here.  If you don’t know what this is, just ignore this Column.  If you do know what it is, hit REFRESH before putting the cursor on the rectangular bar to the right of Bookmarks, because I have found that it may hold a page rank for a previous page, and refreshing will clear this and reflect the proper page rank.

S — NOTES — If you feel there is a need to add a note of any type, add it here.

Now, look at the website to see if it has a list of other websites that it shows as “Links” or “Blogs” or whatever.  You are looking for the names and websites of related sites.  Start at Row 4156, and add the website URL in Column B and the Name of the website in Column C.  Add all that you find.  That’s all you need to do as I will merge/purge these additions with what we already have, and the new ones will be a new project.

Go for It

So, that’s all there is to it.

We will use the database to contact all of these passionate people to enlist them in our mutual efforts to battle corruption.  I will add each website to the Web Links on, and other sites.  We will provide the finished database to anyone who wants it.

If you have any questions, please email me or call me at currently confidential.

THANKS!  Now, Please HELP!


William M. Windsor

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