Courtwatchers Needed in All 50 States to Expose Judicial Corruption


How impartial and fair are today’s judges? How widespread is the corruption?

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(Dec. 15, 2011) — We have watched in complete horror the take-over of every branch of our government.  The corruption is so all-encompassing, there is no longer a safe haven from any of the onslaught of criminality.  Congress is corrupt, the executive branch of previous “legal” administrations all appear to have been corrupt, and it goes without saying that the judicial system is probably more broken and corrupt than any other, it being the final harbor where we are supposed to be able seek refuge.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have preached to the choir for nearly four years about what was being found to be wrong, with nowhere to turn for relief.  I suspect that many or most of you feel the same…? I have tried to piece together all the Patriot forums and outlets I have joined in the last four years….always praying for safety in numbers and hoping against hope that the industrious Americans who feel as I do would all find a way to put a halt to the corruption, that we would find that certain avenue to travel that would scare the bejeebers out of the criminal element who have overrun every aspect of our liberties. I have studied the outcomes of numerous challenges to people in “positions of power” to perform their duties as laid out in Oaths of Office and guidelines of conduct established for those positions. All to no avail.

People have come and gone from my Patriot lists……some disgruntled that nothing ever seems to get fixed….some just finally too overwhelmed by the sheer force of the corruption staring back in our faces. The one theme that seems to carry through it all, “We need ACTION, not words!” But…and there always seems to be a big, whopping “BUT,” what? Lawsuits have been filed, petitions gathered, letters written, campaigns undertaken to phone, fax and e-mail elected officials, even a midterm election where the masses proved how engaged they had become…..and still, absolutely no relief in sight.

What can the proverbial answer be? What is the actual “action” that can be taken that would make some difference? Does such an actionable answer even exist?

I believe I “may” have an answer….it won’t be easy….it won’t be a “quick fix,” but I believe it can and will work. In the course of our family tribulations, we have encountered some of the most despicable, criminal element operating in this Country, and probably one of its most lucrative components! It would appear to be the very source for funding for the corruption now running so rampant, and it is a common thread among so many Patriots who are scattered across America. It is time for all serious Patriots to take “action.” While it may not be a glamorous answer, it certainly will put most of those who are at the root of funding corruption on notice that Americans are aware and willing to mount an offensive. Some have actually been doing this work for a long time…..but we MUST have “boots on the ground” in every arena….calling the perpetrators out, and exposing them, and I believe it MUST be a massive effort on our part.

So, what is the game plan? It’s simple:  if you want to see these people squirm and become uncomfortable, watch the courts! We need Patriots who are willing to enter every courtroom and start keeping journals on who the “players” are, and just what they are doing. There needs to be a “clearing house” to accept the information being gathered, and put it into a form that everyone has access to. I actually recently sat in on a court proceeding, and the judge questioned who I was…….when I stated that I was just an “observer,” there was a huge shift in what was going on. Prior to the judge seeking my purpose, I had actually listened to the judge recommend that a plaintiff  before the court “break the law.”  I was taking notes the whole time, and I actually took information about that case and the words I was listening to the judge use to instruct the participants to break the law. Once it was realized that I was there for no other purpose than to record the cases I was listening to and observing, there was a major change in the goings-on.

We need to start filling courtrooms with people who are collecting information about the cases being heard, who the attorneys and judges are, and what they are doing to purloin the riches of Americans who come before them. There are just far too few people willing to sit and listen to all the “sordid” details, but it is an amazing enlightenment. We also need to instruct elected officials to set up a system to record every courtroom every day, both the on- and off-record discussions. We know that legal records and documents are being “altered,”with recent cases in point being Justia.com, and the CRS memos. The taped recordings of court sessions should be held in an area inaccessible to court personnel and made available to anyone who wishes to request to hear them. Unfortunately, boys and girls, even the clerks and court recorders are willing accomplices to the corruption, and court documents are illegally altered every day!

Court “watchers” are dreaded and feared. They are the enemy to corruption. Judges are not happy when they know they have become a “target” of watchers eager to see and understand what is going on before them. Things that are conveyed in open court become a matter of public record, and that information can, and must, be disseminated. I believe the quickest, easiest way to start stemming the tide of corruption is to lock horns with it in our courtrooms.

I think one of the biggest concerns to voters is voting for judges. There is no public record, for the most part, of what they are doing. It is most voters’ nightmare to see the long lists of judges on the ballots and not know anything about them, and who should be voted for or against. It is time we had an army of watchers and a public forum to start exposing these rats and vermin so we can at least have our safe harbor in a storm…

As I said, there are many like William Windsor, Dr. Linda Shelton, even our beloved Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III who have done a mountain of work on this, but we need to have our own army of volunteers in every county or district court who will start making public the antics going on throughout the court system, and to strike fear into the hearts of those corrupt participants who are systematically stealing our lives, our fortunes, and our liberties.

Any volunteers? I think we need to set up volunteers in every county who have teams to cover every courtroom every day. Depending on how many volunteers can be gathered, the workload becomes either easy or difficult. The more volunteers that are gathered, the fewer hours each person has to spend physically in the courtrooms. I would hope to see each county have an administrator who can collate the gathered information for presentment on an accessible site, possibly divided State by State, and perhaps even micromanaged to county by county, and Federal or State.

William Windsor already seems to have a site that contains so much individual State information regarding the actual laws in each State, that perhaps, with some expert volunteers, we could convince him to broaden the scope to include detailed assessments of individual courtrooms, judges, and attorneys. Or, it may be time to open an official website just for the purpose of disseminating information about individuals in each and every courtroom broken down to who the usual suspects are in each situation. I am open for more ideas, and hopefully, there will be enough Patriots to get this ball rolling. It’s time to challenge them all, not just Congress critters, not just administration officials, but the very root of the evil, our courts. So, who is willing to finally take some action? Who is as sick and tired of just words as I am? Anyone?

One word of caution:  evil never goes quietly into the night. Familiarize yourselves with information about the personal attacks you may encounter…….William, Linda, and Walter are all prime examples.

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Great article!

I absolutely agree on the courtwatchers. I announced something, but it is in the embryo stage. I am happy to help in any way. Use my name, or start something new. I’ll help or head it up as best I can. See https://www.lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=514;american-courtwatchers-effort-launched-by-william-m-windsor&catid=120;news-reports&Itemid=222

As to my website, I have a great database system, so I am happy to expand it. Truthfully, the main things we need are (1) a commitment to make my site THE site where we try to have the most comprehensive database of corruption and dishonesty reports, and (2) we need some manpower as I get 100 to 150 corruption reports every day. I have a massive backlog of reports to add.

So, I’m here and ready.

Let me invite everyone to join our SOCK Online Video Conference on January 15, 2012. We can have leaders in the fight against corruption discuss these ideas and joining together. See https://www.lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=568;sock-save-our-constitution-online-video-conference-is-vital-participate-with-leaders-against-corruption-sunday-january-15-2012&catid=104;initiatives&Itemid=105

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