Government Corruption: I Have a Plan



I have a plan for dealing with government and judicial corruption. Please be at your computer from 5 to 7 pm on Sunday, February 27 for the Government Corruption Crisis Conference.

Please consider some of what will be discussed, and take just a few minutes to see how you can help ….

There are a lot of concerned people, a wide variety of organizations, and bloggers galore, but what no one has been able to accomplish is the development of a collective effort by a large number of people to actually achieve something.

I don’t say this to be critical of any of the wonderful efforts out there, but the fact is that corruption has just gotten worse.

I have communicated with hundreds of people, and I have spent many hours reviewing websites.  As a result, I believe I have identified some very specific challenges and problems, and I have concrete ideas for dealing with these.

I’m not a genius, but I do have a rather unique background that by accident positions me to have a shot at amassing a large number of people.  Walt Myers has been working at a plan to fix the government for 20 years.  Walt says we have to address the problem, not the symptoms of the problem.  In my view, the core problem is corruption/dishonesty in government.  The most significant challenge is pulling a large number of people together.  Tune in on Sunday, February 27 from 5 to 7 pm to hear my ideas, the ideas of others, and to share your ideas.

 Now, here’s what you can do to help: We need to encourage every concerned person/group with a blog or a website to participate on the 27th.  They are all key to the plan.  So, please go onto the blogs that you frequent, and invite the blogger and the followers to tune in — especially the blogger.  Do the same with your favorite websites; contact the people in charge, and invite and encourage them to participate.  Tell them that we will be discussing a plan that will help them realize their goals and objectives.

The Government Corruption Crisis Conference will have two primary goals.  First, we will pull together a core group of concerned citizens.  Second, we will hear specific ideas and will brainstorm for other ideas that we can implement to build a large number of people who can actually accomplish something.

William M. Windsor

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