UPDATE: Grand Jury asks Windsor to present his EVIDENCE of Criminal Racketeering by Federal Judges and Others


As regular readers know, the Fulton County Georgia Grand Jury was to vote on August 9, 2011 on whether or not to consider my evidence (William M. Windsor) of hundreds of crimes and criminal racketeering by federal judges in Atlanta, Georgia.

I guess they voted TO HEAR IT, as I was handed a letter from the Grand Jury Foreman asking me to submit my evidence.


I hope this isn’t just a charade to make me go away.  I’m afraid I am very skeptical about everything at this point.

But, they asked for it, and they shall receive it!

I spent the day on Tuesday sitting in the lobby holding my HELP sign.  Once again, hundreds of people passed by with not a soul offering to help.

When I saw Deputy Sheriff Roye not long after I arrived, I gave her a Letter to the Grand Jury Foreman.  She said she would give it to him, and she did.  I didn’t see her again for several hours, and when I did, she gave me the Letter from the Grand Jury Foreman.

The last sentence of the letter is completely false.  O.C.G.A. 15–12-74 says: 

“Grand jurors have a duty to examine or make presentments of such offenses as may or shall come to their knowledge or observation after they have been sworn. Additionally, they have the right and power and it is their duty as jurors to make presentments of any violations of the laws which they may know to have been committed at any previous time which are not barred by the statute of limitations.”

So, the Grand Jurors now have knowledge of offenses because I have brought them to their attention.  It is now their duty to investigate and make Presentments. 

While Grand Jury Foreman Mr. Steven Broadbent doesn’t say so, I must assume that this letteer was the result of a vote of the 23 Grand Jurors.  So, that’s good.  There were at least 12 who felt the evidence should be reviewed.  They have asked for evidence, so I see that as a HUGE positive.  On Friday, they will have it!

I searched “Steven Broadbent,” and I discovered that he is a politician (not favorable).  He lost in an effort to be elected Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners (the top dog in the county).  My gut tells me that he is unlikely to be supportive unless he feels disclosing this could get him a lot of votes.  That’s probably foolish for me to think, because I believe he would lose all support from the corrupt politicos.

I went back down to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office for a meeting with a District Attorney honcho at 3:00 on August 9.

I met with Mrs. Rebecca Keel.  She is one of the top lieutenants to District Attorney Paul Howard, Jr.  She has a nice corner office.  I had no idea she was as important as she is.

We talked for about 45 minutes.  She knew very little about my story or my efforts other than the fact that she passed by me in the lobby many times over the past month.  So, I gave her a short synopsis.

She seemed surprised by what I told her.  She seemed shocked by some of the wrongdoing that I shared.  I would love to think that she really cares, but that’s a hard leap to make after she and the DA’s Office have ignored me for years and have actively interfered with my efforts for the last two months.

I asked Mrs. Keel to ask the Grand Jury to let me speak with them.  She said she would.  So, we’ll see what happens on Friday, August 12, when they next meet.  I’ll be there with my HELP sign in the lobby, and I will present my evidence and a response to the Grand Jury Foreman upon arrival.

I’ll work virtually around the clock between now and then to prepare a cover letter, formal charges affidavit, and a CD-ROM with evidence galore.  Here is the current draft of my planned presentation; I will have no more than eight minutes.  I want to try to get their attention in the eight minutes and hope they ask questions and invite me back.


William M. Windsor

 P.S. If anyone has a Grand Jury charge for Georgia RICO, please send it to me.  I have federal but not Georgia.

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