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Help Bill Windsor get 20,000 Signatures as Candidate for Judge — Here is the Petition Form


William M. Windsor has been nominated as candidate for Chief Magistrate of Cobb County Georgia.

The election is in November, and I need almost 20,000 signatures by noon on July 23, 2012 to get my name on the ballot….

Here is the Petiiton Form that must be used.  The registered voter in Cobb County must sign on the first line, print their name underneath, enter their date of birth, print their address, enter Cobb as the county, and enter the date.  Photocopy the Petition Form as often as needed.


The only way I can get 20,000 signatures is by getting at least 500 people who will commit to get 40 signatures each.  I am asking you to be one of those people whether or not you even live in the Atlanta (Cobb County) area.

Here’s the plan:

Get wonderful people like you to commit to help.

Ask local folks to carry the Petition Forms with them and ask friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and contacts of any and all types to sign.  Simply ask: “Are you a registered voter in Cobb County?  A friend of mine is trying to get his name on the ballot as a candidate for judge.  he would be great.  Would you sign simply to ask Cobb County to put his name on the ballot?”  Note: This isn’t a pledge to support me; it is simply to have the right to be a candidate.

Make sure every person who signs provides all of the data and puts it in the right place.

I am going to schedule one Saturday when I ask supporters to meet with me, and we will hit the streets to get as many signatures as possible.

Now, if you aren’t an Atlanta area resident, I will provide you with a list of 200 registered voters, and I ask you to make contact with some of these folks in an effort to get someone who will commit to go out and get 40 signatures.  Contact people on the list, or ask your own relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. if they know some people who live in the Atlanta area.  Then contact those people as you may have the best chance with people with whom there is some type of connection.

We plan to go to malls and anywhere there are large numbers of people.  We plan to ask businesses to put up a small poster with the Petition Forms.

I have received some great ideas, and I will incorporate all of them.  Please let me hear form you if you have ideas.

I will record a video with instructions on the signature gathering.

Here’s the story about my candidacy.

Here’s the website —

Here’s a video about my candidacy.

Thanks everyone.  Let’s prove that David can still at least get the opportunity to challenge Goliath.

William M. Windsor

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