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Diary of a Momma filmed for Lawless America…The Movie — Heather Taylor’s Child “Protective” Services Nightmare Continues

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I met Heather Taylor in Augusta, Maine.  She found a story that I wrote online, and she showed up at the hotel hoping to tell her story.  And tell her story she did.

Heather and her sweet children are victims of what is called “human services,” “social services,” or “department of children and families,” “child protective services.” and various other misnomers.

This is the Diary of Heather Taylor. 

On Monday, July 16, 2012 at 9:15 a.m. Barbara Keene came down to Conference Room C at Dept of Health & Human Services at 35 Anthony Ave in Augusta, Maine where we have the visits with our children Wayne Taylor, Jr , Peter Taylor, and Rain Taylor.  She informed us that there had been an “episode” with Peter over the weekend, but that he was okay. She went on to say that Peter had threatened to suffocate himself so that he would be moved from one foster home to another until there were no foster homes left, thinking that he would then be returned home to us.  Barbara stated that Suzie and Mike, the foster parents, told Peter he needed to go to the hospital to be evaluated. Peter then started laughing and saying that he was only joking. The foster parents explained that if he did this again he would have to go to the hospital regardless.

I told Barbara that this did not sound like Peter, that he had never done that before. She pointed out that I had told her Friday (July 13, 2012) when we met to do our reunification plan, I had told her that Peter was regressing due to be taken away. I agreed that we did have that conversation but continued to say that something wasn’t right with this situation.


When the kids got to DHHS, Peter was the first one into the room and was flying (running) to the visit room. He came into the room and ran directly to me crying momma and grabbed me and broke down. He was crying and saying that Mike and Suzie told him he had to go to a hospital with a special room with padded walls and that “he would never see me again”. I tried telling him not to threaten anything like that again, but he didn’t acknowledge what I said. He continued to tell me that he wouldn’t see me anymore. I tried to reassure him that I would always see him no matter what.   Barbara had told us she did not want us discussing this event with Peter at the visit, like it was a taboo subject. But Peter was scared and needed to know that I would always be there for him.   Wayne Jr. was very distant during this visit and didn’t want to interact much. 

My mother had attended this visit, and at 10:30 had to leave to go do an errand with my father. I had to go to the bathroom so walked her to the lobby. Upon my return, I found Peter laying on the floor screaming in pain and holding his stomach. I tried to play with him a little to see if it was an attention thing, but didn’t get much of a reaction besides the screaming. I talked to him and observed him as he was laying there screaming telling me how bad his stomach hurt. I asked him if Suzie was giving him his stomach medicine and he said no. The visit supervisor, Heather, asked if I wanted her to call the worker and I said yes so she tried to call Barbara Keene. Barbara came down to the room and said Peter was going to the emergency room. Peter was screaming that Suzie says he is faking and will not take him to the hospital when his stomach hurts. I tried to reassure him that he was in fact going to the hospital as Barbara was involved now and had already said he could go to the hospital. We were allowed to walk the kids to the front lobby this one time because none of them would leave the visit willingly. Wayne Jr is saying he is never talking again and his face is all red and hes refusing to move. Rain is hiding under the table all hysterical and screaming when she is pulled out saying “I don’t want to go back to suzies they are mean” and physically being pulled from us as she is screaming. At one point she was trying to pull away from the visit supervisor screaming “I want Jr, I want Jr”.  Peter is still laying on the floor screaming in pain. 

So we get to walk them out so they will leave the room. We get to the lobby and Suzie takes Rain from me, who is still crying. Peter grabs onto me and says “momma I want you to go with me.” I told him they wouldn’t allow me to go but that he would be alright. I told him Id call Dr. Kootz and let him know what was happening so he could make sure Peter got medical care. Peters crying telling me “Mike says it’s bullshit”, “They don’t believe me, they say Im faking and wont take me to the hospital”. Suzie is standing there with the worker Barbara and is being told to take him to the hospital. Peters begging me to go saying “Momma they are lying. They wont take me to the hospital”. I tried to tell him they had to and that it would be ok. My kids all left the building crying and begging for help. 

I tried calling Barbara two times that afternoon and left voice messages, but never heard from her. 

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012 I tried to call Barbara Keene to get information on Peter. Left message. I called Dr. Fannin and asked for his assistance in finding out if Peter was getting medical treatment for his stomach pain. I called Gardiner Family Practice and spoke to Sheila, who said she wasn’t sure what was going on or how much she could tell me but would find out and call me back. (She never did.) I also called Cathy Cyr Barbara’s supervisor to try to get some information. Left her a message. 

At 2:24 p.m. Barbara Keene called me and informed me that when Peter left with suzie he started saying his stomach didn’t hurt, he was just playing. Suzie took the kids to the boys and girls club and dropped them off. Suzie stated that Peter was “hopping all around” and didn’t act sick. She did NOT take him to the hospital as she had been instructed to do. She waited until 4:45 p.m. and took him to Gardiner Family Practice where the dr that he had never seen before and did not know his history said he coulnt find anything wrong, though NO TESTS WERE PREFORMED. Not sure exactly how or when, but at some point between Monday night and this conversation, Peter had supposedly threatened to burn down the foster home and burn all the trees surrounding it so he “could go back home”. I told Barbara this did not sound like my son at all and that it was my opinion that someone was messing with Peters head. At this point, the worker says that Peter is telling a bunch of people that Wayne Sr and I are telling him during visits that he should say and do this stuff in order to come home. She went on to say that she checked into this and found it to be untrue, so therefore I should know that Peter is lying about Mike and Suzie doing things or saying things. I told her that was bullshit!!!!! Peter does not lie or fabricate things, and Peter would never say anything against me.  They are trying to make him out to be a liar so they can cover for the foster parents abuse and neglect. 

She gave me the phone number and set times that we are allowed to call Peter. We will have no further visits with him while he is hospitalized, and seems he will be there for an extended period of time.  When I finally got to speak with Peter at 4:20 p.m., he sounded very sad and asked me when he could come home. He said he was playing legos and made a house like ours, with no upstairs, and it has a “secret room”.  He was all drugged up. 

I called him again at 5:39 p.m. and he asked me three times when he can come home. He asked me if I was still fighting in court and then asked when my nect court battle was. I told him I did not know and he said “momma I hope you win this court battle so we can come home”. 

I’m not allowed to answer his questions on that subject or even comfort him and tell him Im working on it. 

They locked my son up because he was not afraid to tell everyone what was going on inside the foster home. This all happened right after he told us about some stuff on Wednesday and was upset calling the foster mother gay and retarded and an idiot. He was revealing the abuse and mistreatment and they wanted to shut him up and make him out to be a problem child so no one would believe him. This is totally wrong!!! 

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