Corrupt Judge

Dishonest Federal Judge: William S. Duffey

Corrupt Judge

Judge William S. Duffey is horribly corrupt.

Judge Duffey called me “scurrilous and irresponsible” because I sued his friend, Judge Orinda D. Evans.

When my lawsuit was assigned to his court, he pretended he could be impartial. 

I didn’t believe a word he said because his actions proved otherwise.

I am still dealing with Judge Duffey on two matters, including my big lawsuit against all of the evil-doers.

He is every bit as dishonest and corrupt as Judge Orinda D. Evans. 

I presented this to him for filing on October 18, 2010 — Motion to Compel Production for In Camera Inspection.  If he will simply grant this Motion and inspect the two documents, I am sure that this nightmare will be heading for a close because the fraud upon the courts will be proven.  As I see it, the only reason for Judge Duffey to deny this motion would be for the purpose  of protecting his friend and next-door neighbor, Judge Orinda D. Evans.

Here is the opening portion of the Motion that was filed on October 17, 2010:

“1.               William M. Windsor (“Windsor”) has been raped by this Court, Judge Evans, Carl Hugo Anderson, the Plaintiffs, the judges of the Eleventh Circuit, and the Clerk of the Court.  Legally raped.

“2.               If this Court is deep-down honest and decent, now is the opportunity to set the record straight and do the right thing.  This Court had the audacity to call me “scurrilous and irresponsible,” but I am the only honest person around.  Perhaps this Court let its friendship with Judge Evans cloud its thinking.  Now is the opportunity to set the record straight and do the right thing.

“3.               Windsor is intent on blowing the lid completely off the corruption in the federal courts in Atlanta.  This weekend, letters were sent to virtually every United States Senator and Congressman and to most of the governors.  Letters were sent to every daily newspaper in the country, all of the television networks, hundreds of web sites, and all of the local media.  Windsor is taking ads in the Fulton County Report seeking others with information about the corruption to come forward.  Windsor has spent many hours working on, and he will continue to document all of the dishonesty, lies, and corruption on the website for the world to see.  Windsor will be listing every lie and every improper action on the website with the proof.  If needed, Windsor fully intends to spend the rest of his life working to get the crooks involved brought to justice.

“4.               At this point, Windsor has no choice but to maintain the view that this Court belongs on the list of Corrupt Atlanta Judges.  This Court is yet to do anything that would change that classification.  But now is the opportunity to set the record straight and do the right thing.

“5.               All you have to do is spend 60 seconds of your life reviewing the first page of two documents that are right there in the courthouse.  Sign an order, get the documents, and put an end to this misery and abuse once and for all!

“6.               Windsor hereby moves for an Order compelling Judge Orinda D. Evans (“Judge Evans”) or a Clerk of the District Court for the Northern District of Georgia to produce documents for in camera inspection by this Court.  This motion is pursuant to Rules 34 and 37 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Court’s Inherent Powers, and any other applicable statutes or rules.  Judge Evans or a Clerk of the Court must be compelled to produce the documents filed under seal on February 15, 2007 in Doc.168 in Civil Action No. 1:06-CV-0714-ODE (“MIST-1″).

“7.               The production of these documents will prove that there has been fraud upon the courts in the underlying actions.  The documents should make it easy for this Court to take action necessary to protect Windsor’s Constitutional rights.  These documents will make it easy for this Court to see that the Plaintiffs and Carl Hugo Anderson have dirty hands, and actions of the Eleventh Circuit were based upon fraud by Carl Hugo Anderson.

“8.               Windsor has said for years that Carl Hugo Anderson and the Plaintiffs are pathological, corrupt liars.  Windsor has filed all of the proof with the courts, but this Court has seemingly ignored the proof.  Judge Evans certainly ignored it, and any judge who believes what Judge Evans says needs to see a doctor.

“9.               This Court required Windsor to produce a letter from his doctor to PROVE that he has been having eye surgery.  Windsor did so.  Another copy of that letter is attached as Exhibit A.  Windsor previously provided medical receipts, prescriptions, and other information to document dates and procedures.  All of this was done because this Court felt that Windsor, who has never lied in court in his life, needed to prove that he was telling the truth.

“10.             This Court must now require the same of Judge Evans and Carl Hugo Anderson.

“11.             In recent weeks, Carl Hugo Anderson has demonstrated his pathological lying for this Court.  He has written two letters to this Court accusing Windsor of lying to this Court, and he has stated in both letters that Windsor never provided a doctor’s letter for the Court.  Those are bald-faced lies, and this Court knows it.  This Court has multiple copies of Dr. Kaufman’s letter as does Mr. Carl Hugo Anderson.  These letters are Exhibits B and C.

“12.             Carl Hugo Anderson’s October 15, 2010 letter is a violation of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.  (My response is Exhibit K hereto.)

“13.             Carl Hugo Anderson has many copies of the letter from Dr. Kaufman.  Windsor faxed a copy to him and to Mr. Huber, and Windsor has the fax confirmation page to prove it.  Windsor mailed him the September 23 letter that he sent to this Court with a copy of the letter from Dr. Kaufman (Exhibit D).  A copy was included as an exhibit to several filings that Windsor personally sent to Carl Hugo Anderson (Appeal Nos. 10-11981 and 10-10139-AA).  These are Exhibits E and F.  It has also been submitted to the Court in 1:09-CV-02027-WSD as Exhibit 4 to the AFFIDAVIT OF WILLIAM M. WINDSOR IN SUPPORT OF OBJECTION TO ORDER DATED SEPTEMBER 23, 2010, and Windsor personally sent this to Mr. Anderson as well.  (Exhibit G.)

“14.             Carl Hugo Anderson claimed this same BS a week ago, and Windsor sent detailed information in response. (Exhibit H.)  According to Windsor’s count, he has received at least five copies of the letter from Dr. Kaufman plus the one attached hereto!

“15.             Carl Hugo Anderson is a crook.  He is a terminally dishonest attorney who will say and do anything.  The truth is meaningless to him.

“16.             This demonstration of the blatant dishonesty of Carl Hugo Anderson must spur this Court to look at all of the evidence against Carl Hugo Anderson and his clients.  At a hearing, Windsor can subpoena Mr. Brian Raley and Mr. Jim Penland who can educate the court about numerous cases of falsification by Carl Hugo Anderson.  Windsor can present documents in which Carl Hugo Anderson lies along with documents that prove those lies.  Windsor can present many hundreds of unsworn statements in various court filings for which there is no proof whatsoever, but for which Windsor can identify the court documents that prove the statements to be false.   Windsor can present the deposition testimony of Maid’s CFO, Robert J. Schul, in which he identifies a number of documents that were delivered to Carl Hugo Anderson but were never produced to Alcatraz or Windsor.  Windsor can also show documents that magically appeared a year or so after they were requested after Maid deponents gave testimony that indicated the existence of those documents.  Windsor can show statements made by Carl Hugo Anderson in court to Judge Evans that were declared absolutely false by his own witnesses in their depositions.  Windsor can show written claims by Carl Hugo Anderson that documents were provided to the Defendants before discovery closed, and then after one of his witnesses left in the middle of her deposition expressing concern over perjury, he ultimately admitted that he had not produced the two sworn affidavits that he obtained from this witness.  Windsor can show documents that were produced in response to a request for production (all were filed with the court as proof of what was produced); Windsor can then show you those same documents but bearing handwritten notes that were used at summary judgment.  Windsor can show lies in Carl Hugo Anderson’s summary judgment filing that are proven by affidavits that he had in his hands for more than a month.  Windsor can show outrageous lies made by Carl Hugo Anderson in 2010 in filings with the various courts, and he can show depositions and court testimony that prove these to be absolutely, completely, totally false.  Windsor can show filings made by Carl Hugo Anderson containing statements that he wanted the courts to believe, and Windsor can show documents and evidence and testimony that was in Carl Hugo Anderson’s hands that caused him to know he was filing false sworn pleadings.

“17.             Judge Duffey, the extreme dishonesty of Carl Hugo Anderson and his clients is proven in a file in the courthouse.  If Carl Hugo Anderson did not commit fraud upon the courts by filing bogus documents under seal with Judge Evans, then why has he fought every effort to have the seal lifted on these now publicly-available documents?  There can be only one reason: FRAUD.  If he had not committed fraud, it would be simple to say, okay, take a look at the documents.  But no, Carl Hugo Anderson has to do everything that he can to block this, because his goose is cooked when those documents see the light of day.  It will take you one minute to review these documents in camera.  Windsor is providing the documents obtained from the government of Ontario and New York State, and what is on file under seal either matches or it doesn’t. (Exhibits I and J.)  If there isn’t a match, FRAUD is proven.

“18.             Carl Hugo Anderson’s dishonesty has been demonstrated to you through his false letters.  Let’s end this.  Examine the documents!

“19.             Why has Maid opposed Windsor’s efforts to obtain these documents repeatedly since the documents became publicly available through other sources and have been posted on the Internet for all to see?  Why has Judge Evans retained legal counsel to file a motion for her in her own court to block Windsor’s access to these documents?  Why did Judge Evans ignore a second subpoena?  Why did Judge Evans ignore the motion to lift the seal and then deny the motion with no legal justification whatsoever?  Windsor believes the only answer is that Maid and Judge Evans have something to hide that will exonerate the Defendants in this matter and force them to face fraud charges.”


I have filed a Petition for Writ of Mandamus to disqualify Judge Duffey as a judge in my cases:

Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Appendix – Volume A

Appendix – Volume 1

Appendix – Volume 2

Motion to Compel Production of Documents for In Camera Inspection

I need to add a great deal more about this crook.  He is a gangster — an out-and-out criminal masquerading as a judge.  There should be a special place in Hell for people like Duffey.

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