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One of the regulars who visits here and participates in the Sunday shows suggested that set up a spot for petitions so folks can post links to their petitions.

Well, here’s a start.

Please click on “Read the Full Story,” and you will access a page that lists various petitions.  Please sign all that you can to support our friends….

Justice for Georgia Self-Litigants Petition —


Stop American Censorship —


Pledge of Solidarity for Self-Litigants can be found here —


2FindtheMissing — Our main web site is at  AND OUR petition is found at ADD your Voice.  WE have a site which presents scenarios on how the SYSTEM WOULD WORK AT

Perhaps I can interest you in my petition which advocates for a legislative amendment that would require judges to recuse themselves from cases that involve the universities that employ them as adjunct professors.  These judges have a direct conflict of interest that needs to be addressed by statute.  I realize that this represents only a small part of what needs to be reformed, but for me and others who have been similarly “burned,” it is a good starting point.  My petition can be accessed here:

Who Do You Know?

If you have a personal relationship with any of the people listed below, will you contact Operation Restoration?  Anne Batte — 404-963-1082 —

U S Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Georgia
Judge Joyce Bihary
Judge Paul W. Bonapfel
Judge Robert E. Brizendine
Judge Mary Grace Diehl
Judge W. H. Drake Jr.
Judge Wendy L. Hagenau
Judge James E. Massey
Chief Judge C. Ray Mullins
Judge Margaret Murphy
Judge James R. Sacca

United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
Judge Amy Totenberg
Any other Federal Judges

Superior Court
Judge T. Jackson Bedford – Fulton County
Judge N. Jackson Harris – Cherokee County
Judge Dennis Blackmon – Carroll County

Judge David Emerson – Douglas County

Any other Superior Court Judges

Law Enforcement
Fulton County Marshal Antonio Johnson
Fulton County Sheriff Theodore “Ted” Jackson
Any other county Marshals or Sheriffs

Members of the 2012 General Assembly
Any State Senators
Any Representatives, House of Representatives

State Leaders
Governor Nathan Deal
Attorney General Sam Olens

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