Did you know you can get Life in Prison for sleeping in your own bed — See this story in Lawless America…The Movie


Ryan Holle is serving life without parole in Florida for a crime committed by someone else while he was at home in bed asleep.

Ryan Holle loaned out his car to one of his friends who used the car to commit a burglaryThe men involved in the burglary murdered 18 year old Jessica Snyder during the commission of the crime.

The State of Florida says Ryan Holle is guilty of loabing a car to his roommate and is therefore guilty of the murderSee this outlandish story and many others in Lawless America…The Movie.

Ryan’s friend and some others went to a local weed dealer’s home to steal marijuana and money from a safe. As a result, the law allowed the prosecutor to charge Ryan – who was not present at the burglary and had no way of knowing a murder was going to occur since it was not a planned event – with felony murder.

The night before the burglary and murder, Ryan had a party at his residence. Those who attended had been drinking late into the night. Ryan went to bed around 5 a.m. and was sleeping when he was approached by his roommate about borrowing his vehicle to rob the safe. He was still intoxicated from the night before. Ryan had loaned his car out previously and did not believe that the men would go through with the robbery. He certainly did not know that a murder would result. Upon giving his roommate the keys to his car he went to sleep.

The felony murder doctrine, which exists in some capacity in the majority of states, maintains that if a death occurs during the commission of a felony (such as burglary), the state may prosecute anyone who has involvement in the felony. This is regardless of the degree of participation. Even though Ryan was at home sleeping when the crimes occurred, his act of loaning out his car (something he had done before without incident) was enough to allow the prosecutor to charge him as though he committed a first degree murder.

Ryan Holle is currently serving his time in the Graceville Correctional Facility in Graceville, Florida.  He has been there since 2004.  Without intervention, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Ryan’s conviction is a travesty of justice. The felony murder rule is an outdated, archaic doctrine that allows prosecutors to abuse their power and charge people in excess of their true culpability. Ryan’s case is an example of why this law is unjust and it shows precisely why it is unconstitutional.

To date, ONLY three states have abolished the felony murder rule completely.  Lawless America and The Revolutionary Party call for the Felony Murder Rule to be abolished in every state and for all those convicted under this inhumane, Unconstitutional law to have their convictions vacated.

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The Basics

Lawless America…The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America.  We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do.  America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state.  The Movie will focus on victims.  Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true.  In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realized what happened to them.

One feature length documentary movie is being produced.  It will be shown in theaters, on Netflix, Blockbuster, and other such video places, and the movie will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals. 

In addition, videos will be produced for each state and for each type of corruption.  Everyone who is interviewed for the film will record a three-minute segment that will be done as testimony before Congress as well as a 30-60 minute on-camera interview with Bill Windsor, founder of LawlessAmerica.com and GRIP, and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.  The legislators in each state will receive the testimony from those in their state, and the members of the U.S. House and Senate will receive all of the testimony nationwide. 

Over 1,500 people are already scheduled to be interviewed for the movie.  We will continue to accept as many requests as possible.  

The 50-state road trip is planned to take 174 days.  Here is the itinerary for Lawless America…the Movie.  The road trip starts in Atlanta and heads North and travels counterclockwise around the country.  Upon the return to Atlanta, Bill Windsor will fly to Hawaii and Alaska and will spend one day in Olympia Washington and Portland Oregon.  

All filming will be done either at the State Capitol, at a courthouse in the state capital, in a meeting room near the Capitol, or at a nearby hotel.  For those who are unable to travel to the capital, you can still appear in the videos by recording your own video or by being interviewed on camera by Bill Windsor using a webcam and Skype.  Webcams are available on loan to those who need one for their interview.

It is our plan that this movie can educate many, many people about the reality that America is broken.  We will expose many corrupt judges and government officials.  We hope to generate a lot of publicity about corruption that the mainstream media usually hides from the public. 

We will deliver proposed judicial reform legislation to the governor and legislators at each state Capitol. 

We will make room in the film schedule for anyone with a great story of corruption.  Email bill@lawlessamerica.com. 

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