County Attorney John Parker in Great Falls Montana allowed accomplices to go free in murder of October Perez – Warning – Disturbing Photos


Cascade County Attorney John Parker in Great Falls Montana allowed accomplices to go free in the murder of October Perez.

Two-year-old October Perez was tortured and murdered.  CPS worker Rachel Zins and Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez were accomplices (as I see it), but they were not charged.

Instead, Cascade County Attorney John Parker spent time in the courtroom hugging Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez rather than prosecuting her…

What is Cascade County Attorney John Parker doing hugging Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez during the trial in Great Falls Montana.  Why?  Why wasn’t Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez prosecuted?  Why wasn’t Rachel Zins, the CPS worker who caused this to happen, prosecuted?  I wonder if Rachel Zins was a good hugger, too….




Cascade County Attorney John Parker saw the crime scene photos. 

Cascade County Attorney John Parker saw the tiny little house in which it was absolutely impossible for Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez to not be totally aware of the torture that was taking place in the Dungeon for at least five months in 2011. 

Cascade County Attorney John Parker heard pleas from grandmother April Hall and father Michael Arndt to pursue CPS, Rachel Zins, and Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez

But Cascade County Attorney John Parker turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.  

Cascade County Attorney John Parker must resign or be removed from office.  His actions support child abuse.

Cascade County Attorney John Parker has a reputation of being a deal maker. 

I wonder what kind of deal he made with Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez.  She actually testified for the killer, David Hyslop, asking that he be set free.  Maybe Cascade County Attorney John Parker likes young women who are pigs.

 Cascade County Attorney John Parker must go.  Come on Great Falls, rise up, and get this bad apple out of the Cascade County Attorney’s Office.


October Perez was tortured in a Dungeon of a basement in one of the tiniest houses in Great Falls Montana.  It doesn’t appear to be larger than 300 square-feet on the main floor (12-feet x 25-feet) and another 300 square-feet in the Dungeon.  (This photo was taken after the new occupant fixed up and painted the exterior.)  The front door is 30-inches wide.  Use that as a point-of-reference to see how tiny the house is.

Here is the story of Murder by Child Protective Services in Great Falls Montana.  This story includes a Facebook photo album of 70 of approximately 300 actual crime scene photos taken by the Great Falls Police Department.  The photos were given to the family, and they provided them to me for use in the movie.



This is little October Perez at the funeral home.  They caked make-up on her to try to hide the bruises, but they still couldn’t cover them.  She was all broken up inside.

In addition to a sit-down interview with grandmother April Hall, Lawless America traveled to Great Falls Montana to film at the house where October Perez was murdered, at the school she would have attended, at the CPS office where Rachel Zins worked, at the Great Falls Police Station, at the courthouse, outside the office of Cascade County Attorney John Parker who didn’t file charges against Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez, at the emergency room where April Hall took October when she discovered she had a broken arm, at the elderly home where the CPS worker is now employed, and at a crosswalk 100-feet from October’s home that cautioned people to be careful of children.


Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez was October’s mother. 

Kristy Phipps lived 0n the 300-square-foot main floor of a house with David Hyslop. 

October was usually kept in the 300-square foot dungeon of a basement. 

There is no way that Kristy Phipps could not have heard the abuse.

When you look at the horrible photos, please realize that neither October’s biological father, Michael Arndt, nor her grandmother, April Hall, ever saw inside this house. 

October’s father, Michael Arndt, was in Afghanistan for a year.  He tried to get CPS and the police to act from there, but they told him everything was okay. 

Grandmother April Hall had very limited time with October, and they tossed the child out the front door to her when she did get some visitation.  She tried again and again to get someone to do something.  She had no idea how horrendous the situation was.  If she had ever seen inside that house, she would have run away with October.  Instead, she abided by the law and listened to CPS and the police claim they were in the home regularly and all was fine.


2-year-old October Perez was murdered, and CPS was responsible. These are crime scene photos taken by the police of the…

Posted by Lawless America on Monday, August 31, 2015



 See the story on the Lawless America Channel on YouTube:


This is the murderer – David Hyslop:



He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but the CPS worker and Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez were not charged.  They should have been.

Rachel A. Zins-Derby is now working for Northern Montana Hospital in Havre Montana.

Kristy Phipps aka Kristy Perez has just become a paramedic in Great Falls Montana.

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