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We need YOUR HELP!  I have announced a plan for ding with government and judicial corruption, and the plan is being implemented NOW.

It’s a simple plan that I believe can be pursued to bring honesty back to our governmentand a restoration of our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Please take a few minutes to see how you can help ….

1.  I need to hear from you.  Please send me an email with a subject line that begins HELP WANTED.  Then we need you to do go on Facebook and make Lawless America your friend.  The Lawless America Facebook page says this:

Lawless America is an effort to get Americans to take a new Pledge. If you want our government officials to tell the truth and act honestly at all times, and if you want all government officials to always protect our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, please become my Friend.

Then please Suggest me (Lawless America) as a Friend to all of your Facebook friends, and then ask them to do the same. My goal is to reach one million people. We will then ask all candidates to sign a contract committing to the Honesty Pledge.

If you do not have a Facebook page, set one up.  You do not have to share your personal information; you can even use an alias, though that makes it hard for your freinds to identify you.

Find more friends on Facebook.  I will add the directions on how to do this.  We need each of us to have at least 200 friends.  When we reach 50,000 Friends on Facebook, we should have connections to 1,000,000 (assuming each of us has 200 friends).

Once we have the numbers, we will start to flex our Honesty muscle!

2.  Volunteer to help do other work.  Please send me a separate email with VOLUNTEER as the first word in the subject line.  Just let me know that you are willing to spend a little time on this.  I will then give you a login and password to our online Project Management site where you can see the types of tasks we have, and you can indicate what you would like to help with.  This Online Project Management System is how we will share ideas and work together on projects.

3.  If possible, tune in to on Sunday from 5 to 7 pm.  I will be broadcasting with folks like you participating on and off camera.  We will discuss how we can bring honesty and our rights back to American government.  I will ask specific questions, and then those participating may respond with their thoughts and ideas.

4.  Please go to YouTube to the USGovCorruption Channel, and become a Friend and Subscribe.  By doing so, this Channel will become one of the most popular under Politics, and we will get far more people educated.  If you are not registered on YouTube, it is free, ad it takes just seconds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we can do the impossible.  I believe that if we rally ouir fellow Americans around our simple Pledge to require honesty in government and protection of our rights under the Constuitution and Bill of Rights, we can build a way to minimize the corruption in government.

I will add much more to this, but the basics are all here — We need people to help us attract more people to this simple Pledge that every honest American should be able to embrace.  There are a lot of ways for us to get more people.  Those will she shown to you if you VOLUNTEER.  We are looking for one key organizer for each state, so if you would like to be the State Chairman for your state, please express your interest with another email.

The problem with most efforts like this is that folks talk a big game but never sign up to actually do anything.  Let’s break that mold.  Please help.

William M. Windsor

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