Contract with the Citizens of the United States — Let’s ask every political candidate in America to sign this — Vote only for those who do


The fundamental problem that we have in America is dishonesty and the loss of our fundamental rights as humans and Americans.

I believe the only way to address this short-term is to ask elected officials and candidates to sign a contract.  Thus far, every member of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President Obama, and Mitt Romney have ignored my requests to sign.  I sent the contract to each of them.

I ask that you vote only for candidates who have signed the contract. 

We are asking all elected and appointed government officials and all political candidates to sign an HONESTY Contract with the Citizens of the United States of America. 

We will name a volunteer to coordinate efforts in each state to ask the main parties to have their candidates sign.  We will post a list on this site and on 

Download a copy of the Contract here.

Microsoft Word Copy of the Contract

We ask all Americans to vote only for candidates who have signed the Contract.

 William M. Windsor

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