Corrupt Federal Judge: Frank M. Hull

Judge Frank M. Hull is corrupt. 

Judge Hulll ignores the law and the facts.

She is the most corrupt federal judge at the Eleventh Circuit based upon my experience

I make these statements as fact, not opinions.

I said this in a complaint that I filed against Judge Frank M. Hull:

“I believe federal judges with the Eleventh Circuit and the Northern District of Georgia are biased and some are corrupt.  I believe Judge Hull is corrupt and should be impeached.

“In appeals and matters involving me, Judge Hull issued an order affirming Judge Evans’ original decision in our case on October 21, 2008 by ignoring all of the points of error and saying that disputed fact issues are not a bar to summary judgment.  Any lawyer and any judge will tell you that perhaps the single most widely known law is that a summary judgment cannot be granted when there is a fact issue.  In our case, the entire case hinged on one issue.  We said there was a contract.  Maid of the Mist said they didn’t know about a contract.  That is a fact issue.  It must then be left for a jury to decide who is to be believed.  [See The “You be The Judge” section for the proof of this wrongdoing by Judge Hull and Judge Dubina.]

“In a later appeal, she issued an order calling “frivolous” the appeal of Judge Evans’ order on motion to reopen, etc. (September 10, 2009) which no honest judge could call frivolous.

“She issued an order classifying a withdrawal of an appeal “with prejudice” when it was clearly stated to be for the purpose of first filing a motion for reconsideration.  Ruling “with prejudice” meant that I lost the ability to appeal.  This wasn’t an error on Judge Hull’s part; this was judicial abuse.

“Judge Hull claimed appeal of an order quashing subpoena of Judge Evans was frivolous when no one in their right mind could say that.  She gave no facts, of course, using one of the Eleventh Circuit’s favorite corrupt techniques: Don’t really issue an order, so then the person aggrieved has nothing to go on with The Supreme Court.

“She issued an outrageous order striking my opposition to Maid of the Mist’s attorney fee request in 1:09-CV-01543 thus depriving me of any due process.

“She denied reconsideration of the original order in 1:09-CV-02027 — again a bogus order.

“Judge Hull issued a September 9, 2009 order erroneously dismissing an appeal sua sponte that had to be later reversed on reconsideration.

“She issued a Februiary 18, 2010 order denying Petitions for Writ of Mandamus in 1:09-CV-02027.

“in one of the most corrupt ruklings, she issued a February 18, 2010 order in 1:06-CV-0714 denying order to lift seal that would prove fraud upon the court.  There are two documents at the federal courthouse in a sealed envelope.  All any judge has to do is unseal the envelope and examine the first page of the two documents. If the documents do not match two documents that have been obtained from the other parties to the agreements, then Maid of the Mist committed fraud upon the court, and our case gets reopened, and we win.  Judge Hull gave no explanation for denying the motion.  There is no legal, ethical, or moral basis for such a decision. 

“She issued an April 28, 2010 order denying various motions and refusing to allow further filings.  By doing this, she cut off several of the legally-provided methods for obtaining relief through the appellate court.  She blocked me from putting the issues before the honest judges on the Eleventh Circuit.

“Judge Hull issued a July 12, 2010 order calling an appeal of bogus Evans’ ruling on stay “frivolous” when it certainly was not.  She has improperly declared valid my motions to be frivolous and blocked motions for reconsideration. 

“In my opinion, Judge Hull is the most corrupt judge at the Eleventh Circuit.”


I am not alone in my beliefs.  Judge Hull has been the target of others who feel she is dishonest.

Judge Hull was nominated by President Bill Clinton on June 18, 1997.

Judge Hull has been named as one of the Bad Judges in America.


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