Custody Crime & 3 Ring RICO Criminal Circus



In order to understand how and why Custody Crime happens, read CA NOW Family Court Report.

From CA NOW’s site: In June 2002, CA NOW released the findings of its three year investigation into the ways women are abused by the family court system in California. Based on nearly 300 questionnaires and case studies, the CA NOW Family Court Report 2002 looks at the gender bias, denial of due process, conflict of interest and corruption, and use of false syndromes used to discriminate against, and ultimately, deny women their parental rights in family courts. The report includes statistics rendered from the questionnaire and case study data, as well as historical analysis, and related articles (read the Report Summary).

In order to understand what exactly happens to protective mothers (who may also be battered) in CA Family Court read MOLC’s Warning to Mothers! Family Law Court and the Legal System May be Hazardous to your Health and your Child’s Safety which details the blow-by-blow of how each and every CA system fails mothers and children and each individual actor a mother will enounter while enduring CA Family Court corruption.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these online reports, then please do read (or review) the “What Exactly is Happening in CA Family Law Court” section on this site’s Welcome Page (it’s on the bottom of the page).

TAKE ACTION NOW! ANONYMOUSLY REPORT ALL CORRUPT JUDGES, ATTORNEYS AND EVALUATORS RICO IN CALIFORNIA FAMILY LAW COURT.  Still doubt it’s about corrupt cronyism, racketeering and the almighty buck? SHOW ME THE MONEY TRAIL!!! A good rule of thumb is nearly everyone involved in CA Family Court is in it for the money, but there are 3 core RICO actors that directly aid and abet criminal batterer/child-abusers in every custody-abuse scandal case:

3 RING RICO CRIMINAL CIRCUS ATTORNEYS (for batterers). This RICO actor is the batterer/abuser’s foot-in-the-door. He provides the criminal contacts the batterer/abuser needs: the RICO Judge and the RICO evaluator. This actor calls illegal ex partes, witholds and destroys evidence, engages in stalking, harassment, slander, defamation, fraud, threats and other acts of crime against the mother and child/ren. Without this actor, a criminal batterer would get nowhere. Report this RICO actor to to Judicial Watch’s online reporting agency: Confidential Witness.org, the IRS, FBI, AG and agencies listed on this site’s links page.

JUDGES This RICO actor aids and abets the RICO attorney and batterer/abuser by illegally and criminally denying the mother and abused child restraining orders, by knowingly and foricbly ordering them into continued danger, by egregiously violating the Legislative directive as set out in Family Law Code, by denying due process (habeas corpus) and other constitutional rights to the mother, by violating most–if not all–state and federal statutes related to Child Protection Law and the Federal Child Protection Act, DV law, VAWA, Civil Rights Acts, penal code, etc., by destroying and/or suppressing evidence of the batterer’s criminal conduct (assault and battery, DV, rape, sodomy, incest, attempted murder, etc.), by illegally incarcerating mothers who are victims of crime, by rubberstamping any criminal request from the RICO attorney or RICO evaluator, and by further terrorizing and traumatizing abused children and mothers. This RICO actor orders mothers to undergo fraudulent evaluations (via the RICO evaluator) whenever the mother has evidence of the batterer/abuser’s criminal conduct. This actor may also provide access to the RICO evaluator or order the mother to evaluated by the batterer’s evaluator. Report this RICO actor to Judicial Watch’s online reporting agency: Confidential Witness.org, IRS, FBI, AG, and agencies listed on this site’s links page.

EVALUATORS This RICO actor is almost always Axis II criminal personality disordered and is eagerly exploited and utilized by the RICO Judge and RICO attorney. This actor destroys and/or suppresses all evidence–especially criminal evidence against the batterer/abuser. He or she also fabricates entirely fraudulent reports to criminally and illegally deny the protective mother custody and to intentionally endanger abused children. This actor knowingly engages in defamation, slander and intentional misrepresentation of other clinicians, professionals, law enforcement, agencies, authorative bodies, institutions, corporations, witnesses, etc. This actor is often use different aliases, offices, vehicles, phone-numbers, etc. to avoid detection, subpoeanas and cross-examination. This actor often works directly with RICO judge in slush funds and RICO court-affiliated businesses.

If possible, never, ever go through an evaluation ordered by family court:it is a guaranteed RICO kiss-of-death. If you MUST go through an evaluation ALWAYS create evidence: Always surreptitiously tape record (screw CA law–you need it for the media and evidence) Always have someone trustworthy present during the entire evaluation–it is legal. Aim for: Private Attorney or a Civil Rights Attorney or other legal/Constitutional scholar a Clinical (pyschology or sociology) DV, Child’s Rights or Feminist scholar Journalist (preferably an undercover investigative journalist) Private Investigator (for your appeal and possible cases in the future) Child Right’s Advocate or Scholar Best Option: Undercover FBI Agent to catch RICO actor (evaluator) Women’s Advocate or Scholar Professional or local organizations (Human Rights, Child Rights–invite the whole org)

NEVER sign ANY releases–remember evaluators get abused kids & moms killed for a living NEVER take any tests–better to be in contempt of court than dead, hire your own evaluator NEVER submit all evidence to evaluator since the evaluator destroys/suppresses evidence Always ask for credentials (copy), and try to obtain identifying info: e.g. License plate number Always notify the IRS and see if Evaluator has any other business ventures (visitation, etc.) NOTIFY State AG (let’s see how Jerry does) and the FBI (regional and headquarters) NOTIFY as many Battered Mothers + Child Protection organizations as is humanly possible REPORT this RICO actor to Judicial Watch’s online reporting agency: Confidential Witness.org Everyone else affiliated with CA Family Court? Are in it to serve themselves. The structuring of CA Family Court is one of direct conflict-of-interest and an essential roadmap to RICO corruption. For CA Family Court affiliates , it’s about following the trail of money and falling in RICO-line for the payout. Resistance is met with canceled contracts and loss of RICO kickbacks–or loss of a low-paying, yet high RICO-perk-payout, county job. Who could do this to abused children and women? California’s “System” is glutted with the kind of people who could (California has the highest percentage of Axis II criminal personality disordered); it’s a culture that fosters false elitism and this kind of criminal apathy–and CA Family court is one place where they can hide from the mainstream public view. (According to the National Conference of State Legislatures: CA has the least accountability for Public Corruption than any other state.) Keep in mind that ALL of these actors are CRIMINALS who engage in acts of Public Corruption and other crime.(Public corruption involves a breach of public trust and/or abuse of position by federal, state, or local officials and their private sector accomplices. By broad definition, a government official, whether elected, appointed or hired, may violate federal law when he/she asks, demands, solicits, accepts, or agrees to receive anything of value in return for being influenced in the performance of their official duties.) Public Corruption offenses include: bribery, extortion, government fraud, procurement fraud, kickbacks, and misuse of public authority (malfeasance). Other crimes include obstruction, interference, criminal negligence, inciting criminal violence, willful and malicious conduct, reckless child endangerment, malice aforethought, attempted murder, kidnapping, and being an accessory or accomplice. Did you know that the IRS has a Criminal Investigation Unit with its own Criminal Investigators? IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) Special Agents are duly sworn law enforcement officers who investigate complex financial crimes associated with tax evasion, money laundering, narcotics, organized crime, public corruption, and much more. Get information on reporting and the reporting form here. TAKE ACTION NOW! ANONYMOUSLY REPORT ALL CORRUPT JUDGES, ATTORNEYS AND EVALUATORS ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS OF CORRUPTION PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME (PAS) If protective mothers are the “alienating” parent, why is it that the criminal batterer father ALWAYS seeks to–and succeeds–in alienating the mother physically, legally and emotionally from the abused children she was trying to protect? There is a “PAS phenomenon” occurring, but it is from violent, criminal batterers who cite PAS and use legal system RICO and their own children as tools of violence against the protective parent. PAS is not peer-reviewed, nor recognized by any authoratative body. PAS came from the very demented, disturbed and now deceased mind of Richard Gardner PhD who struggled with his own issues of pedophelia and misogyny. Gardner committed suicide by stabbing himself to death in front of his grown son. Authoritative Bodies Who Denounce PAS National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse National District Attorneys Association American Prosecutors Research Institute National Council on Juvenile and Family Court Justices (click PDF for full report) American Psychological Association American Medical Association and JAMA The Leadership Council (professional org of doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, etc.) Myriad of other Clinical and legal journals and National and Int’l Children’s Rights Organizations


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