Georgia Judge Daphne Walker is charged with Corruption in Atlanta, Georgia — Clayton County Georgia


Georgia Judge Daphne Walker is charged with corruption in Atlanta, Georgia — Clayton County Georgia. 

As stated in a previous article published on LawlessAmerica.com regarding Judge John C. Carbo III, after the brutal murder of my unborn child on March 2, 201o by Clayton County law enforcement and the attempted murder of my teenage son and me, Judge Daphne Walker became a player in the conspiracy by aiding and abetting law enforcement in perfecting and filing in the court record, a severely fraudulent arrest warrant after the fact.

With criminal intent, not only to cover up / conceal murder / feticide and other crimes committed at the crime scene and elsewhere, Judge Daphne Walker made it appear as if officers had a warrant to enter my home.

My name is Shellie Youhoing-Nanan, and this is my story…

I hereby charge Chief Judge Daphne Walker as I previously charged Judge John C. Carbo III (partners in crime), with the same offenses of criminal racketeering (RICO) crimes as serious as conspiracy, murder for hire, conspiracy to cover up/ conceal murder/ feticide and attempted murder, mail fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States from lawful function, violation of oath of office, treason, attempted murder, misprision of felony, misprision of treason, failure to prevent conspiracy, conspiracy against rights, fraud upon the court, false arrest, false imprisonment, and numerous other serious crimes.

Investigation reveals that Judge Daphne Walker committed further crimes against me — crimes as severe as perjury and subornation, forgery and false swearing.  The investigation reveals that Judge Daphne Walker allowed police officers from the Clayton County Police Department to utilize the court to forge Officer Kyle Colbert’s signature and placed said forged signature on the fraudulent warrant.   This was done with criminal intent to appear as if Officer Colbert witnessed me obstructing the officers responsible for the murder of my unborn child, despite the fact that investigation reveals that Officer Colbert was not even on duty at the time the incident occurred.

Judge Daphne Walker further used her notary stamp, her signature as a judge, and the stationery of the court, to swear and attest that Officer Kyle Colbert was the one who appeared before her and obtained the fraudulent warrant.  This is undoubtedly, one of the most criminal acts for any judge to be involved with.  As stated earlier in my article published against Judge John C. Carbo III, this fraudulent warrant perfected by Judge Daphne Walker and Clayton County law enforcement was used as a pretext to falsely prosecute and falsely accused me of crimes that did not occur.   I was even charged with a crime for calling 911 on the day of the incident, despite the fact that SWAT teams and officers were at my door to murder me.

23 counts of fraudulent charges brought against me by the prosecution and the state that could have landed me an innocent victim in prison for the next 20 years of my life.   I was also charged with crimes for refusing to open my door and also refusing to obey the orders of SWAT team officers who trespassed on my property and ordered me a (pregnant woman) to lay down on my cold, wet deck partially naked, not only endangering the life of my unborn child, but also exposing my naked body to all male officers who were present on the outside of my home.

The officer who murdered my unborn child, Sergeant William T. Cassells, confessed after the murder that on the day of the incident, he received a phone call from another Sergeant, telling him to come to my home and apprehend me because I was a wanted fugitive.   This was done despite the fact I am a law abiding citizen who has been a pillar of the community for numerous years.

In furtherance of the conspiracy and to effect the illegal purpose thereof, I was informed that the day after the murder while I was still incarcerated, officers from the Clayton County Animal Control came back to my home and searched my home for the second time in a row.  However, when nothing illegal was found in my home, in an act of retaliation against me, these officers proceeded to my back yard and confiscated all the animals in my backyard.  The Police Department later sent me an extortion letter threatening to kill all the animals if I did not pay the sum of $1,800.

The fate of these innocent animals is unknown at the moment because I did not pay the ransom money.  There is no doubt that Judge Daphne Walker is a corrupt judge.  She must be investigated, exposed, and imprisoned for her role in the conspiracy to murder my unborn child, the innocent animals, and later set me up to stand trial for crimes that did not exist.

written by Shellie Youhoing-Nanan

William M. Windsor

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